Our Cat Turns His Back As We Leave The House! Are We Being Ignored?

cat showing his back

Our cat was a master at turning his back on us and steadfastly refusing to engage in any further conversation. …

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Common Mistakes new Cat Owners make! What Can You Do Instead?

getting cat gear for a new cat

A common mistake new cat owners make is not taking their new cat or kitten to the vet. As soon …

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What Cat Furniture Do You Have For Your cats? A Fair Bit!

cats all over the furniture

Someone said to me “What cat furniture do you have for your cats? When I really thought about, we had …

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My Cat Still Has Fleas After treatment. Is The Treatment No Good?


Why does the cat still have fleas after cat flea treatment? Fleas can be persistent, especially if they have infested …

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This Is How To Introduce Multiple Cats With Success

multiple cats in the household

How to introduce multiple cats? The most common answer to this question is to isolate the new cat or cats …

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Why Do Cats Cover Their Face When They Sleep? 10 Reasons That Explain

cat covering face when sleeping

Cats are known for their love of sleep, and can often be found dozing off in a variety of different …

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How to Get Cat Pee Out of a Memory Foam Mattress With Success

cat on a bed next to cat pee

Here are two methods to get rid of cat pee from your memory foam mattress. Table Of Contents First method …

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Why Does My Cat Put His Paw On me? it is So Cute!

why does my cat put his paw on me

It is a form of communication when your cat puts his paw on you. Table Of Contents Why does my …

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Do Cats Whiskers Grow Back and return to normal when they Are damaged?

cat with long curly whiskers

Do cats whiskers grow back if they have been damaged in some way, and does this affect the life of …

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Why Do Cats Bury Food? Are They Hiding It From Other Cats?

why do cats bury food

One of the most curious behaviors of cats is their tendency to bury food. While it may seem like the …

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How Deep Should Cat litter Be? A Rule Of Thumb

how deep should cat litter be

How deep should cat litter be, in the cat litter box? We need an amount that is comfortable for the …

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Why Do Cats Lie On Paper?

two cats sitting on paper and books in a bookcase

One reason cats lie on paper is that they enjoy the sensation of the paper against their fur. Another reason, …

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Why Do Cats Eat Cardboard? Is It Bad For Them? What Happens?

why do cats eat cardboard

Why do cats eat cardboard? Cats don’t need to rip and shred their food these days, however they still show …

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Are Cardboard Cat Scratchers Good? Do They Work?

wave cardboard cat scratcher

Cardboard cat scratchers are especially important for inside cats. Are cardboard cat scratchers good? Many cat parents believe that cardboard …

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Why Does My Cat Scratch the Floor? I Can’t Work It Out!

cat lying on scratcher placed on the floor

Why, you desperately wonder, is your cat scratching the floor and waking you up for no apparent reason? It’s 4 …

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