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best flea shampoo for cats to conquer annoying fleas

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The best flea shampoo for cats works instantly to get rid of fleas. Flea shampoo is efficient because the fleas are removed as the cat is being shampooed. Reapplication is required for ongoing protection.

The actual giving the cat a shampoo part of the process may or may not be tricky, depending on your cat. We have lots of information on this page to assist with cat shampooing and to help you with any silly stubbornness on kitty’s part.

Our top choice is Adams flea and Tick Shampoo with Precor because it works and works straightaway.
It is also a choice of professional pet groomers.

This article will give you all the information you need about different flea shampoos, their pros and cons.

1. Adams Flea & Tick Shampoo – Contains Pyrethrin
2. Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Flea Shampoo – Contains Pyrethrin
3. Natural Chemistry – Fast Acting Flea Shampoo
4. Advantage Flea & Tick Treatment Shampoo – Contains Pyrethrin
5. Vet’s Best Plant Based Formula Flea Shampoo
6. Pet Ag Fresh N’Clean Flea Shampoo – Contains Pyrethrin
7. Sentry PurrScriptions Plus Flea Shampoo – Contains Pyrethrin
My Cat Hates Water
How To Shampoo Your Cat

Best Flea Shampoo For Cats Reviews

1. Adams Flea & Tick Shampoo – Always Reliable

shampoo for pets to kill fleas and ticks
A favorite and trusted brand

The main ingredients in this well-known shampoo continue to kill flea eggs for 28 days to break the life cycle. The shampoo can be used for cats and kittens over 12 weeks. This shampoo helps to effectively kill adult fleas, flea eggs, ticks, and lice.

Apply the shampoo and lather over the whole cat for 3 to 5 minutes. This may seem a long time in kitty minutes, so some distractions in the form of a toy like a cat wand or treat are a worthwhile standby.

It is recommended that you wash your hands after using this shampoo, although it is okay to use bare hands whilst applying it to your cat.


Can also be used on dogs.

The shampoo contains aloe, lanolin, coconut extract, and oatmeal. It is good for pets with sensitive skin.

Sold by veterinarians since 1975.

90 % of people recommend this product.


Avoid the eye area of animals and humans. More info is given in the image below specifications.


If you are intending to apply a topical treatment after using this shampoo, it is recommended that you wait 24–48 hours. Ingredients: Pyrethrins: 0.15%, S-Methoprene: 0.10%, Piperonyl Butoxide: 1.88%, other ingredients: 97.87%.Keep it out of the reach of children. See the back of the pack and the image below for more information.

This is a precautionary statement from Adams on the back of the shampoo container.

2.Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Flea Shampoo

Get rid of fleas with flea shampoo
86% of people recommend this flea shampoo

This flea shampoo provides up to 14 weeks of protection for fleas and ticks. It does not however, kill the eggs and larvae.

Cats need to be over 12 weeks old to safely use this shampoo.

This shampoo is very effective at killing the fleas and ticks that are already on the animal. Then to give a longer lasting protections against eggs and larvae apply a topical flea treatment.

This product is also safe to use for dogs (read instructions for use with dogs), which makes it a good choice for multi-pet households. One big advantage with cat flea shampoo is that it does work instantly. A flea shampoo is a good solution if there is a flea problem that needs addressing immediately a flea shampoo is a good solution.

Wear gloves when applying this product. For maximum protection, allow the lather to remain on the skin for five to ten minutes before rinsing.


Aloe and lanolin soothes irritated skin.

Clean fresh scent.

Cleanses and gently exfoliates skin and coat.

86% or people recommend this product.


It does not kill eggs and larvae.

Take precautions to keep out of the reach of children as the product contains Pyrethrin.


The ingredients are: Pyrethrins, Piperonyl Butoxide, N-Octyl Bicyclopheptene Dicarboximide, Other Ingredients. Do not reapply product for 7 days. Check with your vet before using with senior pets, pets on medication, nursing pets or pets that are otherwise debilitated.

The Seresto Flea Collar is active for 8 months.

3. Natural Chemistry – Fast Acting Flea Shampoo

fast working cat flea shampoo
This flea shampoo is safe for cats and dogs.

As the name suggests, this is a natural non toxic product and does not contain any pyrethrins. It kills fleas and ticks on contact. It is effective for up to seven days and can be used at the same time as spot on flea treatments.

To use, mix one part shampoo with three parts water. Apply this mixture to the dry coat of your cat until it is totally wet. At first, rub into the coat until a lather is built up, and after five minutes, rinse off.

Hint: Have some kitty treats or kitty distraction toys at the ready for the five minute waiting period.


Safe to use on kittens and adult cats.

Natural ingredients.

Also controls back fly and mosquitos.

80% of people recommend using this product.


No pyrethrins makes this a natural product but may not be as effective at controlling fleas compared to a product containing pyrethrins.

May be difficult to lather.


