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How To Decide Which Is The Best Cat Litter Mat

What Is A Cat Litter Mat?

A cat litter mat is placed in front of or just underneath the cat litter box and is specifically designed to help contain the spread of litter when the cat leaves the box

It's really just like the doormat at the front of your home but this is in front of the cat's litter box.

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The purpose of the mat is to stop the litter being tracked from kitty's paws throughout the house, as he leaves the litter box. ​​​

Do I Really Need To Get A Cat Litter Mat?

If you have a litter box indoors, a mat is pretty well essential and will save you a lot of time cleaning excess litter from around the box.

The main purpose of a litter mat is to

  • ​trap any excess litter on the cat's paws as the cat leaves the cat litter box
  • help contain any litter that is kicked up by the cat when exiting the tray or box

Points To Consider When Choosing A Mat

  • Is the mat easy to pick up? An important point because this will be done frequently.
  • The mat should have a soft surface and not be rough on paws.
  • Cats are more likely to walk on  the mat if using a covered tray and that is because there is only one way out of the box and the cat will have to walk over the mat.
  • A large mat is good if you have the space but maybe not so good if you need to carry it a fair distance to wash.  Check the weight of the mat, most are very light.
  • The mat needs to be easy to wash.
  • Some mats can have a strong smell although this usually dissipates with time but something to be aware of is if this could be a potential issue for the cat and the household.

Cat Litter Mats Reviews

BlackHole Cat Litter Mat

This mat is made from soft EVA rubber so it a different material to the mat Easyology (reviewed below) mat.

This size is a medium  square measuring 23' x 21". Other sizes measure 30" x 23" and 36"x 25". There is also a mat shaped like a kitty head ( it's kinda cute).

It is suitable for use with different sorts of litter including clumping litter.

The mat is surprisingly light. It can be rinsed in the laundry tub if the cat pees on it or hosed  down depending on what is suitable for your situation.

Don't put the mat in the washing machine. For normal cleaning fold the mat in half and take it outside to shake or empty into the garbage or put back in the box.

The litter is easy to dump out the mat, so there is no excessive shaking required.

iPrimio Jumbo Size Cat Litter Trapper

This is a  large cat litter mat and is sized 30” by 23.”
It comes in two colors, brown or dark gray.

It also comes in two sizes so make sure you measure before buying.
There is also a Jumbo size, measuring 32"x 30".
It works with clumping cat litter and kitty litter.

The unused cat litter can just be put right back into the litter box so you are not sweeping up or vacuuming unused cat litter.

It is made from EVA foam and does not appear to have a smell.  It has a smooth surface comfortable for humans and cats to walk across.

iPrimio recommend using puppy pads, as shown below because they soak excess urine.

Easyology Premium Cat Litter Mat

Easyology Premium Cat Litter Mat, Durable, Non Toxic, XL Super Size, Light GrayEasyology Premium Cat Litter Mat, Durable, Non Toxic, XL Super Size, Light Gray

There is also a jumbo size of this mat (which is for two cat litter boxes) and is sized 47 by 36 inches.

This mat is super thick and soft for kitty to walk on and is made from a tough durable PVC fabric.

This mat is very soft with a low loop pile, so claws will not get stuck in the loops.

It is easy to shake the litter from the mat and if the litter is being stubborn a good tap on the back of the mat will take care of it.

The mat can be vacuumed and washed or rinsed with soap and water when necessary to keep it clean and fresh.

The mat has a rubber backing so won’t slide and can be used on carpet.

This size weighs 2.2lbs.​

There are five different colors – beige, black, brown, lavender, light gray, ocean blue.


What Is The Best Cat Litter Mat?

In summary, the Blackhole Cat Litter Mat and the Cat Litter Trapper by iPrimio are the top of the tree.

The  Easyology Cat Litter Mat is also a very good reliable product at a lower price point.

A cat litter mat is not just a good idea but really essential.  I'm all for saving time cleaning up.

I couldn't imagine not having a doormat at the front of my home so this just makes perfect sense.

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