7 Best Covered Litter Boxes to Keep Your Home Odor-Free and Your Cat Happy

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The best covered litter box has the following features – It stops litter escaping from the box, has good odor control, is easy to move with a built in handle, and is more aesthetically pleasing than an open litter box.

We have looked at 7 of the best covered litter boxes, and provided information for you to decide what is best for your cat and living situation.

There is more information after the reviews​, for example things to consider when buying a covered litter box, how to check for the right size and ​reasons a covered litter box is preferred by some cat households.

1. Van Ness Odor Control Large Enclosed Cat Litter Box

Van Ness Pets Odor Control Large Enclosed Cat Litter Box, Hooded, Pearl, CP6

The two-way swinging door of this covered litter box is a clever feature that successfully keeps litter inside and controls the odor, living up to its name. The swinging door swung smoothly in both directions.

Cleaning hasn’t been a hassle due to the non-stick finish, which is a relief as it resists stains and doesn’t hold onto unpleasant smells.

However, we must point out that while the non-stick quality is effective, it’s not flawless. Occasionally, some litter might stick if not cleaned regularly. Continuous usage can also potentially reduce the non-stick efficiency over time, so periodic deep cleaning is something we recommend to maintain its pristine condition.

In terms of durability, the finish appears to hold up well against the daily rigor of our furry friends’ use. It’s a relief not having to replace the box frequently due to scratches or marks so common in lesser quality items.

The included zeolite air filter was an unexpected bonus, we noticed it does a good job absorbing odors, which makes a big difference in maintaining a fresh-smelling space.

Zeolite is a natural mineral, known for its ability to trap and neutralize odors effectively. Remember to replace the filters regularly to keep the odor free status.

Although the box is made from BPA-free materials, which we appreciate because of the health and environmental implications, we noticed that the build can seem a bit flimsy. Some of us had to adjust the lid a few times as the clips would come off during regular use.

It’s also worth noting the size is generous. Those among us with larger cats didn’t have any issue with fit, and the privacy of the hood seemed well-received by the felines. We did find that some cats were not fans of the swing door initially, but with a bit of encouragement, they adapted well.

Despite a few imperfections in its construction, this litter box holds value, especially considering its size and odor control features. For those seeking an affordable solution to maintain a tidy cat corner, this product ticks most of the boxes.


The enclosed hood and two-way swinging door are designed to keep litter inside the box and diminish the spread of debris and dust around the area.

This litter box sports a high polished, non-stick finish. We noticed a reduced need for scrubbing, which is a time-saver.

The zeolite air filter included with the litter box does a commendable job at absorbing odors.

It’s Made in the USA and BPA-free.


Some may find the litter box a bit flimsy, particularly when assembling it.

We noted that the clips meant to secure it can detach, which could be a minor annoyance during setup or when moving the box.

If you have cats that are not accustomed to a two-way swinging door, it could take some training for them to get used to entering this style of box.

Its large footprint can be a downside.

Specifications of The Van Ness Odor Control Enclosed Cat Litter Box

Its size (20.50 x 19.50 x 19.50) turned out to be a great fit for our larger furry friends. The choice of polypropylene material hints at durability and ease of cleaning.  The color options may vary, the pearl finish we encountered exudes a subtle elegance, merging seamlessly with a range of home decors.

2. Amazon Basics No-Mess Hooded Cat Litter Box

Amazon Basics No-Mess Hooded Cat Litter Box, Standard, Multicolor, 21 in x 16 in x 15 in

This standard-sized litter box is perfect for cats that prefer an enclosed space.

Made of stain and odor-resistant plastic, this litter box comes with a pre-installed replaceable carbon filter that helps reduce unpleasant odors.

The swinging plastic door enables easy in and out access, and the cover snaps into place, making it easy to scoop or change litter.


Made of stain and odor-resistant plastic with a pre-installed replaceable carbon filter, this litter box helps reduce litter box odors.

The cover with carrying handle snaps into place and lifts off for scooping or changing the litter, making cleaning a breeze.

The swinging plastic door enables easy in and out access for your feline friend.

With product dimensions of 20.6 x 15.6 x 15 inches (LxWxH) and a door opening of 7 x 7.5 inches (WxH), this litter box provides ample space for larger cats.


