New Kid On The Block – What Is Pretty Litter Made Of?

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PrettyLitter is made from absorbent silica gel, combined with a proprietary health formula. The health formula, which is exclusive to PrettyLitter, alerts cat owners to possible health conditions. Silica gel cat litter is popular for its absorbance, its light weight and its odor control qualities.

How Does Technology Work For Pretty Litter?

The health formula in Pretty Litter, reacts with the cat’s urine to change the color of the litter.

The different color changes in the litter, alert the owner to a potential medical issue.

The color changes represent the acidity or alkalinity of the urine.  The presence of blood in the cat’s urine can also be detected in Pretty Litter.

PrettyLitter is where Technology meets Kitty Litter.

When a color change is detected it is necessary to visit the vet for a proper assessment and thorough checkup. Pretty Litter is not a diagnostic tool, but rather a monitoring tool, which can provide information for a professional to further investigate.

If there is any chance that Pretty Litter could help detect an illness it is worth its weight in gold.  

Our dear old cat developed diabetes and we had a couple of touch and go moments with him.

I do wonder if his condition would have been easier to manage if the condition had been diagnosed earlier. Despite the diabetes diagnosis, I would have used PrettyLitter anyway because as he aged and his physicality altered, it would have been good to have a warning system in place.

Our cats can’t tell us how they are feeling and in fact they are very good at disguising ill health, however by using PrettyLitter we are one step closer to keeping more efficient tabs on our cat’s health. 

Positive Results using Pretty Litter

Here are just a couple of the many positive comments about using Pretty Litter.

2 of 3 cats used it within the first 5 minutes! It’s great knowing my babies are healthy, and being able to stay on top of any future health concerns. I love how light weight and easy it is to scoop! No more lugging big annoying containers! ZERO DUST!! I have a very sensitive nose and I was worried about keeping the same litter for a whole month, but we’re into week two, and our apartment doesn’t smell like a litter box.

Been using pretty litter for 2 weeks and to my surprise, it turned blue this week. Took my senior kitty to the vet and he (the cat) has a bladder infection. He showed no other signs anything was wrong. I’m so happy that we could get him treated now instead of when it got worse. Never switching back to clay litter.

How Did Pretty Litter Come About?

Pretty Litter was invented by Daniel Rotman.  As always, amazing solutions are often driven by a need to solve a problem, which is exactly how PrettyLitter came about. 

This article explains how the ill health of Daniel’s cat led to the need for change in the cat litter world.

The goal is not for cat owners to start diagnosing illness, however if a change in colour in the cat litter is noted, a trip to the vet for a professional check up is advised.  

What is The Science Behind Pretty Litter?

Cat litter is made from many different materials, including silica gel crystals, clay, wood fiber, recycled newspaper, corn, wheat, coconut husks, walnut shells and hemp and no doubt more. 

However, Pretty Litter has gone one step further than all of these cat litters with the ability to monitor urine for acidity or alkalinity and the presence of blood. 

PrettyLitters crystals change color according to the ph level of the cat’s urine.

explanation of alkaline and acidity showing in Pretty Litter
explanation of  typical range and blood showing in Pretty Litter

Many people comment on the dust free aspect of this litter. As with any litter, pour slowly and carefully. to actively discourage any clouds of dust.

For more information, here is a link to the FAQ page which covers in more detail what the meaning of the different colors urine causes in Pretty Litter..

How Much Does Pretty Litter Cost? 2024

The image below shows the price of Pretty Litter in June 2024.

For example, if you have one cat, one bag of PrettyLitter per month will be sent to you, two cats, two bags and so on. One bag lasts an entire month.

the cost of Pretty Litter

Pretty Litter is now available in two varieties, the original unscented and now a scented litter called Lotus Flower. Be sure to choose the original, if unscented is what you want or Lotus Flower if you prefer a lightly floral scented litter.

Why Is Pretty Litter So Light In Weight?

The reason Pretty Litter is so light in weight, is because it is made from super absorbent silica gel. Despite the name, gel, silica gel is composed of dry crystals which are highly absorbent plus they trap odor.

