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The Best Flea Treatment For Kittens

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The best flea treatment for kittens depends on the age of the kitten. If the kitten is less than 6-8 weeks old, or even 12 weeks old, do not use conventional flea treatments. There are other things you can do to get rid of fleas on a kitten.

If the kitten is over 8 weeks old there are a number of flea control options which are described in more detail below.

What is the fastest way to get rid of fleas on a kitten?

This is the best flea treatment for kittens under 8 weeks of age. Use a flea comb. Be careful when combing, as the kitten will have fine hair. Dunk the flea comb that is holding the fleas into a bucket of water containing mild soap.

Dislodge the fleas into the bucket by swishing the comb around. Repeat the process. If there are many fleas, consider giving the kitten a bath. There is more information here about using a flea comb and giving a cat a bath.

kitten with fleas scratching

Reviews – The Best Flea Treatment For Kittens – 8 Weeks & Older

1. Frontline Plus Flea and Tick Treatment (over 1.5 pounds) Over 8 weeks
2. Cheristin for Cats Topical Flea Treatment (over 1.8 pounds) Over 8 weeks
3. Solimo Flea and Tick Topical Treatment for Cats (over 1.5 pounds) Over 8 weeks
4. PetArmor Flea & Tick Squeeze-on Treatment (over 1.5 pounds) Over 8 weeks
5.Catego Flea And Tick Treatment (over 1.5 pounds) Over 8 weeks
5. Bayer Advantage 11 Flea Treatment For Kittens ( 2- 5 pounds) Over 8 weeks

1.Frontline Plus Flea and Tick Treatment

Frontline Plus Flea and Tick Treatment for Cats

Suitable for kittens over 8 weeks and weighing over 1.5 lbs.

This is a topical treatment. It is very easy to apply..

Take the applicator from the box. Lift and remove the plastic tab. Peel away the foil or use scissors to open. Hold the applicator upright as you do this.

Part your cat’s fur at the base of the neck, above the shoulder blades, and then squeeze the product from the applicator onto the skin. Squeeze the entire contents onto one spot on the skin, not the fur. It literally takes seconds. It works for a month, and then you use a new applicator for another dose that will last a month.

I have to say that I have never had any problems with the application of this treatment. I have become pretty speedy at application.

Try to wait 24 hours before your cat gets wet. The area that the solution is placed means that the cat cannot lick the product off but it is still necessary to avoid water for 24 hours. That should not be a problem for most cats but some cats do love water.


There is no need to use any other flea treatments with the product.

It does not require a prescription.

There is no expiration date if the product remains intact in its packaging.


Online, cat owners are concerned that sometimes the product they have may be fake.


This product contains fipronil and (S)-methoprene. Fipronil, kills adult fleas and ticks, and (S)-methoprene, attacks flea eggs and larvae. It is available in a 3-count, 6-count, or 8-count pack. Read the safety information. In a nutshell, it outlines safety precautions. Scroll down the page, and you will find the safety information underneath the heading, Important Information. This product is made in France.

2. Cheristin for Cats Topical Flea Treatment

Cheristin for Cats Topical Flea Prevention – Starts Killing Fleas in 30 Minutes, 3 Doses

Suitable for kittens over 8 weeks and weighing over 1.8 lbs.

This is a topical treatment applied in the same manner as described for Frontline. The applicator tip is rounded. It is fast drying and has no fragrance. Do not apply more than once per month.

It starts killing fleas within 30 minutes. A controlled study indicated that 98-100% of fleas were killed within 12 hours.

The product documentation and safety information are available as PDFs on the product page. Scroll down. Always read the information first. You may be unlucky and your cat may have a bad reaction (to any flea treatment not necessarily this one). If you have read the product description and safety information you will be able to react without delay.

It goes without saying that when using any new product, particularly a flea treatment, always observe your kitten for any adverse reactions.

Take notes in case you need to visit the vet. It’s always hard trying to remember exactly when something happened but if you make a quick note of the reaction with the date, it will help.


It lasts for 60 days – this is approximately twice as long as other topical treatments.

Customer service has a boost from one cat owner who called the company and had a positive and reassuring response to a question.


Some cat owners have complained of a strong smell although there is no added fragrance.


ingredients of a topical cat flea treatment

Cheristin is available in a 1 count, 3 count or 6 count pack. It is a topical application treatment. It lasts for 6 weeks which is longer than the 30 days most topical treatments last.

NaturVet Herbal Flea Cat & Dog Powder can be used on kittens. There is more information on this page.

