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The best covered litter box reviews on this page will give you the information you need to make the best choice for your cat and your home.  
There is additional information after the reviews​, for example things to consider when buying a covered litter box, how to check for the right size and ​reasons a covered litter box is preferred by some cat households. ​

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​Our Choices With Reviews Are:

​ The 5 best covered litter boxes


​#1. Petmate Booda ​Clean Step Litter Dome 

This model has the steps at the side. Entry is via the steps which have a slightly bumpy, raised surface. The bumpy surface helps to prevent litter leaving the box when the cat is exiting the box. The surface helps to dislodge the litter that may be stuck on paws and the litter stay within confines of the box.

This is a great idea and makes cleaning around the box so much easier. It is still advisable to always use a litter mat where kitty steps out of the box to catch any excess litter.

The box (dome) has a handle on the top that is built in which makes it easy to relocate the litter box if necessary. The handle is ​used to remove the top for cleaning. These two points are important.  A handle on top makes it easier to pick up the box when needed and a built in handle means it is foolproof as far as reliability goes because there is nothing that can break.

The cat has total privacy, you won’t be able to see the cat once he enters this litter box. He could be sending text messages for all we know.

You can use liners in this box or not use liners, it is your preference. Some people have had difficulty attaching the liners, finding them small and hard to stretch into shape but others had no problems. 

There are liners specially for this box.

To help with odor control, there is a charcoal filter. ​

There is one charcoal filter and one liner included with the initial purchase. The lid is easy to remove when a thorough clean and change of litter is required.

The dimensions are 24" x 23 x 22/23" for the whole unit.  The litter part inside is smaller because of the space taken up for the stairs. Note the height is generous so lots of space for kitty to turn around in circles inside.

Can a dog get it's head into this box? A small dog will be able to march in much the same way as a cat.  A medium sized dog would have more trouble and one suggestion is to put a bungee cord across the entrance.  Cats can still get in with the cord in place but it may deter dogs.

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​​​​2. Nature's Miracle Oval Hooded Flip Top Litter Box

A flip open top is a feature of the newest model and it does have a handle.
Older models do not have a handle and other specifications may be different also.

There is no door flap on this box.

The latest model has a handle on top. It is not advisable to lift the box when full of litter however it does make the box easier to handle when removing the top for cleaning and also when repositioning the litter box.

The dimensions are 25 inches long by 19 inches wide by 17 inches tall
With these dimensions even largish cats at 15 to 20 lb and larger can use this box.

The back wall, without the hood, is 11.75 inches tall.

New Feature. The front of this box, flips up which makes cleaning much easier. The flip top is part of the box and it is not removable however the whole top part of the box can be removed by using the clips on the each side of the box.

The box also has a carbon filter to help control odors.

It is encouraging to see that Nature’s Miracle have included features that customers wanted such as the flip top for easier cleaning, a handle and a high back wall making it very good for high pee-ers.

4.5 of 5 Stars

3. Catit Hooded Cat Litter Pan

This is a super popular litter box.  It is a no nonsense box and does the job. The opening has a door flap. If you are not so keen on the door flap, it does flip up and can sit on the top of the box.

These are the dimensions - 22.4 inches long x 18.3" inches wide x 15.3 inches high. The door opening is 10.4 inches high x 9.6 wide.

There is also a Jumbo version which is essentially the same but with larger dimensions. Dimensions of the larger box when assembled, are 22"L x 20"W x 18"H, so perfect for larger kitties. Even if your kitty is not large, the more space they have the better.  This of course does also depend on the amount of space you have so there are a few variables to add up when looking for the “just right” litter box.

Liners can be used but are not essential.  Kitchen garbage bags can substitute as liners.   

The handle is on the top of the box and when looking at the photo it is lying flat.  It is not suggested to lift the entire box full of litter by using the handle.

Using a clumping litter it is easy to scoop through the front with the door raised thus making everyday cleaning easier than having to remove the lid every time.  
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​4. Petmate ​Booda Litter Dome

This is a very neat and attractive looking litter box.

It is a circular shape which makes it automatically easy to carry as there are no corners plus no corners also means easier to clean.

The handle is right on the top and is built in so that it is easy to grip and carry.  Directly underneath the handle sits the charcoal filter which helps to trap odors. The filters are replaceable and one comes with the purchase which is good to get started.

The lid, which is easy to take off is removed for cleaning.

