Best Sifting Litter Box Liners To Keep the litter box Clean and Fresh

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Litter box cleaning is a chore and not a pleasant one. Sifting litter box liners solve this problem and make cleaning the litter box if not exactly pleasant, at least so much easier.

Change the sifting liner once a day or when you decide that it needs changing. Lift the top liner (there are other liners underneath), gather the corners and shake the liner gently. 

The solid matter will stay in the liner while the unused litter sifts through to the next liner.

This is brilliant for people who are on the go and when time really does get away from you.  It is nice to have a clean litter box in minutes.

Sifting cat litter liners makes cleaning the litter box easier because there are no stuck on or hardened clumps on the bottom of the box.

How to use Sifting litter liners is described here in more detail.

Okay, now which are the best sifting liners? Be prepared to try a couple of different brands before you decide on your favourite.

We do like the Alfapet sifting liners for their size and thickness. However, read the descriptions and the pros and cons below to decide what will work best for your cat.  Maybe you already have a brand in mind and you want to compare it to other brands. We have included the thickness where we could find the measurement.

1. Alfapet Kitty Cat Pan Disposable, Sifting Liners – 1Mil Thickness
2. Imperial Cat Neat ‘n Tidy, 28 Litter Sifting Liners – No thickness Information Found
3. Sift Clean Liners – No Thickness Information Found
4. Van Ness Extra Giant Sifting Liners – 3 ply thickness
5. Gefryco Cats Sifting Litter Box Liners – No Thickness Information Found

1. Alfapet Kitty Cat Pan Disposable – Sifting Liners

Alfapet Kitty Cat Pan Disposable, Sifting Liners- 10-Pack + 1 Transfer Liner-for Large, X-Large, Giant, Extra-Giant Size Litter Boxes-Included Rubber Band for Firm, Easy Fit - Pack of 3

These litter liners are labeled extra giant.They don’t have an elastic band sewn into the product however they do supply one large rubber band per box that can be placed over the edge of the box to help keep the liner in place.

Because of the extra giant size they are labelled as fitting most pans that are labelled Giant or Extra large.

Alfapet Kitty suggests that there is no need to scoop and that the litter can be sifted and the bag and all its contents thrown away. I would suggest that some scooping still goes a long way towards extending the life of using the bag plus it will cut down on odors.

These bags are a good choice for clumping kitty litter.

To use, put all of the liners into the litter box with the transfer liner at the bottom.  Then pour the litter into the box.  Fit the elastic band and trim the edges of the liner if desired.

The sifting holes are large enough to not clog and to sift quickly, without letting through any used litter.


The size will fit most large litter boxes and can be trimmed to fit different shaped boxes such as round litter boxes.


These bags are non biodegradable.

The bags are plastic but the type of plastic is unknown.

The bags state that they have Sta-Put Technology which must be a plus but do not elaborate on how this works or what it is.


The liners measure at 40” x 38” x 1Mil. There are ten sifting liners in each box plus one rubber band and a transfer liner. This offer is for three boxes of ten liners. 100% money back guarantee. The bags are made from plastic.

Maybe you haven’t used litter box liners before? Did you know there are different types of litter box liners? This article describes the different types of litter box liners and the different way in which they all work.

2. Imperial Cat Neat ‘n Tidy, 28 Litter Sifting Liners

Imperial Cat Neat 'n Tidy, 28 Litter Sifting Liners

A rubber band is necessary to contain all of the liners and is included.  Most brands do include the rubber band so check this before purchase.   

Ensure that there is enough litter in the box as this is sometimes the problem with the cat’s claws making a hole in the liner. 

It is a time saver to put all 28 of these liners into the litter box. The job is done and you won’t need to think about it for another month. However, they do not have to be all installed at once.  Some people like to separate the liners between different litter boxes. The number of liners you put into a box is up to you.


These liners are at a good price. As the cost is low some people choose to use a liner per day. 


As there are 28 bags it can be a job to get them all into the box and secured with a rubber band. If this is a problem for you, use less liners until you are familiar with setting up the liners.


There are 28 sifting liners in the box, plus 2 solid liners. This is a full month’s supply. The liners measure 36 inches by 40 inches.

3. Sift Clean Liners

Sift Clean Liners (36in x 40in)

The necessary rubber band to secure the liners is included plus 2 solid liners.  This is inline with all of the other products reviewed on this page. The liners work best with clumping and corn litter types and fit almost all regular and hooded litter pans.

These litter bags claim to have unique closable sifting holes. Unique losable sifting holes, indicate that the holes can be closed off. I couldn’t find any documentation of how this works. The sifting holes appeared to be the same as other sifting liners. I do have to say though that customers are loyal to the brand.


Easy to separate from each other in the box.

Handle the weight of the litter well.

Customers that have used this product for many years is a very good endorsement of the product.


