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My Cat Still Has Fleas After treatment. Is The Treatment No Good?

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Fleas are notorious parasites that thrive on our fur babies’ blood. You may think you have rid your kitty of these parasites, only to find more fleas on your cat. You need to get rid of the fleas!

Why Do The Fleas Come Back?

  • Perhaps the flea treatment was not administered correctly. This is not a criticism of the application but sometimes we are just in a rush. Re read the instructions to make sure that all instructions were followed.
  • Perhaps your cat is resistant to the treatment you used.
  • Maybe you have fleas in your rugs, carpeting, blankets, and pet beds. Your cat may then become reinfected. The fleas need to be treated everywhere, even outdoor areas.

If you can’t get rid of the fleas and your cat still has fleas after treatment, it is time to consult your vet.

Your vet will explain what will work best for your cat. The vet will also advise you regarding how much time you need to leave between treatments.

This time will vary depending on the treatment you have already used. It may be unsafe for your cat to receive another flea treatment just yet. 

my cat still has fleas after treatment
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What Precautions Can a Cat Parent Take to Keep Fleas at Bay?

Follow these precautions.

  • First, use cat flea treatment on your cat once a month or as directed by the manufacturer, and be mindful of any side effects.
  • Fleas like carpet, so it’s easier to keep them at bay with hard flooring like wood or tiles.
  • Weekly is the ideal frequency for washing throw rugs, cat beds, and pet bedding.
  • Brushing your cats every day will only take a few minutes out of your day, and it is well worth it. Your cat will enjoy the attention, and using a flea comb on your cat once a week is like a gentle reminder to physically check for fleas. The tummy of the cat is an easy place to spot any fleas that have moved in
  • Be aware that on hot, humid days, fleas are at a premium.
  • Be aware of your kitty scratching excessively. 
  • Please consult your vet for recommendations for flea treatment. 

The Problems Fleas Cause

Not only do fleas cause problems for your cat, but fleas in your home cause many difficulties for pet owners. 

A flea infestation becomes a bigger problem to deal with. Humans can bring fleas into the house on their clothing and infect an indoor cat. 

There are many different types of flea treatments, and the one you pick may not kill your cat’s fleas. The next one may. All cats react differently.

These products come in various degrees of strength. Is the one you chose strong enough?

Fleas are a common nuisance for cats. However, getting rid of fleas is vital to your cat’s health. If my cat still has fleas after treatment, I try another treatment in 30 days. 

  • Fleas are parasites that suck your cat’s blood. Yes, they are nasty!

Fleas transmit diseases and can infect your cat with parasites. Fleas can bite humans and transmit some of these parasites and conditions. However, fleas do not remain on humans as they do on cats. Some of these diseases include,

Once fleas enter your house, it takes an effort to get rid of them completely. Fleas slowly rob your cat’s body of nutrients, causing severe anaemia that could become irreversible. This happens more frequently in kittens found in shelters.

Flea treatment is an ongoing part of caring for a cat.

What are the Best Flea Treatments

One consideration is the price of the brand because a flea treatment is a monthly cost that you will need to work into your budget all year. Fleas keep inflicting harm even in winter. 

You could research holistic flea treatments if that is your preference. Never get any flea solution, holistic or pesticide, in your cat’s eyes. Please use caution. 

  • Never apply a flea treatment on your cat that is meant to be used on a dog.
  • All flea treatments are dispensed according to your cat’s weight.
  • Flea treatments for kittens will always stipulate the minimum age for safe usage, on the front of the packet .

The following is the personal experience and opinion of the writer of this article who has fostered over 30 cats and has a great deal of practical experience dealing with fleas on cats.

Why would I use products that contain pesticides on my cat? 

Because it is normal? Because they are “just cats,” and it does not matter? Because the manufacturer cannot be wrong, I will fully trust what they say about applying pesticides to my cats?

I was not fond of the reactions my cats displayed. I kept trying to find a product that did not cause side effects. And most of these flea treatments do not kill worms should the cats be infected with these parasites. 

I am not here to push any particular product, but I must mention that Revolution answered all my cat’s needs. I have never had a cat react in any way to this flea product. 

Revolution and other prescription medications for fleas and ticks are available through Chewy Pharmacy.

If your cat is infected with a parasite, this product will kill it.

Revolution is what we use. Although this product is more expensive, it does not seem to affect the cats in a negative way as the other products did. 

flea treatment

The Pros and Cons of Revolution Cat Flea Treatment

Cons of using Revolution from a Personal Perspective:

  • A prescription is required from your vet to buy Revolution. The Chewy Pharmacy will get vet approval and ship to your door.
  • It is more expensive than some other flea treatments.

Pros of using Revolution from a Personal Perspective:

  • I saw no side effects with Revolution as I did with at least two other popular brands.
  • When I bought the Revolution Plus, I felt assured that Revolution protects my cats against flea eggs and adult fleas, ticks, ear mites, roundworms, hookworms, and heartworms. 
  • Bonus if you live in Canada !You can buy Revolution Plus from any Canadian pet pharmacy without a prescription, and the cost is lower.
  • The cats did not seem to fight me as I put this on them. 

Using Revolution will ensure that fleas don’t come back. Remember to wash all pet related laundry that may be indoors or outdoors at the same time as administering treatment. Your cat can be flea free!

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