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How do you get a cat to use new litter? With No problems!

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Generally, cats are not creatures of change unless the change is on their terms and timeline. 

Make changes gradually when you introduce a new food, a new family addition like a child or another pet, or even a new brand and type of litter. If you start using a new litter all at once, your kitty may start to pee or poop outside the litter pan

If you use clumping litter, you do not have to throw away all the litter when it gets dirty. You clean the waste a few times daily and top up the litter with new litter when it gets low.

It is best to keep mixing some of your current litter with the new litter brand until you only use the new litter.  

When it comes to changing a cat’s litter, it’s important to take things slowly and give your feline friend time to adjust.

how do you get a cat to use new litter
Something doesn’t look right here!

How Do You Get A Cat To Use New Litter? a step-by-step guide

  1. Start by mixing the new litter with the old. Slowly increase the ratio of new to old until you are using only the new litter.
  2. Create a designated spot for the litter box. If possible, place it in a quiet area where your cat can feel relaxed and comfortable.
  3. Encourage your cat to use the litter box by offering rewards like treats or petting.
  4. Be patient and keep the litter box clean. Ultimately, you want to find a litter that your cat enjoys using so that they will be happy and healthy.

    Note: Another idea is to use cat attractant. This is added to the litter you are using. There is no need to buy any special litter. Cat litter attractant can be used with any litter type to entice a cat to the litter box.

If your cat seems resistant to using the new litter, try a different brand or type of litter.

I know you don’t want to waste the cat litter you have however there is a really good solution to that problem. This article below outlines 20 practical uses for cat litter.

Cat Litter Brands: So Much Choice

There are so many cat litter brands and types in the marketplace today that I know from years of cat care that finding the right brand of litter confuses other human cat parents and me about what cat litter to buy.

Often, your furry friend gives the new brand of litter you buy a paw up or paw down. Pay attention to how your cat reacts to the litter you put in its pan. You will know if your cat accepts the cat litter you buy.

It may refuse to use its litter pan.

Maybe we should all place one of these good-luck symbols near any new litter!
That should give the cat the right idea!

I have been in feline rescue since 1991 and have cared for over 40 fur babies. I have run the gamut on cat litter brands and am still learning about this confusing cat care issue and occasionally making litter brand changes. 

What Determines the Type and Brand of Cat Litter You Buy?

After all these years, I discovered that when a litter brand says low dust, there is still too much dust for me. My litter brand must now say 99.9% or 100% dust free. I also consider the price and the odor (odor control or scented litter). 

I don’t care if the litter says you can flush it; I do not think putting litter into your sewage system is a good idea. I know from experience that flushing flushable cat litter was not a good idea in our household. Plumbers also give this idea the thumbs down.

You have to decide which cat litter is best for you and your cat, such as,

Clumping and Non-Clumping Litter
Perfumed Cat Litter
Odor Control Cat Litter
Different types, for example, Paper Litter, Wood Litter, Crystal Litter, Corn Cob Litter, Coffee Grounds Litter, Hemp Litter
Dust Free Litter
Eco-Friendly Litter

You can also have a go at DIY cat litter! Why not! It is useful to know that you can make your own. Even if you don’t do it all the time, DIY cat litter can be a good back up to save money or if you run out of cat litter.

Cat Litter Trends

New brands of cat litter are constantly being developed to produce the perfect litter. The price and convenience weigh heavily on the cat litter I buy. I recently decided to pay more for cat litter to get the 99.9% dust-free promise.

Some cats like to eat cat litter. That is going to take a toll on the cat’s health as described here.

Cat litter may have a negative impact on your cat’s health in addition to your environment and health if you have to breathe the dust from some cat litter brands.

Popular Cat Litter with most cat parents. 

Just because your brand is not on this top ten list does not mean that it is not a good brand for your cat. 

World’s Best Cat Litter
Pretty Litter
Tidy Cat (offers many options)
Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Attract Cat Litter (Offers a few options)
Arm & Hammer Litter (offers many options)
Weruva Classic Fresh Scented Clumping Wood Cat Litter
Wheat Scoop Multi-Cat Natural, Wheat, Cat Litter
Paper Litter 

Cat Litter Brand Costs, Pros, and Cons

H-3 Cat Litter Brand Costs, Pros, and Cons


There are many price variations for cat litter. However, the prices can range from under $10.00 to upwards of $30.00 per bag or box. It all depends on how much litter you need to buy and how often. 

For example, I have six fur babies, with two extra-large and two regular-size pans. I recently changed brands to reduce dust. I am prepared to pay a bit more to have no dust accumulation. 

I was paying about $30.00 twice a month for 80 pounds of cat litter. 
I now pay about $40.00 monthly for 76 pounds of cat litter! 
I discovered that I am buying less and paying less for a better brand because I use far less litter. Quality over quantity – It is usually true.

Pros and Cons 

Cat litter is a necessity of life if you own a cat. A cat litter that your cat accepts and a clean litter pan are essential for the health and well-being of your cat. 

Depending on the brand, it can alert you to health issues the cat may have. Litter, like Pretty Litter turns a specific color if there is a problem, such as a urinary tract infection in your cat. This is particularly useful if your cat is older.

Some cat litter brands provide natural odor control. Be aware of the unnecessary use of chemicals in some kitty litter brands to mask odors. Some cats dislike perfumed cat litter and will not use it. 

Some cat litters are light and easy to pour, while others are exceedingly heavy and hard to manage. 

After all these years, I am considering a change to natural cat litter to enhance my cats’ health, the environment, and my health. It is never too late to change.

Natural cat litters are 100% dust free. Dust can trigger human and cat asthma and allergies. 
Dust particles can cause lung irritations.
Natural litter made of wood and paper traps odors.
Materials in natural cat litter will not stick in the fur or between the toes or cause toe irritation in declawed cats.

Finding suitable cat litter for your cat may take some time. It has taken many years for me to find a perfect litter because products change yearly. Just as I think I have found the right product, another improved product hits the marketplace. 

I also have to consider the price. If a less expensive litter is acceptable to my cats and to others in my household, there is no reason why I should buy the most expensive brand on the market. 

two cats
Did you notice the new litter today dear? The jury is still out for me!

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