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Best Vacuums For Cat Litter That Get The Job Done With No Hassle

The best vacuums for cat litter will depend on your situation. If you have multiple cats, an upright vacuum is best to cope with the sheer quantity. If you have one cat who is not much of a digger and flinger, a small handheld vacuum may do the job very nicely for you. A carpet sweeper is another option and good for a quick run over the carpet that just takes a minute or two.

Upright vacuums, handheld vacuums and carpet sweepers are all reviewed on this page. Check the contents in the Table , click on the heading and go straight to the section that applies to you.

Best Vacuums For Cat Litter

Dyson V11 Cordless Stick Vacuum – Pricey But Worth The Cost For Long Term Use
Shark Rocket Corded Ultralight – Superlight And Converts To Handheld
Bissell Swivel Pet Upright Bagless Vacuum – Specialized Pet Tools

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The vacuums reviewed below are all “pet” friendly as part of their function is to pick up animal hair.

1. Dyson 11 Cordless Stick Vacuum

Dyson V11 Torque Drive Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, Blue

I have to say that I am a Dyson devotee. When I first opened the box containing my Dyson I did think it looked a bit plastic, especially for the price. However I soon came to realize that it is a tough machine. I use it daily with no special treatment and nothing has broken.

In addition to picking up cat litter and cat hair and everything else in normal household life, it is handy to use to vacuum the cats bedding or where the cat mostly hangs out.

I can even vacuum around my ageing cat and he doesn’t budge, so it’s obviously not scaring him. However we both know our boundaries, so I try to keep out of his way.

The price can be a sticking point and I totally understand that as I was the same. I now realize I will have my Dyson for many years and vacuuming is no longer a chore and I do mean that. Am I crazy? This model is a V11.

A bonus with the frequent vacuuming when living with cats or any pets is that it is easy to vacuum smaller areas more frequently. Far more convenient than having to get out the old vacuum cleaner, pull out the cord, plug it in and them move to another plug, untangle the cord and so on.

This machine can change from a stick to a small handheld in seconds and I continually swap between the two with no problems at all.

I hardly need to say, that it works exceptionally well. I am always amazed at the dust and debris in the container even when I think the floor is clean. It is easy to empty.

This product does have a HEPA filter. I can’t recommend this machine highly enough.

What is included: A Torque drive head, mini-motorized tool (removes pet hair and dirt from carpet and upholstery), crevice tool, stubborn dirt brush, combination tool, wand storage clip, docking station and charger.

The docking station makes your Dyson easy to access from its wall mount while keeping it out of the way at the same time.

Dyson V11 Torque Drive Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, Blue

2. Shark Rocket Corded Ultra Light

Shark ZS351 Rocket Corded Ultra-Light Vacuum with Zero-M Anti-Hair Wrap Technology, XL Dust Cup, Hand Vacuum Mode, & Swivel Steering, Plum Purple

This stick vacuum converts to a handheld vac with a click of a button.

It is good for all length pet hair. It has advanced swivel which is excellent with pets in the house as litter and hair tends to collect in corners.

There is a hook on the bottom front of the wand that can be used for storing. It doesn’t stand up on its own.

It is electric so will still need to be plugged in however the cord is long and the wand can be wound around the vacuum as instructed.

It requires approximately 5 inches of clearance to get under furniture.

It comes with a Duster Crevice Tool, Pet Multi-Tool, Onboard Tool Clip, and the Wall Mount.

It is ultra lightweight. It has a self cleaning brush roll which means that hair is removed and does not tangle and get caught up tightly around the brush. No more trying to wrestle the cats hair from the brush, it happens automatically.

Shark ZS351 Rocket Corded Ultra-Light Vacuum with Zero-M Anti-Hair Wrap Technology, XL Dust Cup, Hand Vacuum Mode, & Swivel Steering, Plum Purple

3. Bissell Cleanview Swivel Rewind Pet

BISSELL Cleanview Swivel Rewind Pet Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner, Teal

This vacuum is bag-less, upright and swivel steering enabling easy movement around corners.

It is electric. The cord is 27 inches and wraps at the push of a button. This is small but important point when the vacuum is used frequently.

It works equally well on carpet and on hardwood floors. There are also replacement filters.

It has scatter proof technology which is a bonus for picking up cat litter and cat hair. It has specialized pet tools like the pet hair corner tool and the pet turbo eraser tool

Included with the vacuum is a crevice tool, dusting brush, TurboBrush, and an extension wand.

This is a very descriptive review, not exactly for litter or cat hair but how well the machine worked in a messy situation.

BISSELL Cleanview Swivel Rewind Pet Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner, Teal

Our Top Choice For Upright Vacuums

1.Dyson 11 Cordless Stick Vacuum

The Dyson vacuum is an excellent product to have with a pet in the household. It is extremely easy to use. It changes effortlessly from stick to handheld that makes it no chore to vacuum excess litter, cat hair and other accumulated debris that our pets can bring in from the yard (if they are outdoors pets).