The entrance is raised so this perhaps would not suit a senior cat or a cat with arthritis.

The non stick plastic surface of the box also helps with litter removal when cleaning.

If you are looking to keep a dog out of the litter box there may be better options for you. Many dogs would be able to get their head inside the opening. Even if they couldn’t reach the litter this is still an annoyance factor.

The diameter of the box is just under 18". The height of it with the dome is also just under 18".

It would not be suitable for very large cats. If you have a large Maine Coon this box would probably be too small for the cat to comfortably turn around while inside. This would be a better box because it is larger.

The Booda Dome with the steps is more effective at keeping litter contained within the box and is larger however if you are short on space this box would have to be considered.

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5. Petphabet Litter Box With Lid

This is a good box for high pee-ers because the lower half of the box is high at the back thus eliminating the high pee-ers issues.

The top and the bottom of the box snap together with clips.

The top of this box is transparent.  We don’t really know what cats think of this but for for us humans it is helpful to see at a glance if the litter needs changing. For people with mobility issues this is really important consideration. Cats can also see if someone or something else (hello doggie) is approaching.

Although no litter box is going to be 100% successful at keeping litter out totally, this box does get a big tick even for enthusiastic diggers and fingers.

If your cat has to wear an e collar like the one in the photo below he should be able to get in and out of this box without any problems.

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​If the dog is ​being a problem with wanting to get into the litter box, the suggestions on this page deal specifically with the issue.

a covered litter box when wearing an e collar

If the dog is being a problem with wanting to get into the litter box, the suggestions on this page deal specifically with the issue.

​A Quick Summary

Petmate Clean Step Litter Dome ​helps to keep litter inside the litter box, it is attractive to look at and easy to clean. It helps with odor control, gives complete privacy to the cat and has a built in handle.  This remains our litter box of choice.

This is very closely followed by the latest Nature's Miracle enclosed litter box.  It seems that they have really taken notice of their customers opinions and have now included a handle which it didn't have before.  The front of this box now also has a flip top to make daily cleaning and scooping easy. This box also has a filter to help with odor and a high back wall for those​ high pee-ers. (yes, you know who you are)

​For a Jumbo size box the Catit is a brilliant box and has the size that so many people are looking for in a litter box.

 The Petphabet Enclosed Box is also a jumbo size and has the clear top making it easy to see at a glance if the box needs cleaning.

Our Recommendation is...

#1. Petmate Clean Step Litter Dome

​​​This enclosed litter box ticks all the boxes. It is large, litter is contained within the box, the rounded edges make it easier to clean than having to get into awkward corners. Litter liners are available. Any litter on the cat's paws mainly comes off as they leave the box but a litter mat is still advisable. It has a charcoal filter to help reduce odors.  It is not unsightly and doesn't need to relegated to a distant part of the house.

Overall Rating :  5 / 5

To choose the best covered litter box for your cat and your household there are things to consider.

Four Things To Consider When Choosing a covered litter box 

choosing the best covered litter box

If you have a large cat definitely go for the jumbo size.  The cat needs to be able to comfortably turn around inside.  Some large cats with a fluffy tail have been known to leave their tails hanging out of the opening, so bear this in mind when choosing.


Is your cat a high pee-er​? Choose one of the boxes ​with a high back​ at the point where the lower part of the box meets the upper part of the box.  This will lessen the chance of spillage ​at the join.


​If you have a senior cat or a kitten be aware that if the entrance to the box is too high, it may be difficult for the cat to enter and exit, so get a box where the front opening is low or it is easy to enter.


The space you will need ​to ​position the box is important particularly if space is limited. You will need the exact measurements of the box and always double check the size. It is such a nuisance having to return items and then choose another.

How To Choose The Right Size Box

1.  Find the dimensions of the litter box you are thinking of purchasing.

2.  Make a mock up of the box using newspaper. 

2.  Position the mock up in the location.

3.  Does it fit?

​If it doesn't fit check the dimensions of a different litter box for the space you have or choose a different location.

Why Get A Covered Litter Box?

Odor Control

Odor control may be easier in a box with a covered lid. This may be of particular importance if living conditions are limited space-wise and you and the cat have to share bathroom space.


A covered box will look neater than an open uncovered box and once again particularly if the box needs to go in a main living area. It can be a tricky decision weighing up what is the best for the cat versus human but when you are both sharing living quarters it is something you need to consider.

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