Extra Large Open Top Litter Box Made For Big Cats

large cat needs an extra large open top litter box

An extra large, open top litter box will ensure that your large cat has enough space when using the litter …

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Need To Know The Best Covered Litter Box For Large Cats?

best litter box for large cats

How do you work out which is the best covered litter box for large cats? We have outlined the best …

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Six Easy Ways to Stop Cat Litter From Going Everywhere

stop cat litter going everywhere

What is the solution to stop cat litter from going everywhere? Cat litter goes everywhere because the litter sticks to …

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Save Money – DIY Cat Litter

DIY Cat Litter

Has DIY cat litter ever been on your radar? Why not make your own cat litter? DIY cat litter may …

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How To Make A Litter Box Non Stick And Easier To Clean

Non stick Litter Box

A non stick litter box makes life easier because cat litter doesn’t stick to the litter box. A cat litter …

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The Best Cat Nail Caps

Colors for cat nail caps

The best cat nail caps are: a) easy to apply to the nails of the catb) easy to remove from …

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Paper Litter After Declawing Is Good Practice

paper litter for declawed cat

Why use Paper Cat Litter After Surgery? Paper litter after declawing, is the recommendation by veterinarians as the best cat …

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What Is The Best Litter Scoop For Scooping Cat Waste?

how to look after a litter box

Cat litter scoops fall into two categories, those with regular length handles and those with long handles. Which type is best for you?

The Best Litter For Declawed Cats

best litter for declawed cats

The best litter for declawed cats is litter in which they can still dig and get some traction in the …

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Cat Litter Box Liners With Elastic – Why Are They Popular?

cat litter box liners with elastic

Cat litter box liners with elastic, use elastic around the edges of the liner, to keep the litter liner in …

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Best Vacuums For Cat Litter That Get The Job Done With No Hassle

cat litter attractant

If you have multiple cats, an upright vacuum or stick vacuum is best to cope with the quantity of cat …

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UnCovered Or Covered Litter Boxes? About Both Types.

uncovered or covered litter boxes

Uncovered or covered litter boxes? What is the difference and is one type better than the other? There are pros …

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Choosing the Best Litter Box Attractant for Cats – A Guide for Pet Owners

litter box attractant for cats

Litter box attractant for cats is used to lure your kitty to the litter box. Cat litter attractant is added …

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Need to Know The Best Litter Box For Large Cats?

best litter box for large cats

The best litter box for large cats, is one in which the cat can navigate freely, turn around and not …

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What Are The Best Cheap Cat Litters?

the best cheapest cat litter

​​Cheap cat litter ​has to fit the budget week after week.​ We want good cat litter, at a budget price, …

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