How To Call A Cat Back Home With Success Every time!

how to call a cat home_cat hiding

What do you do when you want to feed the cat and the cat is nowhere to be found? You …

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Why Do Cats Not Like Belly Rubs? is The Belly A Super Sensitive Area?


Some cats may enjoy a belly rub on occasion, but generally speaking, most cats do not like to have the …

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Cat Peeing On Dog Bed – Why Oh Why Kitty? Sorry To All Dogs

Cat pees on dog bed

One of the more mystifying things that cats can do, is pee in all the wrong places. The reasons are …

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Why Does My Cat Drool When She Purrs? Good Or Bad Or Okay?

happy cat purring and drooling

Does your cat drool? I must admit I usually think of dogs when I think of drooling but cats can …

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Common Cat Behaviors Explained To Help You Understand Your Cat

cats running tails in air

As pet owners we tend to think that our cat is uniquely different from other cats, but the truth of …

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Can Someone Please Tell Me, The Best Way To Remove Cat Hair From Clothes?

woman using a lint roller to remove cat hair from black clothes

If you’re a cat owner, you know that cat hair seems to mysteriously end up on all of your clothes. …

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Why Cats Should Be Kept In At Night – 5 Reasons To Think About

cat outside with a clock showing 6 oclock

The argument relating to why cats should be kept in at night can be divisive and for that reason is …

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Why Do Cats Bite Off Other Cats Whiskers? Is This Normal behavior?

cat nibbled mans mustache

If you have more than one cat you have probably noticed that sometimes one of the cats will chew the …

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Do Hairless Cats Have Whiskers? Are Cats Okay With No Whiskers?

a Sphynx cat without any whiskers

Do hairless cats have whiskers? It is a bit of no and a bit of yes. Some breeds such as …

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Best Whisker Fatigue Cat Bowls That Are Kind To Whiskers

cat food in a shallow bowl

The best whisker fatigue cat bowls are not as deep as a traditional cat food bowl. Cats whiskers are highly …

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Why Are My Cats Whiskers Singed? Poor Kitty! His Whiskers Are Curly!

kitten with charred whiskers

Why are my cats whiskers singed? There are actually quite reasonable and plausible reasons without resorting to any animal cruelty …

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Why Do Cats Like Bags? My Cat’s Eyes Light Up When He Sees A Bag!

It is almost a given, you bring in your shopping bags and as you are trying to unpack them, your …

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Why Do Cats Whiskers Change Color? They Are A Strange Mixture Of Black And White!

white cat with white whiskers

Why do cats whiskers change color. Cats whiskers change color because of these two different factors. Firstly, a kitten’s whiskers …

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Why Does My Cat Have Long Whiskers? They Look Amazing!

why does my cat have long whiskers

Why does my cat have long whiskers? Some cat breeds definitely have a predisposition towards longer whiskers. Genes play an …

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Why Are My Cat’s Whiskers Bent? Is It Hurting The Cat?

close up of cat's face and bent cat whiskers

Have you noticed that your cat’s whiskers are bent? Most of us have grown up knowing that whiskers are important …

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