Perhaps not a good choice for jumbo litter boxes that have a high back and a low front as it can be awkward to fit the front and the back properly because of the height difference.  This does depend on the size of the box. The best liner in this case would be the Alfapet Kitty as they are slightly larger overall in size 38 x 40 inches.

Could not find the thickness measurement of the liners.


These liners measure 36 x 40 inches. 28 sifting liners are included. They are made from plastic and are unscented. Thickness measurement is unknown.

Biodegradable cat litter bags are a relatively new addition to the pet market. We all want to reduce plastic. There is still a fair amount of confusion about what is biodegradable and what is compostable. This article explains some of the basics.

4. Van Ness Extra Giant Sifting Liners

Van Ness Extra Giant Sifting Cat Pan Liners, 10-Count (225040)

A rubber band is included to keep the liners in place. VanNess does make other cat litter liners but these ones are the only ones that are sifting liners. 

Some found the quality of plastic to be quite thin particularly as the bag needs to be lifted for sifting. These liners are reasonably priced for the budget conscious.


Recycled materials are used for the liners. Five stars for this!


The thickness is given as 3ply rather than in Mils.  There is no way to compare the thickness when the thickness is given in a different measurement compared to other sifting liners.


The liners are made from 100% recycled plastic. There are 10 sifting liners in one box. The measurement given for thickness is 3 ply. These liners will fit a litter box that measures up to 22 inches by 18 inches.

Do you happen to have a Modkat litter box? Their liners are the best and can be reused as they are made from rip resistant tarpaulin. Have a look at them here. There are different types for different Modkat designs.

5. Gefryco Cats Sifting Litter Box Liners

Gefryco Sifting Cat Litter Box Liners, Jumbo Disposable Waste Litter Bags, Drawstring Litter Pan Liners


These liners have a drawstring which makes emptying easier.


The holes in the liner are small making sifting difficult. This is significant as the sifting process is what makes sifting liners useful. Could not find the thickness measurement of the liners.


Includes 6 liners and 1 non perforated liner for the bottom of the box.  The bags are made from Polyethylene. The liners measure 18 x 37 inches. The liners are also available in a smaller size,  31 x 18 inches. No thickness measurement given.

grey cat

The best sifting litter box liners

We recommend Alfapet Kitty for the best sifting litter box liners.

How To Use Sifting Litter Liners

  1. Place the non perforated liner at the bottom of the box. This is to protect the bottom of the box when there is only one sifting liner left to use.

  2. Push the liners into the box.  I say push because it will be necessary to push the liners into the corner. Begin by using  several liners until you are used to the routine of using a sifting liner. Some liners come in packs of 28 and the whole 28 can be used at once if desired.

  3. Pour in the litter carefully, don’t dump it in.

  4. Fit the included rubber band around the edge of the box to secure the liners.

  5. Decide when the litter needs to be sifted.  This may depend on how many cats use the litter box. Remove the rubber band.  Hold the bags at the corners.  Some people tie the corners together.
  6. Lift and shake gently.

  7. Remove the bag into a waiting trash bag. A waiting trash bag in a bucket provides stability. Or use a Litter Genie.

  8. Top up the litter box with some fresh litter. Replace the elastic band.

  9. Dispose of the used liner and soiled litter. That’s it!
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Tips for Using Sifting Cat Litter Liners

It may take some time to get used to sifting liners.  Don’t abandon them because they don’t work as you may have expected. You may need to try a different brand.  

Don’t vigorously shake the liner when sifting, rather move it from side to side twisting your wrist then shaking your wrist. You will become used to how much movement you need depending on the liners you are using.  

If you find the elastic band too difficult to put around the box, try using clamps.  Four clamps or so clamps will do the job just as well.

If you are using multiple liners in a hooded litter box or a box that has an added shield, only layer 5 liners or so to ensure that the clips on the box will still close easily.

Remember to top up the litter once the clean litter is sifted onto a new liner.

To remove the liner. Take hold of two corners. Twist them together and then repeat with the other corners. An alternate method to change the bag. While the bag is still sitting in the litter box, re-affix the rubber band or if you choose to use clamps, reset the clamps.

Some people choose to use an elasticised or drawstring liner (non sifting) at the bottom of the box rather than the non perforated litter liners included.  This is because the elasticised or drawstring liner on the bottom makes it easier to lift the bottom liner and helps with keeping the box clean.

do cats scratch cat litter liners

Using sifting litter liners is definitely helpful for some people rather than having to scoop the litter box in the traditional way.  Traditional litter scoops do mean that you will need to bend down, stoop or kneel to scoop the box.  Another good option to avoid bending or stooping is to use a litter scoop that has longer handles.

If you are dealing with the hassle of cleaning litter boxes, consider using sifting litter liners. Sifting litter liners are a great option if you have multiple cats and need to clean their boxes on a regular basis. It can also help keep your home smelling fresh because it eliminates any odors that may linger.

cats reading the latest news about sifting cat litter liners
I think the sifting option is a step forward dear!

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