The dry crystals are lightweight.

The lightweight bags make it an excellent choice for those who have difficulty lifting heavy packages and cat litter can be heavy.

In fact lightweight is good for everyone. 

By ordering monthly the cat litter will be delivered and you will have none of the usual associated heavy lifting or even finding the space to store a large box of litter. 

PrettyLitter is up to 80% lighter than some traditional cat litters.

what is pretty litter made from  - pinterest image

Is It Necessary To Replace All Of The Litter At Once?

Yes, it is necessary to replace all of the cat litter at once.  

The entire bag of pretty litter is poured into the litter box.  A handy measuring tool comes with the order so you can see just how deep the litter ideally should be.

The solids are scooped in the same manner as when using any other cat litter. Give the scoop a bit of a shake to allow any excess litter to fall back into the box.  

This is not a clumping litter. 

After removing any solids give the Pretty Litter a stir.  This will allow the super absorbent silica gel which absorbs the urine to be evenly mixed.  Some cats choose the same spot when urinating.  

At the end of the month dispose of all of the litter, give the litter box a clean and start afresh with a new bag.

Set a date on the calendar when it is time to change the litter, and that is it. It is then easy to remember and see, when the litter needs changing.

Can you mix pretty litter with Regular litter?

It is not advisable to do this.  The reasoning for this is, the health formula in the Pretty Litter will be diluted, and won’t do the job you want it to do, that is monitor your cat’s health. 

There is an exception to this and that is when first introducing PrettyLitter to your cat.  Some cats transition to using a new litter very easily but with others you might experience some resistance (no surprises there).

In this case try adding some PrettyLitter to the normal litter and gradually transition to just using Pretty Litter. 

Or another popular method and one that has had success is to remove some poop and urine clumps from the old litter and add to the Pretty Litter. The cat will hopefully think – aha here is my litter – and that will be that

Disclaimer – We don’t really know what the cat is thinking.

Why do cats poop on the floor, seemingly randomly? A change of litter may be one answer!

Is Pretty Litter Toxic To Dogs?

A small amount of Pretty Litter, probably won’t harm your dog however ingesting too much of any type for cat litter can cause gastrointestinal problems. If this occurs take the dog to the vet. 

Usually dogs are more interested in eating the cat poop that is in the litter.

Sometimes dogs are eating cat poop to make up for nutritional deficiencies and it may be the protein in the cat poop that attract dogs.

Can you use pretty litter In an automatic Litter Box?

The type of litter recommended for an automatic litter box is often Silica Gel litter, therefore PrettyLitter will work in an automatic litter box.  

The only issue you may find using Pretty Litter in an automatic litter box, is that depending on the type of automatic litter box, it may not be possible to actually view the color changes in the litter.

Pretty Litter The Pros And The Cons


Pretty Litter is low dust which makes it ideal or those dealing with allergies, both cats and their owners.

Pretty Litter is shipped to you which is super convenient. No more having to remember to buy cat litter.

Pretty Litter only needs to be changed once per month.


If your cat uses a clumping litter you will need to adjust to a different type of litter.

Pretty Litter does need to be stirred daily to avoid the cat’s urine over wetting one area.

More Reasons To Use Pretty Litter

It is important to remember the main reason that you are considering purchasing PrettyLitter and that is to have more information about your cat’s health, on a day to day basis.

Going to the vet for a scheduled check up is an excellent routine but what about all the time in between visits?

Cats are so good at masking symptoms of ill health, that quite a bit of time can march by, before it is noticeable that something is not right.

Even if no abnormalities are evident from using PrettyLitter and of course we hope this is the case, it is still reassuring to know that everything looks to be okay health wise.  

PrettyLitter expressly says that the litter is not a diagnostic tool but rather a monitoring system that can point to potential problems, which then need further investigation by a veterinarian.

You will be able to visit the vet armed with some information. This will give the vet a starting point for further investigation. 

pretty litter
vector - two cats reading
Well we aren’t getting any younger dear! I want to give it a go!

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