This litter box is on the pricier side compared to other options on the market.

Some reviewers have noted that the plastic is thin enough to bow under the weight of the litter.

The latches on the cover may not be as sturdy as some would prefer.

specifications Of Amazon Basics No-Mess Hooded Cat Litter Box

One of the standout features of this litter box is its size. Measuring 21 x 16 x 15 inches, it’s spacious enough for most cats to use comfortably. The litter box also comes with a carrying handle, making it easy to move around as needed.

The cover with carrying handle snaps into place and lifts off for scooping or changing the litter. The product dimensions are 21 x 16 x 15 inches (LxWxH), with a door opening of 7 x 7.5 inches (WxH). The litter box is available in multi-color and is manufactured by Amazon Basics.

3. Petphabet Litter Box With Lid – Jumbo Box

 Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Box

This is a very good, covered cat litter box, for high pee-ers, because the lower section (of the two sections) is shaped to be high at the back of the box, thus eliminating the high pee-ers issues. This feature is quite noticeable in the image.

The top and the bottom of the litter box snap together with clips.

The top of this covered litter box is transparent. We don’t really know what cats think of this but for for us humans it is helpful to see at a glance if the litter needs changing. For people with mobility issues this is really important consideration.

The translucent top half of the box also means that the cat can see if someone or something else, (hello doggie) is approaching. Although no litter box is going to be 100% successful at keeping litter out totally, this covered litter box does get a big tick even for enthusiastic diggers and fingers.

If your cat has to wear a soft e collar he should be able to get in and out of this covered litter box without any problems.


Cat owners give this covered litter box positive reviews. The size does live up to its description. Litter is contained well.

The clear top makes it easy to see when a scoop of the litter box is needed.


This covered litter box may be too difficult for kittens and elderly cats to access easily, without a ramp.

Specifications Of Jumbo Box With Lid

Love the colors of this covered litter box and you have quite a few colors to choose from – Teal, Blue, Gray and Purple. All of the different color boxes have a transparent top. This covered litter box is an X-large. It measures 24.8L x 20W x 16.5H inches. The door opening is 8.2 x 7.8 inches.

4. IRIS USA Jumbo Enclosed Cat Litter Box

Jumbo Enclosed Cat Litter Box with Front Door Flap and Scoop

The front opening on this covered litter box is a flap that lifts forward and up, to provide a larger opening for cleaning. The Catit covered litter box has the same flap design, which is very practical for removing soiled litter. It much easier to scoop, because firstly you can reach into the box easily and you can see what is happening in there.

The cat litter box itself is solid and the clips on the side are secure. The cat litter scoop is also cleverly stored on the inside the box near the flap, for easy access and everyone knows where to replace the scoop when scooping is done.

This box is made in the USA. It is a well made product and sits in the mid price range.


This covered litter box keeps most of the litter contained.

Odors in this covered litter box, are much reduced compared to an open box.


Some cat owners report that the door doesn’t swing freely. Check the door action before using. Make sure nothing is impeding the movement of the door like something else placed nearby that may cause the door flap to shift, even if ever so slightly.

The plastic is flimsier than many people expect.

Specifications Of IRIS Large Hooded Litter Box

This covered litter box is a Jumbo size. The inside measurements are – 15.25 x 14.0 x 15.5 Inches.

There is also a corner model, perfect if that is the space you need to use. The corner model measurements are  21 x 16.13 x 14.25 inches (LxWxH). The color choices are navy with a white top or dark gray with a lighter gray top.

IRIS have also put together a starter kit.

IRIS USA Cat Owner Starter Kit with Jumbo Litter Box

IRIS have put together some really useful items, even if your cat is not a new addition to the family. The starter kit includes, the Jumbo enclosed litter box, an automatic water fountain with replacement filters and a plastic airtight food container ‘on casters’. It takes 45 lb of dry pet food. The ‘on casters’ part is such a good idea. Cat food or any pet food containers can be heavy and awkward to lift and refill, put away and so on.

best covered litter box - pinterest image

5. Catit Hooded Cat Litter Pan

covered litter box

This is a super popular covered litter box. It is a no nonsense covered box and does the job. It is sturdy and lightweight.

