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How To Choose The Best Cat Bed For Older Cats

The cat in the photo above is living the life of my cat’s dreams.  ​My cat does have a raised food platform and he does have a very comfy bed however he is no longer young and is now a senior cat so there the similarity ends.

​Our Senior Cat In His New Bed

This is our kitty in his new bed. At first glance this bed appears to be way too small for him. However it has one huge bonus for him and that is the supported and structured but still soft sides.

He is no longer agile however with this bed he simply has to step in which is easy because it has a low entry point.  
He then sits down and with one movement he plops down and his body is totally supported by the firm but soft sides

best bed for our senior cat

This bed is perfect for my old bones. A warm heat-pad is nice too. I've got such a well behaved owner looking after me.

The fact that the bed is small is a bonus in this instance.

He has trouble maneuvering and lowering himself to a lying position (unless assisted by his slaves) however with this bed, it is just step in and basically collapse to comfort. Perfect for this situation and his time in life.  

This beaut little bed just goes into the washing machine (the whole bed) and dries quickly outside. I did put it in the dryer to finish it off and to warm it up a little for ​kitty.

In the photo it looks as though it collapses a little and yes it does but there is enough support to maintain the benefits of the soft and cushioned sides.

These are the measurements of the bed. Note the low front opening. As kitty is getting older the ability to be able to easily step in is becoming more important. He is able to ​step in quite easily.

dimensions of cat bed for older cat

I'm not quite Goldilocks in here but this bed is just right!

Here are Some Similar Beds For Older Cats With Reviews

Best Friends by Sheri OrthoComfort
Deep Dish Cuddler

As well as looking absolutely adorable this bed has top notch design and has all the practical considerations for a senior cat bed.  ​
The thickness of the walls and the extra height of the back wall gives the animal comfort and security. A small pillow or blanket could also be added if the size of the bed was not quite right for your cat. 

This bed is made from synthetic fiber as they all are.  This is why they dry so quickly. This is actually a positive feature especially when the bed is washed and is needed again pronto by its owner. ​ When our cats are seniors it is a matter of finding what is going to keep them just that little bit more comfortable. 

Once your kitty decides that it is the best place to hang out it is easy to pick up the cat and the bed together and move everyone to another room. Once upon a time our cat would have jumped out if I had attempted anything like this, now he sits placidly and is happily carried from place to place.

There are a multitude of different colors available.  When you click on the different colors you may also notice a price difference and that is because of a different fabric used on the outside. Some colors are also not available so hopefully the one you love will be there.  ​

Best Friends by Sheri Luxury Shag Faux Fur
Donut Cuddler

This bed comes in three sizes as it is also suitable for all size dogs.

The nice thing about this little fluffy, faux shag fur and cute donut is that it is possible to just step in and literally relax the body into the softness. It has a super soft edge, a good place to rest the head while at the same time offering head and neck support.

Machine washing and tumble drying are given the green light for this bed.
The bed is made from 100% polyester and is made in China.
If you see a zipper in any photos of this product the zipper is only on the much larger dog sized product.

Although this review is specifically for senior cats it is obvious that this product is a resounding hit from small cats, to teeny dogs and very large dogs.  Animals of all shapes and sizes like the comfort and supportive features.  I'm not surprised at all.

If you are not a ​fan of the shag faux fur there is also a faux fur choice ​ shown below where the fur is still soft but not quite a long as the shag variety.

Good Life Solutions Premium Quality
Washable Luxury Pet Bed

Of all of the beds, this one looks most like the one I have, in that it is a rectangular shape as opposed to a circular shape.

The bed design has specifically focused on senior cats having the supportive side walls and also the thick therapeutic cushion insert.  The cushion can be washed separately however the whole bed can go in the washing machine on a gentle cycle, cold water only and the tumble dryer on a no heat setting. It has a waterproof bottom.

It is recommended that when removing from packaging that the bed be given a tug into shape.

​Petmate Precision Pet Donut Bed 

The name, donut bed describes this bed perfectly.

It is well padded and cushioned and has plenty of support in the sides.  

It is one height all the way around which doesn’t fit all of the criteria for a senior bed however this bed would not have been included if the sides were too high.

It is 17 inches in diameter. It is a good little bed so it it earned its place for a bed of choice for seniors kitties.

This bed has a non slip bottom which is handy if on hard flooring.  

This bed is machine washable. It is a soft plush fabric, perfect for stepping in and sinking those old bones into comfort.

Petmate JACKSON GALAXY  Gray/Pink Deluxe Donut Cat Bed

This is another donut bed, an apt way to describe these little pet beds.
This one has an 18 inch diameter. The entire bed is machine washable and it has a non skid bottom to keep the bed in place on hardwood floors. The fabric is extremely soft and it is very well padded to give support.

Once again the donut shape is a winner.  ​The cushiony part in the center of this bed is pink which is not apparent in the graphic.   

Armarkat Round Cat Bed ​

This bed is the perfect size for an older cat. The exterior measures 15 inches across, the inside measurements are 14 inches across with a wall height of five inches.

The fabric is soft plush and the 100% poly-fill is extra thick. The bed is machine washable and the it has a waterproof and skid-free base.

The color is as shown, sky blue and ivory.

snug cat bed for older cats

Okay, I'm not quite senior but check out how snug and supported I am in this cat bed. 
BTW, this is my normal happy face.

​What Do You Need To Consider When Buying A Bed For A Senior cat?

The bed needs to be washable  
This is a given but do check because some beds are not totally washable and may have a washable insert.  I like totally washable as it is just easy to throw the entire bed into the machine and know ​it is totally clean.

Supported sides  
This is essential for joint support.  In this case it does pay to read reviews because if the sides collapse too easily the benefit will be lost.  Supported but firm is the way to go.

Fit with decor 
Great if the bed it fits with the decor but to be honest a this stage of the cat’s life I am more concerned about his comfort than necessarily matching the decor.  However there are some good neutral choices which suit any decor.

We ​have just one of these beds however I am thinking about getting another just for the convenience of having one in another room, for example, the bedroom.  Price is a factor here. If it was an expensive bed then one would be enough.

old cat sleeping in bed suitable for a senior cat

Did you see the Do Not Disturb sign?

​A Couple Of Notes Regarding Cat Beds

One way to entice cats into a new bed is to hide some of their treats in the bed.  They might just decide it is a comfy place to be … or not!

Another Note:
Most of these beds say that they are self warming.  This can be confusing but what it actually means is that the ​cat's own body heat and the​ curled up position of the cat, will mean they will be cosy and toasty from heat generated by their own body.
The beds are not artificially warmed.

Recommendations - Beds For Elderly Cats

​For a bed that provides support for aging kitty our choice is the divine little bed, Best Friends by Sheri - the OrthoComfort ​CuddlerThis bed can be tossed in the machine. ​The higher back provides extra support and the fill  is generous. It is cosy and kitty can rest his head on the front wall.

​If you are specifically looking for a lower entry at the front of the bed, the Good Life Solutions ​Luxury Pet Bed and the Arkamet Round Cat Bed have lower entry points.

​The ​Donut ​Cat Beds are an excellent design and provide comfort ​as the donuts have super soft filling to ease the stress on joints.

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