Flower Themed Names For Cats – Fun And Joy With Floral Names

kitten in the flowers

A flower themed name for a cat is always going to sound happy and joyful. Who could be cross with …

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How To Cat Proof A fish Tank! No Cats Allowed Here!

how to cat proof a fish tank

How to cat proof a fish tank? We have listed 15 different solutions to keep the cat away from the …

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Cat Breeds That Love Water: A Guide to Aquatic Felines

Bengal cat playing in water

When most people think of water and cats, they think that cats hate water and avoid it at all costs. …

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What to do If Your Indoor Cat Got Out? Preventive Tips and Solutions


As cat lovers and owners, we understand that one of the biggest fears we may face is the disheartening experience …

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Bentonite Cat Litter: The Ultimate Solution for Odor Control and Easy Cleanup

clumping clay litter contains bentonite

What is Bentonite Cat Litter? Bentonite cat litter is a type of litter made from bentonite clay and other materials. …

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Cat Litter That Doesn’t Go Everywhere! What Is It? I Want Some!

cat litter that doesn't go everywhere

Cat litter, the bane of any cat owner’s life. It’s essential but also a hassle to clean up. Traditional clay …

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Cat Aggressive Towards Dog! Not Good! How To Stop This Happening!

cat aggressive towards dog

As a pet owner with both cats and dogs, aggression between species can be disturbing. It’s normal for felines to …

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Cat Eating Litter! Why? What Are The Causes and Solutions?

What is the reason behind cats consuming litter? When your cat eats litter, it can be concerning for cat owners. …

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What Carpet Is Best For A Cat Scratching Post? The Pros and Cons

cat scratching post

As a pet owner of felines, you understand the significance of having a post for them to have a good …

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Multiple Cat Automatic Feeders – A Lifesaver For Feeding More than One cat

multiple cat automatic feeder

How do you manage to feed multiple cats? Even one cat can be a frantic maniac around mealtime. Have you …

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How To Entertain Indoor Cats Effectively And In A Worthwhile Way?

Cats Climbing, Sitting, Jumping, Balancing

Indoor cats need daily stimulation and entertainment. To ensure your cat stays healthy and happy, you need to find ways …

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First Time Cat Owner? Read Our Ultimate Guide For New Cat Owners

a new cat for first time cat owners

As a first time cat owner, there’s a lot to think about and prepare for when you first get a …

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How To Train A Cat To Stay Indoors – Home Sweet Home!

two cats by an open door to the outdoors

Because you’ve probably already decided to keep your cat indoors, away from potential dangers outside and other cats, let’s get …

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8 Simple Ways To Keep My Cat Cozy In Cold Weather

keep my cat warm in cold weather

How can I keep my cat cozy in cold weather? How do you keep your cat warm and cozy in …

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How To Keep A Cat From Running Out The Door! I Don’t Want A Missing Cat!

cat waiting to run out the door

A physical barrier is going to be the quickest and easiest solution to stop your cat from running out the …

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