The ingredients in this shampoos are Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Cinnamon Oil, Cedar Wood Oil, Clove Oil, Water, Vanillin (benzaldehyde, 4-hydroxy-3-methoxy).

Kittens get fleas too. If the kitten is less than 6-8 weeks old do not use conventional flea treatments. There are other choices for flea control in kittens.

4. Advantage Flea & Tick Treatment – Unscented

Flea shampoo for cats and kittens
This pet flea shampoo can be used for cats and kittens over 12 weeks.

This shampoo can be used on cats from 12 weeks and older. It is unscented and designed to kill adult fleas and ticks on contact. It can be used once every seven days if needed.

When shampooing, pay special attention to the base of the tail and between the toes and the belly area. Take care when washing the head and ears to avoid getting the product in the cat’s eyes. Leave the lather on the cat for five minutes before rinsing.

Wrap kitty in a towel for a couple minutes to absorb moisture, and it will also mean that dying fleas and ticks can crawl off onto the towel.


This shampoo is unscented.


The shampoo is quite watery.

77% of people recommend. A higher percentage of recommendation with some of the other products reviewed.


The active ingredients are 0.150% Pyrethrins, 0.300% Piperonyl Butoxide, 0.479% mgk 264 Insecticide Synergist. Do not use more than once every seven days.

5. Vet’s Best Plant based Formula flea Shampoo

flea and tick shampoo for cats and kittens
Easy to lather and rinse

Once again, this product is suitable for cats and kittens over the age of 12 weeks. It kills fleas, flea larvae and ticks on contact.

It is plant-based, including both clove oil and cotton seed oil, and does not contain any of the harsher chemicals, which are effective but not suitable for all cats. This is a gentle product.

It is made in the USA. Some of the ingredients are sourced globally.


Good for those looking for a natural product. This shampoo is plant based.


78% of people recommend this product.


Active Ingredients:Clove Oil 0.63%, Cottonseed Oil 0.03%. Inert Ingredients: Water, Soap, Glycerin,Sodium Chloride,Myristic Acid,Castor Oil, Vanillin. The expiration date will be stamped on to each bottle as a reference.

6. pet Ag Fresh N’Clean Flea Shampoo

flea and tick fresh scent flea shampoo

This is a flea shampoo for cats and dogs aged over 12 weeks. It kills fleas and ticks on contact. It does contain pyrethrins which makes it an effective flea killer.

First of all, wet the cat’s coat as the shampoo will lather more easily if the coat is already wet. Apply the shampoo, lather, and rinse. Repeat as necessary. The shampoo can be used once a week.

The shampoo has coconut extract to add extra moisture and help with nourishing the skin.

This shampoo has a pleasant scent that lasts for a couple of weeks after use.


100% of people recommend. This statistic is a small cohort of people so read the statistic with some discretion.


Not particularly a con however the fragrance is quite strong.


The ingredients are: Purified Water, Natural Derived Cleansing Agents (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate, Cocamide Mea, Cocamidopropyl Betaine), Thickening Agent (Sodium Chloride), Fragrance, Anti-Irritation (Oatmeal Extract), Deodorizer (Sodium Bicarbonate), Soothing Agents (Vitamin E, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice), Coloring Agents, Emulsifier, Natural Ph Adjuster (Citric Acid), Preservative.

Consult a veterinarian if intending to use on conjunction with other flea products.

Are you confused about all the different flea treatments available? Who wouldn’t be! Check here for different flea control methods.

7. Sentry PurrScriptions – Budget Choice

flea, tick and flea egg shampoo for cats

Safe for use on kittens over 8 months old.

Sentry PurrScriptions kills fleas, ticks and flea eggs while it cleans and deodorizes in one easy and convenient step.

This rich, conditioning, non-staining formula contains a highly effective flea and tick killing ingredient combined with an insect growth regulator (IGR) that sterilises new fleas and kills their eggs for up to 30 days.

The scent is baby powder.


Budget Choice

Prevents re-infestation for up to 30 days.

Lathers well. Makes fur soft.

85% of people recommend this product.


Can cause eye irritation as with other products containing Pyrethrins.


The active ingredients are: Pyrethrins – 0.05%, N-Octyl bicycloheptene dicarboximide – 0.50%,Pyriproxyfen – 0.01%, other Ingredients – 99.44%. Wear rubber gloves when using. Wash wands before eating, drinking, chewing or using tobacco.

Our TOP CHOICE For The Best Flea Shampoo For Cats

1. Adams Flea & Tick – Always Reliable

The main ingredient continues to kill flea eggs for 28 days to break the life cycle. The shampoo can be used for cats and kittens over 12 weeks.

This shampoo helps to effectively kill adult fleas, flea eggs, ticks and lice.

Adams is a reliable product. Although killing fleas is the main objective, the shampoo also contains ingredients to soothe the skin such as lanolin, aloe, coconut extract and oatmeal.

Use 11/3 tablespoons for every 5 lbs of bodyweight. Apply the shampoo to the back of the cat and then work it into the coat, starting at the head. Take care to avoid the eyes and work back along the body and down to the legs and paws.

