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Stop The Scratching! What Are The Best Flea Combs For Cats?

The best flea combs for cats are designed to efficiently pick up fleas in the teeth of the comb while the cat is being combed. The comb traps the fleas, then the comb along with the fleas are dunked into a bucket of hot water. Swish the comb around. Tap the comb on the side of the bucket to remove any fleas left in the comb. Repeat the process.

Some cats love being combed and others, well they will be running for the hills. Start combing for fleas when your cat is a kitten and he will think it is all quite normal. Not all cats will want to escape, some cats love being combed and will purr contentedly. However there are no guarantees when it comes to kitty behavior.

Flea Combs For Cats

1. Hartz Flea Comb – Fine Teeth For Flea Catching
2. Safari Flea Comb For Cats – Reliable
3. Oster Flea Comb – Easy To Hold
4. Six Pieces Cat Grooming Tools – 6 Pack Of Cat Flea Grooming Tools
5. Well & Good Cat Flea CombBudget Price
How To Use A Cat Flea Comb
Why Use A Flea Comb For A Cat?
Do This Before Using The Flea Comb

Best Flea Combs For cats reviewed

You might think that all cat flea combs would be much the same and they do have similarities however there are some differences worth noting.

Some differences include metal pins, rounded pins to protect the skin and the design of the handle and the comb itself.

1. Hartz Flea Comb

Hartz Groomer's Best Flea Comb for Cats and Dogs

Although this comb has extra fine teeth it is designed to be used on all coat types. The fine teeth actually heighten the chances of catching the adult fleas, flea eggs and other debris. Have the bucket of hot water ready for dunking the comb in order to get rid of the fleas.

This doubles as a grooming tool and is particularly useful for older cats who are often not efficient at grooming. It has an easy to grip handle.


Ergonomically designed handle for a comfortable grip.

Also useful to remove small mats which may be on the face or paws.


There are no serious cons for this product. It is advertised as being suitable for cats and dogs. More cat owners are satisfied with this product than dog owners.


The handle is made from plastic and the teeth are stainless steel. There are safety tips on every pin. It is purple with a black handle. It is designed for cats and dogs. It measures 0.6 x 3.7 x 10.4 inches and it weighs 1.6 ounces

2. Safari Flea Comb

Safari Flea Comb For Cats
Safari Flea Comb For Cats Not Dogs

This Safari flea comb is specifically designed for cats not dogs. Be aware of this as some retailers only have the dog version. The cat version has one row of tines, not a double row.

This comb traps fleas and removes debris. Get into the habit of using the flea comb after a flea shampoo or flea powder treatment. An added step in the prevention of fleas.

The handle is long and easy to grip and the comb is sturdy. The comb holds the fleas well, although you will still need to be quick. When you have trapped a flea or fleas, quickly dunk the comb into some warm soapy water.

It is suitable for using on kittens.

If your cat has long hair, brush first with a cat brush with soft, flexible nylon bristles, to detangle. The flea comb is not a detangler.


The tines are not sharp and do not rake over the cats skin.

Works well on older cats who no longer groom themselves.


It can be hard to catch the fleas before they disappear. If you have trouble with this, try doing the flea combing outdoors.


The comb is 6.4 inches long. The comb is made from plastic. The tines are in a single row.

3. Oster Flea Comb

Oster Animal Care Comb & Protect Flea Comb for Cats 2 pack

Because the teeth of this flea comb are placed tightly together the comb is able to pick up fleas and flea eggs.

It fits nicely into the palm of the hand and is easy to use from any angle. Some cat owners prefer this rather than a long handle.

Flea combs are specially designed with the teeth turned 90 degrees away from the skin. This is to ensure the teeth are parallel to the skin while combing thus providing protection for the skin and comfort for the cat.

Unlike chemical products a flea comb can be used at any time even when using chemical based treatments such as spot treatments or flea collars.

A two pack product is a great idea as the combs can be located in different parts of the house.

The tips of the teeth are not too sharp and will not irritate skin. It is really a personal preference regarding a comb with a handle compared to this one which fits into the palm of the hand.


A two pack is convenient. How often do we misplace this type of item when it is needed. Also useful to have in different areas of the house.


The teeth may come out of the comb when it is being cleaned. Take care to avoid this. The comb can still be used with a couple of missing teeth.


