18 Misconceptions About Cats! Debunking Popular Myths and Misunderstandings

four cats - all different

Misconceptions that people have about about cats come from a variety of sources, such as old wives’ tales, superstitions, and …

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How to Choose the Right Cat: A Guide to Finding Your Perfect Feline Companion

how to choose the right cat

Congratulations on the thought of adding a feline companion to your life! How to choose the right cat when faced …

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Can cat’s whiskers put them off eating? Cat whiskers and nutrition

long cat whiskers

Your cat’s whiskers play an essential role in their day-to-day life. These kitty whiskers are made of a protein called …

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Cat Whiskers in Art – A Surprising Source of Inspiration for Artists

painting of the face of a cat showing whiskers

If you’re a cat lover, then you know that their whiskers are a striking feature. There’s long whiskers, crooked whiskers, …

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How to Flea Bomb with Indoor Cats – What You Need to Know for a Safe and Effective Treatment

cat, dog and child scratching from fleas

While flea bombs are effective in eliminating flea infestations, it’s vital to use caution and take necessary steps to ensure …

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From Aloof to Affectionate – Understanding An Older Cat Suddenly Clingy

senior cats can become clingy

Have you noticed your older cat acting suddenly clingy? This change in behavior can be alarming, but understanding the reasons …

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Where To Put The Cat Litter Box! Find The Perfect Spot!

cat litter box in bathroom

Are you wondering where to put the cat litter box? We often tend to think of the laundry or the …

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Cat Whiskers in Folklore and Mythology: Legends Unveiled

cat whiskers in folklore and mythology

The whiskers of a cat have long held a significant place in folklore and mythology, capturing the imagination of many …

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Cat Hiding After Moving to New Home: Keep Your Cat Calm And Safe

cat hiding

Is your cat hiding after moving to a new home? Panic! No not a good idea but what do you …

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How Do Cats Use Their Whiskers To Interact With Other Cats And Humans?

orange cat with defined whiskers

Cat whiskers are unique and fascinating part of a cat’s anatomy. They are not just decorative features, but rather important …

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Flower Themed Names For Cats – Fun And Joy With Floral Names

kitten in the flowers

A flower themed name for a cat is always going to sound happy and joyful. Who could be cross with …

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How To Cat Proof A fish Tank! No Cats Allowed Here!

how to cat proof a fish tank

How to cat proof a fish tank? There are several ways to cat proof a tank. Choose the right tank …

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Cat Breeds That Love Water: A Guide to Aquatic Felines

Bengal cat playing in water

When most people think of water and cats, they think that cats hate water and avoid it at all costs. …

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What to do If Your Indoor Cat Got Out? Preventive Tips and Solutions


As cat lovers and owners, we understand that one of the biggest fears we may face is the disheartening experience …

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Bentonite Cat Litter: The Ultimate Solution for Odor Control and Easy Cleanup

clumping clay litter contains bentonite

What is Bentonite Cat Litter? Bentonite cat litter is a type of litter made from bentonite clay and other materials. …

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