Continue to lather for 3 to 5 minutes to give the shampoo time to do its job, then rinse thoroughly with warm water.

flea shampoo for cats and dogs

Why Use Cat Flea Shampoo?

Cat flea shampoo is easy to use, has immediate results, and, as a bonus, the shampoo is rinsed out straight away, so there is no chemical residue left behind.

Also, if the infestation is very bad, it is a very quick way to get rid of most fleas. I hesitate to say all fleas, as it can be difficult to kill them all.

If your cat reacts to the chemicals in flea collars or flea drops, shampoo would be a good alternative. Try not to get shampoo in your cat’s eyes. We don’t like shampoo in our eyes, and your cat won’t either. Plus, you want to make this a positive experience 🙂 so that it can be repeated when necessary.

Many flea shampoos for cats also contain a conditioner to leave your cat’s fur soft and luxurious.

What Does Cat Flea Shampoo Do?

Some cat flea shampoos will only kill adult fleas.

Although that might give the cat some immediate relief and it might be cheaper, it is better to purchase a shampoo that will kill the fleas and the flea eggs.

You do need to work the shampoo right into the fur. The temperament of your kitty may determine the effectiveness of the method. Because the cat may squirm, an odd flea or two might survive the dunking.

A flea comb is an excellent part of a flea treating regime. Consider your usual method of flea control and a flea comb as ongoing maintenance.

Does Cat Flea Shampoo Work?

Yes, it works straightaway. How long it lasts depends on which product is chosen.

cat having a shampoo

If you need ‘instant’ results, definitely give cat flea shampoo a go, and then you can review your options. See how well it works in your situation. It also depends on how bad the flea infestation is. If it’s really bad, you just want them gone straightaway, and flea shampoo for cats will do that.

For the flea shampoo to work effectively, always start shampooing at the head, avoiding the eyes, and move down the body. This is to try and prevent any fleas from jumping into the neck or head area.

Let the shampoo sit for a couple of minutes before rinsing carefully.

How Often To Use Flea Shampoo For Cats?

Mostly cat flea shampoo can be used monthly, but you will need to read the product information for the flea shampoo that you purchase.

Some of the methods of flea control that take a less chemical approach can be used more frequently.

My Cat Hates Water

Some cats love water, but we don’t usually associate cats and baths in the same way that we associate dogs and baths. This may be something that you won’t possibly know until you have tried giving your cat a bath. We are not talking about a long soak here. Short and sweet is the key to success.

The video below gives specific instructions to make the job easy. We would suggest that it is preferably a two-person job if this is an option for you.

It might not be a walk in the park bathing your cat, or you may be lucky and have a placid kitty cat that doesn’t mind some time at the beauty salon.

How To Shampoo Your Cat

  1. Use a bath, sink, or container where you can comfortably shampoo the cat. If the bath is too deep for you to comfortably reach down to shampoo the cat, a laundry sink or bathroom sink will be a better option. You need to have good control of the cat.

    This bath is designed for cats and small dogs. It has a drainage hole, making it easy to drain the water. The bath itself is foldable, so it won’t be taking up lots of space. The other thing is that it can be moved anywhere that will make it easy for you to bathe the cat.
  2. Place a non slip mat or a folded towel on the bottom of the sink or container so your kitty is not slipping around.

    If he slips he is likely to freak out and want to run for the hills. If he is showing signs of aggression protective gloves are useful for all cat grooming, including trimming nails, bathing etc.
  3. Fill a container with warm water, not too much, several inches is fine. If you have a helper he/she can use a pitcher to gently wet the cat’s fur so that you can apply the shampoo. You may find a cat grooming glove helpful to distribute the cat flea shampoo.
  4. Use warm water to rinse the shampoo. If you have a detachable shower head, that would work really well to wet the cat and rinse the shampoo.

    Take care around the cat’s head to ensure that no shampoo runs into the cat’s eyes. Use the shower head to direct water away from the face.
  5. Have several towels ready to dry kitty as best you can. By this time he may just be wanting to disappear but he will be flea-less, so he should be thanking you. I wouldn’t count on any thanks but you never know.

A portable grooming tub would be super handy if you have a number of pets to groom and shower or if you regularly give the cat a flea shampoo.

Is Cat Flea Shampoo Safe To Use?

Cat flea shampoo does contain chemicals. The plus is that the chemicals are washed off the skin.

It is generally recommended that cat flea shampoo not be used on kittens under twelve weeks of age and up to one year of age. So, if you have a kitten under twelve weeks old, purchase a flea shampoo that is specifically for kittens.

cats reading the paper in bed
Any cat flea shampoo on sale dear?
 Flea & Tick Shampoo For Cats , 12 Ounces

Adams Plus Flea & Tick Shampoo

The shampoo contains aloe, lanolin, coconut extract and oatmeal. Good for pets with sensitive skin.

Sold by veterinarians since 1975.

90 % of people recommend this product.

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