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What Are The Best Cheap Cat Litters In 2019?

​Owning a pet can be expensive. Apart from ongoing expenses such as cat litter and food, there are medical bills and prescription medicines plus other health related expenses such as flea control and so the list goes on.  We also tend to pamper our pets a lot and ​love buying toys and pet accessories. ​

Keeping an eye on the budget is part of everyday life.​ We still want good value so there needs to be a balancing act.  A good product at a good price and that includes cat litter.

​Five Litters That ​Represent Good Value For Money

All of these litters are clumping litters, which are the most popular type of cat litter. It is popular because it is relatively easy to keep the litter box clean with regular scooping and then emptying of the whole box when necessary.


​33c per lb Approximate Cost - March 2019

41c per lb Approximate Cost - March 2019

46c per lb Approximate Cost - March 2019

51c per lb Approximate Cost - March 2019

​60c per lb Approximate Cost - March 2019


​Frisco Multi Clumping Cat Litter

  • Price wise and performance wise, Frisco is very hard to beat.
  • It is designed to stop liquid before it reaches the bottom of the box meaning that it clumps quickly and that liners are not needed.
  • The manufacturer specifies that if one cat is using the box, the litter should be changed approximately 1.5 - 2 weeks to get the benefits stated. The litter shown here is unscented however Frisco does have fragranced litter - Fresh Scent, Tropical Breeze and Lavender.
  • Another positive according to many reviewers is that there is negligible dust or even no dust when pouring into the litter tray which is a big plus for many people. That in turn means less dust on surfaces near the litter box. This also means that everyone, you (the family) and the cat are not breathing in dust from the litter. Read some of the reviews here.
  • It is low tracking. This can be dependent on your cat and the type of litter box used. A higher sided litter box will help reduce litter being flung far and wide.
  • The granules are fine soft granules but not as fine as sand. It is not uncomfortable for a Sphynx or Cornish Rex  to step on - as they don’t have the padding of fur between their toes.
  • One potential drawback, the plastic bag that the litter is in does not have a resealable top and can be awkward for some people to manage. 
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Tidy Cats Immediate Odor Control Cat Litter

  • This is a low cost, good value for money litter. It is very good at controlling odor even with multiple cats. It is a clumping clay litter that neutralizes ammonia and faeces odors but at the same time is not heavily perfumed. Most reviews are very positive regarding odor control and even with multiple cats. This is a good choice, 91% of people recommend this litter for all of those stated reasons. Read some of the comments here.
  • When considering odor control it is also necessary to consider the diet of your cat which could alter the smell of faeces. Also consider how often the litter is changed or scooped. This varies hugely from household to household. This litter gets good reviews for odor control even in homes where space is limited.  
  • It clumps strongly which is a plus when scooping. It described as being 99.9% dust free however this can be subjective.  Some people find it dusty and others do not.
  • The 35lb option comes in a pail as shown. The 40 lb option is in a box. With everyone on the planet now being more conscious of plastic use, one suggestion is to buy the pail as a one off and then use the box thereafter using the original container for storage. Others have repurposed the storage containers for other domestic uses such as carrying cleaning products from room to room.
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Economical Cat Litter

Dr Elsey's Precious Cat Ultra Clumping Cat Litter

  • This is a clumping clay litter. The one shown here is unscented. There is also a scented litter. It is the same price as the unscented litter.
  • The unscented litter still has odor control. The litter immediately absorbs  urine and dehydrated feces upon contact which provides odor control.  
  • The litter  forms hard clumps and is suitable for multiple cats. As the name suggests this is an ultra clumping litter and it lives up to its name. The clumps may stick to the bottom of the pan and a metal scoop or a strong scoop is advised.
4.5 of 5 Stars
Fresh Step multi Cat clumping cat litter

​Fresh Step Multi-Cat Clumping Clay Litter

  • This is clumping litter ​forms strong clumps. It now has lower dust formula ​so bear this in mind if you have previously found it too dusty.
  • It has the fresh scent of Febreze to eliminate odors rather than masking odors..
  • It is suggested to remove the clumps every 2 to 3 days and replace the full box monthly.  Many people remove clumps several times daily however this is an individual choice and is also dependent on how many cats use the same box.
  • Note: The 42 lb option consists of four individual boxes inside on bag.  This makes it more convenient weight wise for people who don’t want one heavy 42 lb bag, although be prepared to unpack at point of delivery if it is too heavy to manage in one package.
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Arm and Hammer - quality cat litter

​Arm and Hammer - Slide Multi Cat Clumping Cat Litter

  • This litter may be marginally more expensive so this is case of weighing up the positive points against the cost.  It is a clumping litter that has a very good reputation for low tracking, effectively controlling odor, easy to scoop and low dust.
  • Note: If you are sensitive to scents this can be too strong for some although others barely notice the odor. If the odor is a question mark I would recommend starting with a smaller size box.  As a person who is very sensitive to odors I can understand this completely.
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​Four Quality Control ​Considerations for The Best Cheap Cat Litter

​As most of us know by experience, it is often difficult to know how cats will react a certain type of litter until it is actually used or not used by the cat.

Here are some things to consider when looking for the best cheap cat litter.


Clumping Litter - Clumping litter is popular as it easier to clean the box by scooping the balls of urine that form into clumps.  This can save money. Regular scooping and topping up the box helps to keep the litter box cleaner for longer, thus using less litter.


Odor Control - Do you want litter that is fragranced or has odor control?  Read the reviews to see how your chosen litter stands up in the odor control stakes.


Price  - The price has to be considered but also consider that a couple of dollars may make a big difference in the amount of cleaning and emptying of the litter box, so read reviews before you make a choice.


​​Packaging -  If the packaging is too heavy for you to manage, it will eliminate that choice or you will need to consider how to best cope in this situation. Cheap will be of no use if it is too difficult to transport.

Buying online saves time as once you have a litter you are happy with it is easy to just click that button and order, job is done. Buying online also ​eliminates ​lugging home ​heavy bags of litter and handling it several times during the purchase.

​Your cat may require a specific type of litter, particularly after surgery however if your cat is in good health, has no allergies and you want a good basic litter at a good cost there are ​cheap and good options.


​33c per lb Approximate Cost - March 2019

41c per lb Approximate Cost - March 2019

46c per lb Approximate Cost - March 2019

51c per lb Approximate Cost - March 2019

​60c per lb Approximate Cost - March 2019

Our Recommendation is...

​Frisco Multi-Cat Clumping Cat Litter


The cheapest cat litter at the time of writing this article (​May 2019) is Frisco. The price combined with the effectiveness makes this litter pretty hard to go past.

Next in line is Tidy Cats ​which is also a very economical option.

Both of these litters perform very well a​nd are an excellent price. ​ Compare the prices of the different sized options in your chosen litter as sometimes you can save by purchasing a larger size.

The other litters are also price competitive. Consider other factors such as how often the box is cleaned, how many cats are using the box and whether your cat is a digger and flinger ​as this will also determine how often you need to top up or replace the litter which will of course affect price.

​Frisco or Tidy Cats is an excellent place to start when assessing the best cheap cat litter that ​combines budget and quality.

Overall rating :  5 / 5

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There is no better recommendation than excellent customer service.  Peace of mind that any query will be dealt with straightaway is paramount. Chewy has an outstanding ​track record for customer service and super fast delivery.

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