3. Solimo Flea & Tick Topical Treatment for Cats (over 1.5 pounds)

Amazon Brand - Solimo Flea and Tick Topical Treatment for Cats (over 1.5 pounds), 3 Doses

Suitable for kittens over 8 weeks of age and weighing over 1.5 pounds.

This is a topical treatment applied to the back of the neck/shoulder area as described for the Frontline Plus product.

Keep the kitten dry for 24 hours and then after that it doesn’t matter if he gets wet.

Solimo kills fleas, flea eggs, flea larvae, ticks, and chewing lice for up to 30 days after application. It will then need to be reapplied.

Write the date on the calendar as I can guarantee you will not remember the date – I never can.


This is a cheaper solution and does contain the same ingredients as other products.


No cons particular to this product but some kittens can have adverse reactions to the ingredients. The same active ingredients in this product are used in Frontline, so if Frontline caused a reaction in your kitten, it is possible that this product would also. Be guided by your vet.


It is available in two size packs, a 3 dose pack and a 6 dose pack. The ingredients are Fipronil 9.8% (s)-methoprene 11.8%, Other Ingredients 78.4% Total 100%.It is a topical treatment in tubes.

Like other flea products the Safety Information must be read before using this product. This information is on this page, scroll down to the heading Important Information.

4. PetArmor Flea & Tick Squeeze-on Treatment

PetArmor Plus for Cats, Flea & Tick Prevention for Cats (Over 1.5 lb), Includes 6 Month Supply of Topical Flea Treatments, white, 6 count

Kittens must be over 1.5 lbs and over 8 weeks of age to safely use this product.

PetArmor breaks the life cycle of the flea. Flea eggs and larvae are killed to prevent reinfestation. This product also protects against brown dog ticks, American dog ticks, Lone Star ticks, and deer ticks.

When the fleas are first treated, don’t be surprised if there appear to be more fleas. They may rise to the top of the coat, where they can be seen. This is normal and a sign that the product is working.

Be aware that if fleas can still be seen on the kitten after days of giving the treatment, if may mean that there is a flea infestation in the bedding, carpet, or a part of the yard.

It makes sense to deflea the whole yard and home if there is an infestation. Diatomaceous Earth is useful for this purpose. PetArmor also has a household spray, a home and carpet spray and a carpet powder.

Part the hair at the base of the head or between the shoulder blades when applying, and apply to the skin rather than the cat’s fur if possible.

Years of experience have taught me that sometimes a small amount does go on to the fur. For best results, apply once a month. It is slightly greasy when it is first applied and this may last for a day.

Some cats have side effects and others do not. Read the instructions and precautions on the pack. Observe your cat after flea treatment. Check the area where the product was applied for any skin irritation.


Starts to kill fleas within 24 hours.

PetArmor is produced in the US.

Cheaper than some of the big name brands.


On some occasions, it has been suggested that fleas have become used to the solution in this product, hence the reason for not working.

Remember to prepare the product by cutting open before putting the cat into deflea position.


This is a topical treatment. It is available in a Pack of 1, a pack of 3, a pack of 6 and a pack of 12. Fipronil and Methoprene are the active ingredients.

5.Catego Flea And Tick Treatment

Catego Fast-Acting Flea and Tick Treatment For Cats/Kittens (Over 1.5 lbs) Kills Fleas Within 6 Hours, Prevents Flea Re-Infestations

This treatment is suitable for kittens over 1.5lbs and over 8 weeks old.

It kills kills fleas, flea eggs, flea larvae, ticks and chewing lice.

It is administered by using an applicator that ensures that the product has contact with the kittens or cat’s skin. It is an easy job to part the hair at the base of the kittens head and apply the product until the applicator is empty. Repeat once a month. The product dries quickly.

If you still see fleas on your kitten they are usually new fleas or fleas that are yet to perish from being exposed to Catego.

This is a well priced product with good feedback from consumers. Although this product is not a household name (yet) it works extremely well. If you are familiar with Vectra, it is made by the same company. They also make Feliway, a product to help cats cope with anxiety.

It is made in the USA.


Kills fleas within 6 hours.

This is less greasy than some other brands.

Almost no smell.

Good value.


If your cat has sensitive skin (to your knowledge) use a different type of flea treatment as the skin may become irritated enough for the cat to lose fur.

Doesn’t always work to get rid of fleas.


This is a topical treatment. The ingredients are Dinotefuran: 22.00% Fipronil: 8.92% Pyriproxyfen: 3.00%.It is available in a 3 dose or a 6 dose.