The Dyson is easy to empty no messing about with bags. I am in the habit of recharging it every time I use it so that it is always ready to go.

It is not a vacuum that you relegate just to vacuuming the pet litter or pet hair. I can easily use this vacuum for our entire house. Because it is so convenient it is not a chore to vacuum a room at a time compared to a traditional corded vacuum.

best vacuums for cat litter
Our cat has not yet been tempted to use the vacuum

A Carpet Sweeper For Cat Litter

A carpet sweeper definitely has the convenience factor. Vacuuming a whole house can be tiring so using a carpet sweeper as an in between clean is an attractive idea and it can be used daily to pick up cat litter.

There are two models reviewed below. The first model reviewed is battery powered and the second model reviewed is human powered, meaning that is not electric and does not have a battery.

Carpet Sweeper Reviews For Cat Litter

Bissell Sweep-Up Sweeper Pets Carpets Floors

This carpet sweeper is fine for any floor surface,hard floors or carpets.

It is lightweight and super effective at picking up cat litter on tiles and carpets.

There is no power either electric or from a battery, just muscle power.

It won’t get into small crevices because it doesn’t have attachments like vacuum cleaners however if you want something portable, lightweight and does the job quickly and easily this is a good choice.

Bissell Natural Sweep Carpet and Floor Sweeper with Dual Rotating System and 2 Corner Edge Brushes, 92N0A, Silver

2. Shark Cordless Floor And Carpet Sweeper

Rechargeable Floor and Carpet Sweeper, 10in cleaning path with Quiet operation V2700Z by Shark (Renewed)

For easy everyday cleaning at a good price and most importantly it does handle kitty litter. Depending on your needs it is a good accompaniment to the regular vacuum cleaner used for a whole house. It is rechargeable and the charge lasts about 30 minutes. It has a folding handle which is useful for swivel steering.

Hand Held Vacuum For Cat Litter

A handheld is a great idea if the vacuum cleaner is doing a good job but a quick fix is needed.
A quick whizz around and it’s done.

1.Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum, Corded

This is the corded product as opposed to the cordless handheld vacuum Pet Eraser also made by Bissell.

This one is favored because the cordless model can have battery issues plus this model is cheaper and does the same job.
You will just need to plug it in.

Bissell customer service is very good so whether you buy this model or the cordless you can be assured of good customer service if needed.

Bissell is a reliable brand but hey even the best of best can sometimes be faulty.

It works really well for dry kitty litter and dry cat food. It is super useful around the home, great for upholstery and cleaning the car.

It is easy to store and bag less so no purchasing new bags (that can be such a nuisance as new models come along and the bags change).

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum, Corded, 33A1

Dos And Don’ts Of Cleaning Up Cat Litter

Won’t the vacuum smell like cat litter? This is a common question.
This could be the case if very large amounts of litter are being vacuumed however we are talking about the overflow from the cat litter tray or mat so it shouldn’t be an issue.

  1. Avoid vacuuming wet litter. Wet litter is a sweep and pick up job, no getting around that.

  2. Use a cat litter mat under the litter tray. This will hugely help minimize the hassle of any litter cleaning job.
vacuums for cat litter
Do you think we could train the cat to vacuum the litter? It’s an idea!

A vacuum is faster, easier and more efficient than sweeping when dealing with cat litter.

Even if you don’t want to vacuum daily, the litter can still be swept into a corner with a broom or dustpan and brush and then vacuumed when you are ready.

Two Awesome Hints For Making Vacuuming Cat Litter Easier

  1. Mostly cat litter is on a tiled or hard floor yet it is actually easier to vacuum litter from the carpet.
    For that reason some people find it is easier to sweep the cat litter to the carpet and then vacuum the carpet. This would work well if the carpeted area was nearby.

  2. This method applies to carpet or a hard floor As you approach the litter with the vacuum, lift the vacuum head slightly so that the suction will suck the litter into the vacuum cleaner before the brushes scatter the litter.

What Is A HEPA Filter?

A HEPA filter traps pollens, allergens, dander, dust mites, tobacco smoke, mold, bacteria and other allergens by using a mechanical filter.

Vacuum cleaners can suck up these allergens however not all vacuum cleansers have a HEPA filter.

Just in case you were wondering what HEPA stands for – it is High-Efficiency Particulate Air.

There’s more information here about HEPA filters.

Are you trying to stop the spread of litter? It is an ongoing daily task but apart from having a good vacuum cleaner, there are ways that the litter can be controlled.

A litter mat is like a front doormat. This article explains how to choose a cat litter mat that will suit your household.

Less Mess With Litter Box Liners!
Litter box liners with elastic make the job of cleaning the litter box easier. Less mess!

I don’t mind doing my bit. Put me on the vacuuming roster for once a month!

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