The opening is a door flap. If your cat is not so keen on the door flap, the flap does flip up and can sit on the top of the box. This feature is a definite bonus for scooping the soiled litter from the box.

There is a Jumbo version of the covered litter box. Even if your kitty is not large, the more space cats have inside a covered box, the easier it is for them to use it. This of course does also depend on the amount of space you have to place the box, so there are a few variables to add up when looking for the “just right” litter box.

Cat litter liners can be used but are not essential. Kitchen garbage bags can substitute as cat litter liners.

The handle is on the top of the box and when looking at the photo it is lying flat. It is not suggested to lift the entire box full of litter by using the handle.

This litter box also has an overlap mechanism to help prevent urine leakage form high pee-ers.

Using a clumping litter, it is easy to scoop through the front of the box, with the door raised. This makes everyday litter scooping cleaning, easier than having to remove the lid every time.


The front door/flap being able to be lifted and then slid back, makes cleaning easy and saves time and hassle. It would otherwise entail lifting the top from the bottom to scoop the litter.

This covered litter box keeps odors out.

It also keeps inquisitive toddlers out.


Kittens may have trouble pushing the flap from the inside to get out again.

Specifications Of Catit Hooded Cat Litter Pan

These are the outside dimensions of the litter box – 22.44L x 18.3H x 19.7W. inches. The door opening is 10.4 inches high x 9.6 inches wide. The color choices are warm gray or white with some black design features.

Do you have a large cat? These three articles are about large cats – how to choose a litter box for a large cat, the best covered boxes for large cats and the best open top boxes for large cats.

6. Van Ness Enclosed Sifting Cat Litter Box

 Enclosed Sifting Cat Litter Box

This covered litter box is different to the others on this page as it is a sifting litter box that is also a covered litter box.

You may have seen sifting litter boxes before but not actually considered a sifting litter box.

The image above shows how the sifting aspect works. It is a straightforward process. Sifting can be a money saver, as you are just disposing of the actual solid waste. It is also less tedious than scooping and that has to be worth something.

The sifting part of the box doesn’t have to be used if you are not interested in that feature. The box work perfectly well without the sifter and a litter box liner can be used.

Note: The door can be incorrectly installed. Follow the instructions to make sure that it is easy for the cat to enter and exit. If the cat can’t exit the box, the door has been incorrectly fitted.

The filter to neutralize odor is changeable and the recommend time frame for changing is between 60 to 90 days.

This covered litter box is a good price, sitting firmly in the normal range and therefore affordable.

This is a very large covered litter box, so make sure you have enough litter for the initial fill.


This litter box has some long term users.

One cat owner suggested using a wood litter in this box. It is easy to sift and does not track.


There have been some complaints concerning the sifter part of the litter box, not being included.

Specifications Of Van Ness Enclosed Sifting Cat Litter Box

This box is called an Extra Large however is also referred to as Extra Giant so always check the measurements, rather than just the name of the litter box. The measurements are 21.5 x 17.5 x 19 inches.

There is also a large size. The measurements of the large box are 19.5 x 15.25 x 17.5 inches. The Zeolite filter can be replaced. The box has a high polish finish that is stain resistant. The top is removable.

7. Petmate Booda Dome Clean Step Litter ​Box

 Booda Dome Clean Step Cat Litter Box

Entry to this covered litter box is via the steps which have a slightly bumpy, raised surface. The bumpy surface helps to prevent litter leaving the box when the cat is exiting the box. The surface helps to dislodge the litter that may be stuck on paws and the litter stays within confines of the box.

This is a great idea and makes cleaning around the box so much easier. It is still advisable to always use a litter mat where kitty steps out of the box to catch any excess litter.

The box (shaped like a dome) has a handle on the top that is built in which makes it easy to relocate the litter box if necessary.

The handle is ​used to remove the top of the litter box for cleaning. These two points are important. A handle on top makes it easier to pick up the box when needed plus a built in handle means it is fool proof as far as reliability goes, because there is nothing that can break.

The cat has total privacy, you won’t be able to see the cat once he enters this covered litter box. The cat could be sending text messages for all we know.

The lid is easy to remove when a thorough clean and change of litter is required.

