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Tell Me The Best Flea Tablets For Cats And Are They Effective?


​​Why Use Cat Flea Tablets?

​​Flea tablets for cats are effective! ​​A flea tablet or pill is normally a one off treatment​ that effectively treats a flea infestation and works quickly.

This is an option that is ​commonly used in shelters.  ​The pill can be given daily or as needed.

Some of the tablets referred to below contain a product called nitenpyram. There is more information about nitenpyram and how it works here.

​How To Get The Cat To Take A Cat Flea Tablet?

​Some cats will eat a pill that has been crushed and added to their food however mostly cats don't tolerate this and will leave the food untouched. It can be frustrating as we know we are doing what is best for kitty but kitty has other ideas and being obedient isn't one of them. Fortunately there are other ways of giving the cat a tablet.


​​Using a pill popper or pill shooter is a popular and convenient way to give a cat a tablet.  It may take some getting used to however it is worth persisting as life will become easier when ever kitty needs to take a pill. There is detailed information and video here about how to use a pill popper.


​Another excellent option is to use a gel capsule. The capsules are purchased empty and the pill is then be added to the capsule - either whole or crushed.  The product I ​recommend has approximately 200 capsules and comes in a bottle.  This is in preference to purchasing 1000 gel caps (way too many) in a plastic bag.

Here is a link to ​a person describing how they used these gel caps with their cat. The capsules are also very small, just the right size for cat.  

N​ext the capsule can be put ​into the pill popper or​ added to a wrapper also called a pill pocket. ​


​If you already give your cat L-Lysine try crushing the pill between two teaspoons and mix with Viralys L-Lysine. There is more information​ about Viralys L-Lysine here.

Commonly Asked Questions About Cat Flea ​Tablets

How long do cat flea tablets last?

​​Pills containing​ nitenpyram start to work ​almost immediately, within 30 minutes. The​ nitenpyram leaves the cat's body in approximately 24 hours and with that protection from fleas disappears. It is recommended to give the tablet regularly for ongoing relief from fleas. Pills containing Spinosad kill fleas for approximately one month. Be sure to read the label and the instructions for administering before purchase.

​Are There Side Effects From Cat Flea Tablets?

​Side effects can include hyperactivity or lethargy, excessive panting, itching, vomiting, ​nervousness, diarrhea, seizures, and trembling. Other side effects that cats may exhibit include pupil dilation, increased heart rate, vocalization, fever, and salivation.

Both cats and dogs may also experience an allergic reaction to the treatment that is characterized by hives, difficulty breathing, and swelling of the lips or tongue.

​There is more information about Capstar here and Comfortis here.

​Can I Give My Pregnant Cat Flea Tablets?

​Pregnant cats can be given medication that contains Nitenpyram. Comfortis contains a different medication called Spinosad.  Consult with your vet before giving ​ ​Comfortis to a pregnant cat.

​​The Best Cat Flea ​Tablets Are...


​Capstar Flea Tablets

This is a very fast acting treatment. It starts working within 30 minutes and ​will kill 90% of fleas on ​your cat within 6 hours of treatment. When you just need those fleas gone these ​flea pills ​are very effective.

It is a one off treatment that can be used as often as needed.  It is safe to use once per day and with or without food. It is often used in shelters to combat flea infestations.  

Be aware that this in not a treatment that lasts for 30 days.  You can re​use as necessary or you may choose to use this product in conjunction with other flea medicine. 

For best results treat all infected animals in your household so that re infestation doesn't take place. 

This medication is in the form of a tablet.  Either crush the tablet and add to your cat's food or use a pill popper.

Read these instructions here explaining how to give your cat a tablet using a pill popper.

Cats can be finicky about taking tablets and will often not eat food that contains crushed up medication.  It takes some creative thinking.

If you are giving your cat medication orally a pill popper is the easiest option.

​Can Capstar be used on dogs and cats?

