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How To Decide The Best Self Heating Cat Bed For Your Cat


What Is The Actual Meaning Of A Self Heated Cat Bed?

A self heated cat bed sounds ​like a bed that just heats up ​from the cat sitting or lying inside or on top of the bed. ​That is pretty much what self heated does mean.  Self heated uses the cat's own body heat to warm the surrounds and create a cosy nest.

However there are some differences between self heated cat beds. Almost all beds that do not use electricity are labelled as self heated.  It’s a bit like food products being labelled as gluten free when no gluten was present in the first place.

However, some self heated beds contain a layer of thermal type insulation ​sometimes labelled. metalized that heats up with the cat’s body heat and then reflects the heat back to the cat.

Self heated cat beds that do not contain these materials can still be ​just as effective because of the design of the bed or the fabric the bed is made from.

These details will always be in the product specifications.

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​​A Self ​Warming Bed Or An ​Electrically Heated Bed?​​

These two features sound similar, after all if the bed only heats to the cats body temperature and it is plugged in, what is the difference between a bed that has no electricity.  Surely that also warms to the cat’s body temperature also. Are you confused now?

The difference is quite simply that when the cat leaves the bed, the plugged in heated bed will remain slightly warm - 10 to 15 degrees above ambient air temperature whereas the self heated bed will quickly cool to the point where there is no heat.

Self Heating Cat Beds Reviews


​K&H Pet Products Self-Warming Lounge Sleeper Pet Bed

This bed is poly-cotton and the inside is micro fleece for warmth and comfort.

The underside of the bed is non slip. The poly-fill is made from recycled plastic bottles - double tick for that.

The warmth factor comes from the layer of metalized insulation in the pillow that warms with the cat’s body heat and then radiates that warmth back to the cat.

The bed is machine washable. Many consumers have mentioned that this bed has had repeated washings over several years and stood up very well.

Give it a quick vacuum to keep it clean on a day to day basis and wash as needed.  Line dry or use the non heat setting in the dryer.

The front entry is 4​1/2 inches high and the sides are 6 inches.

Tip: if your cat is wary of any new bed add a little catnip as a tempter.

4.5 of 5 Stars

​Best Friends by Sheri Calming Shag Vegan Fur Donut Cuddler

This divine little bed comes in a variety of sizes to suit all size cats, large, small and in between.

Because of the cleverness of the design and the incredibly soft materials used the cat’s body (or dog) is cushioned and enveloped to give support ​to the entire body.


The raised edge provides security and the whole bed is soft and comfortable.

The warmth factor comes from the design of the bed and the way in which the whole body is enveloped and supported.  The material is faux fur which is soft and inviting.

This self warming bed is super popular for good reason.

4 of 5 Stars

​Amazon Basics Warming Pet Bed

This bed does use technology to assist the self warming process in the form of Mylar.  

Mylar is the brand name however ​the name is now often associat​ed ​with Mylar blankets ​that have thermal insulating properties.

This bed utilizes the properties of Mylar and reflects and retains the cats own body heat in a similar way to the K&H self heating cat beds.

This is  well made bed with a sturdy construction.

There are ongoing comments regarding washing this bed.  The instructions say do not wash however countless people have washed the bed, after all a pet bed will need washing at some point.  One suggestion was to use a front loader washing machine ​in preference to an agitator ​machine and dry on the low setting. This means the bed is being treated gently throughout the washing and drying process and this has been successful.

4 of 5 Stars

​K&H Pet Products Self-Warming Kitty Hooded Bed - Hood is Removable

Having a removable hood is a good option.  Most cats are fine with it but if yours isn't, off it can come. The self heating factor comes from the metalized material reflects the warmth generated from the cat’s own body heat back to the cat.

This bed is made for comfort in addition to warmth.  It has a soft and comfortable cushion and soft side walls for added comfort.

Two sizes are available - 16inch diameter and 20 inch diameter. Note the inside measurement will be slightly less than this.

The cover is removable and it can be machine washed.

If only cats could talk they see to be particularly happy with this product.  Here is a link to some satisfied customers of the furry variety. Just scroll down and click to ​see the photos.  I never get tired of looking at kitty photos! 🙂

4 of 5 Stars

Our Recommendation is...

#1. K&H Pet Products Self-Warming Bolster Dog & Cat Bed, Gray/Black

​​​This bed has it all for a self heating cat bed. It does have insulating properties to assist in making the bed as warm as possible.

The design is ​practical. The curved shape of the bed is perfect for a cat to snuggle in and ​lounge into the ​shape.  This is a relatively new product so there are not too many review - yet.  

The color choice although not a huge issue is still something to consider and the classic colors would suit any decor, modern or traditional.

K&H have an outstanding track record with making bed and mats for pets.  There is a one year limited warranty with this product.

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​What Do You Need To Know About Heated Cat Beds?

​Questions about heated cat beds are answered in this article.

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