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How To Choose The Best Cat Bed For Older Cats

Senior Cat In His New Bed

The best cat bed for older cats provides comfort, support and easy access.

At first glance this bed (below) appears to be too small for the cat, however it has one huge bonus and that is the supported and structured but still soft sides.

The cat is no longer agile, however with this bed he simply has to step in which is easy because it has a low entry point. He then sits down and with one movement he plops down. His body is totally supported by the firm but soft sides.

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best bed for senior cats
This bed is perfect for my old bones.

This beaut little bed goes into the washing machine (the whole bed) and dries quickly. It did go into the dryer to warm it up a little for kitty.

In the photo it looks as though it collapses a little and yes it does however there is enough support to maintain the benefits of the soft and cushioned sides.

Our Choices With Reviews Are:

Must Haves – Best Cat Bed For Older Cats

  • The best cat bed for older cats needs to be washable.
    This is a given but do check because some beds are not totally washable and may have a washable insert.

  • Supported sides
    This is essential for joint support. In this case it does pay to read reviews because if the sides collapse too easily the benefit will be lost. Supported but firm is the way to go. The cat also needs to be able to enter and exit the bed easily without having to navigate high sides.

  • Fit With Decor
    Great if the bed it fits with the decor but to be honest a this stage of the cat’s life I am more concerned about his comfort than necessarily matching the decor. However there are some good neutral choices which suit any decor.

  • Economical
    We have just one of these beds however I am thinking about getting another just for the convenience of having one in another room.
I’m not quite Goldilocks in here but this bed is just right!

We have just one of these beds however I am thinking about getting another just for the convenience of having one in another room.
Check the measurements of the bed. Note the low front opening.

Best Cat Bed For Older Cats – Reviews

1.FurHaven Plush And Suede Orthopedic Sofa Cat Bed

Orthopedic Bolster Cat bed

This bed has a wide front opening. This makes it easy to access for an elderly cat with arthritic joints.

The orthopedic medical grade foam. You may know this as eggshell foam or egg crate construction. It is super comfortable (even the human version). Body-weight is distributed evenly, so there will be less pressure on joints.

The bolsters at the side and at the back of the bed give support for the body. It’s also a place to rest the head.

To get the longest life from the bed, wash using cold water. Either machine wash separately or hand wash. Remove the foam before washing.
Zip the cover closed before washing and if machine washing put into a laundry mesh wash bag. The foam can be spot cleaned if necessary.

Anyone who has a senior cat with arthritis will know just how important all of these three points are when considering the maximum comfort for the cat.
Cats suffer in silence. We can do what we can to help them get comfortable.

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2.Frisco Round Bolster Cat Bed

bolster bed for senior cat
This is a great little bed for senior cats to curl up and get comfortable.

The small size is ideal for a cat – the inner dimensions are 13.5 x 13.5 inches however there is a larger size. There are two different colors, khaki or soft brown.

The raised sides are perfect for place to rest a weary head plus they give security and support. As someone said, it hugs the kitty.

The stuffing is a polyester fiber filling. The thickness of the sleeping area is 5 inches. A couple of very comfy looking beds were eliminated for this review as the inner cushion did not have enough padding.

Machine wash separately on a cold gentle cycle wash or hand wash. It can be tumble dried on low. Re shape if needed.

Dogs and cats are both enamored of this bed. Is the weather still cold at your place? Pop the bed into the dryer for a few minutes to make it toasty for kitty.

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3.K&H Pet Products Ortho Bolster Sleeper

ortho bolster bed for cats

It has supported back and sides. There is enough space for the cat to step into the bed and do a couple of customary turns before lying down.

The step in and sleeping surface is about 3 inches high. The foam is medical grade orthopedic foam and the side bolster are premium poly-fill made from recycled bottles.

To wash this bed, unzip and remove the cover. Use a gentle cycle in cold water or hand wash. Replace once it is fully dry. This is a practical bed and it looks good too.

This is a perfect design for older cats because it has a low front opening which is essential for a senior cat.

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4.Armarkat Round Cat Bed

Armarkat Pet Bed, 14-Inch Diameter C12HTL/MB, Ivory

This bed is the perfect size for an older cat and the wall of the bed is just the right height for head resting.

The exterior measures 15 inches across, the inside measurements are 14 inches across with a wall height of five inches.

The fabric is soft plush and the 100% poly-fill is extra thick. The bed is machine washable. The pillow is removable so if it becomes soiled it can be easily laundered.

The base is waterproof and skid free. The color is as shown, sky blue and ivory.

It’s a comfy bed perfect for an elderly kitty.

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5.FurHaven NAP Deluxe Orthopedic Dog & Cat Bed

comfortable cat bed
This bed is different to the others reviewed because it doesn’t have sides.

The orthopedic foam is egg crate construction which means that the cat’s weight will be evenly distributed to alleviate pressure on joints. This bed is easy for an elderly cat to step onto and comfortable for old bones.

Senior cats do like the supported sides of the other beds reviews however they do also like to stretch out and lie down fully. This little bed is perfect for that.

The foam can be hand washed or spot cleaned as necessary. Don’t wring out the foam rather press the foam to remove excess water and allow it to air dry. The cover is machine washable.

The base is not non slip so ideally place on carpet or a mat.

For a pet with incontinence issues place a puppy pad under the cover, between the foam and the cover.

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Our First Choice Is…

1.FurHaven Plush And Suede Orthopedic Sofa Cat Bed

We love the Furhaven Sofa Cat Bed for older cats because it is easy for the cat to enter. It has good support from the side and back bolsters. This is a perfect example of the best cat for older cats as it has all of the design requirements.

Orthopedic Bolster Cat bed

Today’s Best Price

The eggshell crate foam is very comfortable and distributes body weight evenly thus minimizing stress on joints. The low entry point helps to make this a winner for older cats with agility problems that affect their day to day movement.

If your senior cat is slightly more agile and can step over the sides, the Frisco Round Bolster Cat Bed is a winner. A whopping 97% of people reviewed recommended this bed which is pretty amazing.

Cats do hide their pain but it can be very difficult watching an elderly cat with stiff joints trying to settle into a comfortable position.

At this time of their life they need every bit of assistance possible. That doesn’t necessarily mean fancy or expensive but actually noting what is now difficult for them and taking steps to make life a little easier.

They will appreciate it and you will feel better for being proactive in caring for your elderly cat.

1. FurHaven Plush & Suede Orthopedic Sofa – Medical Grade Foam
2. Frisco Round Bolster Pet Bed – Frisco Round Bolster Pet Bed
3. K&H Pet Products Ortho Bolster Sleeper Pet Bed- Low Front Opening
4. Armarkat Round Bed For Cats – Extra Thick Poly-Fill
5. FurHaven Ultra Plush Deluxe Orthopedic Cat Bed – No Sides, Cat Can Stretch

Tips For Buying Cat Beds

  1. One way to entice cats into a new bed is to hide some of their treats in the bed. They might just decide it is a comfy place to be … or not!

  2. Most of these beds say that they are self warming. This can be confusing but what it actually means is that the cat’s own body heat and the curled up position of the cat, will mean they will be cosy and toasty from heat generated by their own body.
    The beds are not artificially warmed.
cat sleeping between legs
Maybe we need to go bed shopping dear. Any specials in the paper?

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