It is a sturdy construction and has metal teeth. The teeth on this comb are approximately 3/4 inch long. This a two pack.

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4. Six Pieces Cat grooming Tools

6 Pieces Pet Lice Combs Dog Grooming Flea Comb Cat Tear Stain Comb for Removal Dandruff, Hair Stain, Nit (Pink, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Yellow)

This is a set of cat or dog flea grooming tools. It includes 2 metal teeth long handled combs, 2 double sided combs and two combs with additional grip space.

The beauty of the combo is that if you can see which one works best for your cat. One comb may work well in wet hair and another in dry hair.

Also a good choice if you have two or more cats, with perhaps different length hair.

The combs are also suitable for dogs making this a versatile product which at a good price.


The choice of using different combs for different cats.

Some people prefer a comb with a handle and other prefer a grip comb. This pack has both.


The teeth may break or bend if used on long or tangled hair.


This is a six piece set. There are four different color combos with a variety of bright colors within in each combo. Each combo includes 2 metal teeth long handle combs, 2 metal teeth double hole combs, 2 double sided teeth combs. The combo can be seen in the image above. The materials used are plastic and metal.

5. Well & Good Cat Flea Comb

comfortable grip cat flea comb

This cat flea comb has the same grip as the Oster Flea Comb. It fits nicely into the palm of your hand rather than having the traditional handle.

Many cat owners have had a positive experience using this comb to trap fleas because it is easy to manoeuvre. It also works well with different coats.


Easy to control the direction of the flea comb because of the palm grip.

Comfortable to use.

Doesn’t slip out of your hand.

Budget Price.


It is 3.5 inches in length. The tines are metal and rounded on the ends.

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Our Top Choice For The Best Flea Combs for Cats Is…

1. Hartz Flea Comb 

A flea comb is mostly an adjunct to other flea products however it is still a mightily efficient way to get rid of fleas on the spot.

The more you used the flea comb the more proficient you will be at quickly disposing of fleas caught in the comb. A few may escape, that is inevitable.

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How To Use A Cat Flea Comb

  1. Run the flea comb through the cat’s fur several times. Use a firm but gentle pressure.
  2. Have a large bowl or bucket (at least two thirds full) of hot soapy water and some paper towels within easy reach. The comb will now hold some fleas.
    Dip the comb into the hot soapy water and shake the comb to make sure the fleas are released into the water. The hot soapy water will kill the fleas. Tap the comb on the side of the bucket.
    The depth of the bucket and the amount of water lessens the chance of the fleas jumping out and escaping to freedom so keep this in mind when choosing a container.
  3. Wipe the comb with a paper towel to remove any debris or soap that might be clinging to the comb. If the fleas are stubbornly remaining attached to the comb use a toothbrush or toothpick to dislodge the fleas.
  4. Repeat the process.

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Why Use A Flea Comb For A Cat?

The main benefit of using a flea comb is that it is a totally chemical free option to get rid of fleas. The torment to the cat with fleas is really unbearable so we need to do what ever we can to keep fleas away.

A flea comb is an excellent part of a flea treating regime for your cat. Often cat owners will use another method for the main form of control and use a flea comb as ongoing maintenance.

Inside cats generally do not have problems with fleas (be watchful because that status can quickly change) and a flea comb may be all that is needed to keep the flea situation under control.

Use a flea comb on a regular basis and your cat will get used to being combed.

best flea combs for cats
Let’s get rid of those itchy cat fleas

Do This Before Using The Flea Comb

Before using a flea comb it is a good idea to detangle first, particularly if your cat has long or thick fur.

This is because the teeth on flea combs are spaced very close together. Pulling long or tangled fur may bend or break the teeth of the comb. The teeth are designed to be close together in order to have the best chance at picking up fleas.

If the fur on your kitty cat is matted or tangled, using a flea comb will be that much harder. Give your kitty a brush with a soft bristle brush before using the flea comb.

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Tips For Success When Using a Cat Flea Comb

  • Have a few tasty little kitty treats as motivation for kitty.
  • Have another person as backup to hold kitty if needed.

Cant See The Fleas?

Tap the comb onto a piece of white paper to see the fleas.

Dark or reddish tiny particles are a sign of fleas, the spots are flea dirt, the digested blood the fleas have already consumed.

cats sleeping in a bed
I don’t know about you dear but I feel itchy now!