How To Decide Which Is The Best Cat Litter Mat

A cat litter mat is really just like the doormat at the front of your home. The doormat stops debris from the outdoors coming in to your home. The best cat litter mat will help to stop the tracking of litter throughout your home.

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Note: You may read the term Phthalates when reading about the materials used in the making of cat litter mats. Health Care Without Harm has more information about Phthalates.

Cat Litter Mats Reviews

#1. Gorilla Grip Premium Cat Litter Mat

This soft mat features deep grooves and superior mesh to collect and capture litter that is not only stuck to paws but may have been kicked out of the box.

This mat is made from PVC  plastic. It is Phthalates and BPA free with a non slip backing. Some people have mentioned that the mat has a strong plastic smell whereas others have not notice any smell.  If your mat does have a strong smell, a suggestion would be to leave it outside or in a place where it will get fresh air for approximately 24 hours.

This mat is not totally leak proof although it will withstand a small amount of liquid.  If you think the cat may pee on the mat it would be advisable to put the puppy training liners underneath  to protect the floor surface. A tiled floor, slate or concrete is easier to clean leakages.

It is easy to clean, shake it out, vacuum or hose and wash with soap and water and let dry. Shake the litter back into the litter tray or outside.

This mat has a great color and size and shape selection including rectangular, half circle and corner.

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2. Pieviev Cat Litter Mat Litter

The double layer honeycomb design makes cleaning litter as easy as possible by just lifting the mat as indicated in the diagram and dropping it back into the litter tray.

The bottom layer is water resistant and non slip. There is no need to empty the litter every day.The mat is Phthalate free.

If your mat arrives with a few creases from shipping there are two things you can do. Place something weighted on the creased areas and leave until the material returns to its normal shape.  Secondly heat, with a hair dryer and gently fold in the opposite direction.

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It may arrive creased so lost some points for this.

3. Polarduck Cat Litter Mat


This design traps litter by allowing the litter to fall down the holes and then be trapped by the layer underneath.

Then it is just a case of vacuuming the mat or tipping and pouring the litter back into the box when you are ready.  If you have a small handheld vac the job is even faster.

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Many positive reviews, Some found it awkward to pick up to empty.

4. Smiling Paws Cat Litter Mat

This cat litter mat is BPA and Phthalate free and has no strong chemical smell. I can’t tolerate any strong chemical odors so this is always a consideration in our house, for the cat but also for me.

How Does it Work?

To loosen the litter from the mat just give it a shake and return litter to the box or shake it outside in the garden.

The mat can be vacuumed and washed like other mats although it is probably not a good idea to machine wash.  The recommendation is to hose the mat or wash in a laundry tub or even in the shower to loosen any trapped litter. Use a pet friendly soap to clean and refresh.

The mat can be cut to size if it arrives and you find it doesn’t quite fit. As it is a thick mat a sturdy pair of scissors will be needed

It has a non slip bottom and a double layer of sealant to make sure floor covering underneath the mat is protected from any urine. It is safe to use on carpet.

It is suitable to use with any type of litter. It is scratch and tear proof and weighs 3.6 lbs

It has a money back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied.

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Some litter can be dificult to dislodge if deep within the fibers.

5. Pawkin Cat Litter Mat

The Litter Lock mesh is designed to keep litter off the floor until you are ready to vacuum or pick it up and give it a shake.  

I don't know about you but I tend to do both of these things, whichever is more convenient at the time.

This mat is made to last and there is a 100% money back guarantee.

It is a tough mat, quality mat that keeps like new.  

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This mat works extremely well but may have a noticeable odor and need to be aired outside until odor disappears

6. WePet Cat Litter Mat

The We Pet made is made from cushioned vinyl. It is Phthalate free, non toxic and water resistant. The soft web construction is soft for kitty's paws. It is a large mat as can be seen in the image, measuring 47 x 36 x 0.3 inches. Great if you have more than one litter box.

Makes cleaning up so much easier.

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7. MIGHTY MONKEY Premium Cat Litter

Mighty Monkey comes in two sizes Large (24" x 17") and Extra Large (35" x 23") and has many color choices. So confident are the manufacturers of this product that it as a 10 year no hassle guarantee.

It has a slip resistance backing but be aware it does need to be placed on a dry floor for that to be effective.

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A very popular product. Can tend to not lie totally flat along the edges on the floor.

8. PetFusion ToughGrip Cat Litter Mat

This is a clever design.  the litter gets trapped in the grooves.  There is a slightly raised lip on the edge which is no quite visible in the image. The lip stops the litter from going any further.

It is made from silicone so super easy to wash by using a broom or vacuum or sponge as needed.

It has a side spout which allows for easy pouring.  The mat is lifted and slightly folded and then poured at the lip.

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May be too heavy for some but others liked this aspect as it remained in place.

What Is The Best Cat Litter Mat? Our Recommendations

#1. Gorilla Grip Premium Cat Litter Mat

This versatile mat features a non slip backing, it is soft on paws and extra durable. It is 1/3 of an inch thick as shown in the image.

It is easy to empty and clean, vacuum or just pick up and shake and is a generous size -(35” x 23”). It works with any type of litter. An all round proven performer of cat litter mats.

A cat litter mat is not just a good idea but really essential.  I'm all for saving time cleaning up.

I couldn't imagine not having a doormat at the front of my home so this just makes perfect sense.

More Cat Litter Mats

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Points To Consider When Choosing A Mat

  • Is the mat easy to pick up? An important point because this will be done frequently.
  • The mat should have a soft surface and not be rough on paws.
  • Cats are more likely to walk on  the mat if using a covered tray and that is because there is only one way out of the box and the cat will have to walk over the mat.
  •  A large mat is good if you have the space but maybe not so good if you need to carry it a fair distance to wash.  Check the weight of the mat to ensure that is is suitable for you.
  • The mat needs to be easy to wash.
  • Some mats can have a strong smell although this usually dissipates with time but something to be aware of is if this could be a potential issue for the cat and the household.

Do I Really Need A Cat Litter Mat?

If you have a litter box indoors, a mat is essential and will save you a lot of time cleaning excess litter from around the box.

The main purpose of a litter mat is to

  • trap any excess litter on the cat's paws as the cat leaves the cat litter box
  • help contain any litter that is kicked up by the cat when exiting the tray or box

Keeping kitty litter under control is an ongoing job. Take your finger off the pulse and litter could literally take over.  

Okay that is a bit extreme however if litter control is top of the list you will find more helpful information in the following articles.

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