6. Bayer Advantage 11 Flea Treatment For Kittens

Bayer Animal Health Advantage II Kitten 4-Pack

The kitten formula is for use with kittens 8 weeks of age or older, weighing 2–5 pounds. This product caters to different weights: under 5 lbs, 5–9 lbs, and over 9 lbs.

Advantage II – Once A Month Kitten Topical Flea Treatment begins killing fleas, flea eggs and flea larvae within 12 hours of application.

The product works by spreading over the skin of the kitten, so the flea does not actually have to “bite” the kitten. The flea is repelled through contact.

It controls existing flea infestations and prevents further infestations and remains effective following a shampoo treatment, swimming or after exposure to rain or sunlight. 

If you are planning on bathing your kitten it is suggested that you do that before the application. It’s a once a month flea treatment and prevention.

The product is liquid and is applied to the back of the neck once a month. It is simply a matter of parting the fur and squeezing the product onto the skin. It is always wise to watch carefully for 24 hours in case of an allergic reaction. It is just a precaution, but one that is well worth taking with any product.

This product contains two applications, so enough product for two months.  The weight requirement is written on the top right hand corner of the product. Make sure you have the correct product for the weight of your cat.


Easy to use.

Value for money.


Works for some and not for others. With flea treatments it is trial and error to see what will work best. What works for some doesn’t for others and vice versa. There is no common thread to why a treatment works or doesn’t work.


This is a 4 pack. The ingredients are Imidacloprid, Pyriproxyfen and other ingredients. Imidacloprid attacks the flea’s nervous system – paralyzing and ultimately killing it. Pyriproxyfen is an insect growth regulator (IGR) that kills flea eggs and larvae. Works by killing the fleas on contact.

Our Recommendation is…

1. Frontline Plus Flea and Tick Treatment For Cats & Kittens

Frontline Plus is our recommended flea treatment for kittens once they reach 8 weeks of age and meet the weight requirements of 1.5 lbs. It’s not just fleas that are controlled. Flea eggs, flea larvae, ticks, and chewing lice are all controlled by a regular, once-a-month treatment.

This product has worked hard to earn its reputation. It has been a recommended method of flea control by veterinarians for nearly 20 years.

If the infestation is especially bad, consider giving the kitten a bath first, as described and shown in the video at the top of the article.

Read the labels and check for any weight or age restrictions, two things that are important when dealing with fleas on kittens.

More Information about bathing and Combing to deflea

Remember that even after giving a kitten a flea bath, the fleas will come back. The flea bath is a very effective solution to immediately take control of the situation but not enough to continue to repel fleas after bath time is over.

Most flea shampoos are for use on kittens and cats over 12 weeks old.

Get into the habit of checking your very young kitten for fleas daily and use a flea comb to keep fleas at bay. You don’t need to purchase a specific comb for kittens, a comb for an older cat will work just as well.

Another natural way to kill fleas on kittens, in addition to bathing and using a flea comb, is to use Diatomaceous Earth which is safe for kittens. 

Are Fleas On Kittens Harmful to Health?

A flea infestation on kittens can have adverse health effects such as anaemia.

While this is not often a problem in adult cats it is seen frequently in kittens. Although we refer to flea bites it is actually the flea sucking a small amount of blood through its proboscis. As a kitten has a low body weight, a flea infestation can cause anaemia because of the blood loss.  

Do indoor cats need flea and tick treatment and prevention?

Indoor cats still need protection because they can still be exposed to fleas. Other pets in the home is a common way that cats can find themselves with fleas even if they don’t go outside.

They can also pick up fleas when they visit the vet. Even humans can bring in fleas inadvertently. Indoor cats do need flea prevention treatment.

Are Fleas On Kittens When They Are Born?

Kittens are not born with fleas. If the mother cat has fleas or the bedding has fleas, it won’t be long before your kitten also has fleas.

kitten with fleas scratching
Oh No! You really don’t want to see me scratching!

The age of the kitten and the weight of the kitten are two important points to note when purchasing flea treatments for kittens.

Check the label of the product you are going to use to make sure your kitten is the age required to use the product safely. Take note of any safety precautions.

In addition to age requirements, a weight requirement is often stipulated for safety when using the product. We have included that information. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. Help keep our pets safe.

Flea Solutions For Cats Past The Kitten stage

Flea Tablets For Cats

Flea Collars For Cats

Non Toxic Flea Wipes For Cats

cats and fleas
gettring rid of fleas on kittens
It is totally unacceptable for a kitten to have fleas. I am going to volunteer at our local shelter!

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