The litter part inside the box, is smaller because of the space taken up for the stairs. Note, the height is generous so lots of space for kitty to turn around in circles inside.

Can a dog get its head into this covered litter box? A small dog will be able to march in much the same way as a cat. A medium sized dog would have more trouble. One excellent suggestion is to put a bungee cord across the entrance. Cats can still get in with the bungee cord in place but it may deter dogs. By the way, we know that some dogs like to snack form the litter tray but did you know that some cats eat litter too?


The covered litter box is good as a tracking litter solution.

This box is good for cats that will not go through cat flaps or doors but you still want a covered box.

The litter box is perfect for all age cats because there is no wall to step over.


High pee-ers may pee down the stairs. (Cat owners will know what I mean)

Specifications Booda Dome Litter ​Box

The dimensions are 22.5 x 22.5 x 19 inches. You have a color choice of brushed nickel, pearl white and titanium.

You can use liners in this covered litter box or not use liners, it is your preference. Some people have had difficulty attaching the liners, finding them small and hard to stretch into shape.

There are liners specially for this box. To help with odor control, there is a charcoal filter. There is one charcoal filter and one liner included with the initial purchase.

cat sitting in a litter box that is too small
I have outgrown my old litter box. Please get me a bigger, covered box. I quite like blue…

Things To Consider When Choosing A Covered Litter Box

Get The Biggest Size Covered Litter Box

If you have a large cat definitely go for the biggest size. The cat needs to be able to comfortably turn around inside the litter box. Some large cats with a fluffy tail have been known to leave their tails hanging out of the opening, so bear this in mind when choosing.

Which Covered Litter Box Is best For a high pee-er?

Is your cat a high pee-er​? Choose one of the boxes ​with a high back​, at the point where the lower part of the box meets the upper part of the box. This will lessen the chance of pee spillage ​at the join.

The Catit hooded lid box does have extra overlap where the two halves of the box meet. This is specifically to address the problem of any urine leakage.

Do you have a senior cat or kitten?

If you have a senior cat or a kitten and the entrance to the box is too high, it may be difficult for the cat to enter and exit.
Get a box where the front opening is low, making it easy for the senior cat or kitten to enter and exit the box. The Booda covered litter box, described above is prefect for senor cats.

Where will the Covered Litter Box be placed?

​The space you have to ​place the box is important, particularly if space is limited.
You will need the measurements of the space you have as well as the measurements of the box. It is such a nuisance having to return items and then choose another.

Also some boxes are one measurement at floor level but may flare out at the sides making the dimensions larger. If space is tight this can be an issue.

How To Choose The Right Size Covered Litter Box

  1. Locate the dimensions of the litter box you are thinking of purchasing. Check carefully! Measurements can be misleading. Sometimes the most obvious measurements are the size of the packaging and not the actual item. You may need to read through more detailed information to find the exact measurements.

  2. Make a mock up of the box using newspaper or any paper. Draw the box to measure on some newspaper. The floor measurements are particularly important here. Cut the shape you have drawn on to the newspaper.

  3. Position the mock up in the place the covered litter box will be located. Put the newspaper mock up in the location you have in mind for the litter box? How does it fit? Is there easy access for the cat, in and out of the entrance?

  4. Does it fit? You could also check the measurements using tape on the floor, to mock up the size of the litter box.

An elderly cat has different litter box requirements as mobility may affect how well the cat can enter and exit the box.

Why Get A Covered Litter Box?

Odor Control

Odor control is easier in a box with a covered lid. This may be of particular importance if living conditions are limited space-wise and you and the cat have to share bathroom space.

I know, its not good!


A covered box always looks neater than an open uncovered box and particularly if the box needs to go in a main living area.

It can be a tricky decision weighing up what is the best for the cat versus human but when you are both sharing living quarters, it is something you need to consider.

Choosing a covered litter box is more complicated than you thought! Well it doesn’t have to be really.

There are just some basics to consider. After all you don’t want to waste your money and have a litter box that doesn’t fulfill all requirements.

Which type of litter box is the best – An Uncovered Litter Box or A Covered Litter Box? This articles examines pros and cons of both types of litter box.

vector - two cats reading
Look dear! Will you tell them or will I? At our stage of life we want our own litter boxes. His and Hers!

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