Capstar is now available in three packages: Capstar for Large Dogs, Capstar for Small Dogs and Capstar for Cats. You may administer Capstar for Small Dogs (11.4 mg) or Capstar for Cats (11.4 mg) to dogs, puppies, cats and kittens 4 weeks of age or older and between 2 and 25 pounds of body weight. Capstar tablets should be administered according to the dosing schedule on the label. Weigh your pet prior to administration to ensure proper dosing. Do not give Capstar for Large Dogs (57.0 mg) to cats, or dogs with less than 25 pounds of body weight.
Flea Tablets Kill 90% of fleas in 6 hours
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​​Sentry Capguard Oral Flea Medication

This tablet also treats flea infestations with one dose.  The dose can be repeated if necessary. This will depend on whether you have other pets with fleas, if the other areas that the cat frequents have been treated for fleas, whether your cat is an inside cat or outside cat and also where you live.

People often assume that indoor cats will not get fleas however it is not necessarily the case.  

This tablets starts working within 30 minutes.  One of the positive things about these tables is how fast acting they are so if the fleas are particularly bad you can rest assured that in 30 minutes the situation will be a whole lot better..

The tablets are very small. Read the hints above on how to get a cat to take a tablet if you know that your kitty will kick up a fuss.  Let’s face it cats and tablets can be an issue.

These pills do not prevent re-infestation.  Be diligent in checking for fleas. Repeat the dose as necessary.

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​​Cat & Dog MD Maximum Defense Nitenpyram Flea Treatment

This product begins to work in approximately 30 minutes. It is not a long lasting treatment but can be given daily if necessary. 

Remember to treat for fleas, the cats bedding and other places that the cat calls home​ at the same time.  You may want to use a flea bomb or flea spray or diatomaceous earth to treat other areas around the home. The main aim here it to avoid kitty getting reinfested with fleas.


It may take several attempts to totally get rid of the fleas. The tablet can be given daily however whether it is needed daily is highly dependent on your situation, where you live and so on. ​

Some experimentation may be needed to find a solution that works best for you.

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​​Comfortis ​Chewable Flea Tablets For Cats and Dogs

Four essential things to know about Comfortis. 

1. It is prescription only

2. It is chew-able

3. It is a once per month treatment

4. Cats must be 14 weeks or older to use this medication.

Comfortis is a prescription medication.  It can be obtained online through Chewy. You will be asked for prescription details when ordering.  This is an excellent service for those needing pet prescriptions.

It is suitable for cats and dogs and only needs to be given once per month.

Note that there are different doses for different size cats so make sure that you have the correct tablet for the weight of your cat.

The active ingredient is Spinosad. If you suspect that your cat is pregnant please consult your vet before using this medication.

Efficiency wise it has an outstanding reputation with fleas being killed within 30 minutes and 98% of fleas killed on cats in a four hour period.  This was in a controlled situation.

It works by killing fleas before they lay eggs. If you see fleas on your cat within the monthly time frame that Comfortis gives for protection they will most likely be new fleas.  Continued use of this medication ensures that new infestations will be prevented.

Flea and Tick Activity Map

Read the FAQ here for extra information regarding pets with allergies, side effects, how to administer and dosage

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Our Recommendation is...

​Capstar Flea Tablets For Cats


​These tablets are top notch when you need to get rid of fleas fast.  This is exactly what they are designed to do and they do deliver.  They are frequently used in shelters to contain flea infestations. ​

They don't last 30 days ​​but can be given to the cat daily for ongoing protection or ​until the flea infestation is controlled.

​The tablet  starts working within 30 minutes and ​will kill 90% of fleas on ​your cat within 6 hours of treatment.

If you are looking for a longer lasting treatment, Comfortis gives protection for 30 days and also begins working quickly. Comfortis is prescription medication which Chewy pharmancy can dispense for you with a prescription.

Overall rating :  5 / 5

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Why Buy From Chewy?

There is no better recommendation than excellent customer service.  Peace of mind that any query will be dealt with straightaway is paramount.

Chewy has an outstanding ​track record for customer service and super fast delivery. The questions in Chewy's FAQ  are ones ​we all want to ask and that are helpful, for example:

How long does it take to get my order?
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