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The Best Non Toxic Flea Wipes For Cats

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The best non toxic flea wipes for cats provide an added boost to cat flea control.

They are convenient, as it is easy to grab a flea wipe.

With a few quick swipes and a quick massage into the fur and down to the skin, you have added extra protection from fleas when it is needed most.

Name of Flea WipesActive Ingredients in Flea Wipes
1. Vet’s Best Flea and Tick Wipes for CatsPeppermint Oil 0.30%, Eugenol (Clove Extract) 0.70%, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate 2.70%,
2. Pet Naturals – Flea & Tick Repellent WipesLemongrass Oil (4%), Cinnamon Oil (1%), Sesame Oil (1%), Castor Oil (0.5%).
best non toxic flea wipes for cats

Peppermint Oil And Cats

There has been much written recently about the negative health effects essential oils, including peppermint oil, can have on cats. It is certainly safe to say that peppermint oil applied at 100% strength is definitely to be avoided. Of course, this applies to humans too, not just pets.

If you have a kitten check out this post for appropriate flea treatments.

Flea control products may contain peppermint oil in small amounts. The oil has been used for a substantial period of time with no problems. Some of the products reviewed use a small amount of peppermint oil.

The ingredients of each of these products and the percentage of oil has been listed so that you can make a decision about using products that contain peppermint oil.

Best Non Toxic Flea Wipes For Cats

The best non toxic flea wipes for cats (shown below) can be tucked into a bag and placed by the back door or in the car, ready for a quick application when needed. Flea wipes are useful for use around the face and head because they are easy to control while avoiding the eyes and mouth.

1. Vet’s Best Flea & Tick Wipes

flea and tick wipes for cats
Suitable for cats & dogs

Vets’ Best flea and tick wipes are recommended for cats and dogs over the age of 12 weeks. They are designed to kill fleas, flea eggs, ticks, and mosquitoes on contact.

As this is a natural product, you do have to reapply more often compared to using a chemical option, so be prepared to use the wipes frequently. Always avoid the eye area and the nose and mouth. Make sure to pay special attention when applying around the ears because ticks do like to head for the ears. It is no fun removing the tick.

The wipes are durable yet soft. They can also be used on collars and bedding.

Monitor for any skin reactions because of the Peppermint Oil used in the wipes.

One handy suggestion was to use these as a freshen up wipe between treatments for fleas.

Even if your cat is an inside cat they can still get fleas.

How to use:
Wipe across the coat of the cat until the coat feels damp. Avoid eyes, noses, mouths, and genitals. Massage into the coat so that it can reach the skin. Let the product dry before allowing the cat to groom or lick it. The process can be repeated in two to three hours, but no more than twice in a 24 hour period.


Natural product

Convenient and works instantly

Handy to use in between flea shampoo


The scent can be too strong for some cats (not all cats have this problem).

If you have a long haired cat, more than one wipe at a time may be required.

Can dry out in the containers


The ingredients are Peppermint Oil 0.30%, Eugenol (Clove Extract) 0.70%, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate 2.70%, and Inert Ingredients (Water and Sodium Benzoate) 96.30%. There are 50 wipes.

They pull out from the top of a plastic container. They are not recommended for use on pregnant or nursing animals.

2. Pet Naturals Flea & Tick Repellent Wipes For Cats

best non toxic flea wipes for pets

A natural repellent for fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and flies The wipes are pre-moistened and just need to be wiped onto the cat’s fur and then worked into the coat.

Ideally, you don’t want the cat to lick its coat directly after application. Allow the product to dry. Depending on your cat’s temperament, this may not be an easy task, so have a distraction handy, such as a wand toy.

These wipes can be used alongside topical chemical treatments if desired. You may need to use more than one wipe, depending on the size of your cat. There are 60 wipes included.

Do they work? Reviews seem to vary considerably. Consider your immediate surroundings, as some areas are definitely more prone to fleas and ticks, which may put your commitment to an entirely chemical-free option to the test.

On balance, for the benefits of no chemicals, we would recommend that these wipes are worth considering.

Note: If the wipes are a little dry when received it is okay to dampen with a little water.


Good for maintenance. Can be used with other flea products.

Pleasant citronella smell.

Easy to use for a quick clean up.

Does not contain peppermint oil.


Tricky to apply if the cat has long hair.

Some people and animals do not like the citronella smell  

Will need to reapply if the cat gets wet.


Active: lemongrass oil (4%), cinnamon oil (1%), sesame oil (1%), and castor oil (0.5%). Inert (93.5%): Purified Water, Carrageenan, Vitamin E, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Mineral Oil, Citric Acid

Advantages Of Using Natural Flea Wipes For Cats

Avoiding harsh chemicals is quite likely your prime motivation for seeking non toxic flea wipes.

If your cat has previously had an adverse reaction to harsh chemicals, this will be important to you.

Natural products are usually applied more frequently than chemically based products.

Bear in mind that natural products can cause adverse reactions in animals. It is always safest to do a spot test first, particularly if your cat is allergy prone.

There is no doubt that using products with natural ingredients or taking a holistic approach will take more of your time compared to using chemically based products, which are generally quicker and easier to apply.

You will also need to pay attention to controlling fleas throughout the home and yard, including pets’ bedding, as well as fleas on the cat.
Diatomaceous earth is the perfect product to take care of fleas in the yard and on bedding.

Using a flea comb will help control fleas. Be prepared to use it regularly.

natural flea wipes for cats

More Natural Flea Control Methods …

If you’re looking for more natural flea control options, consider using Neem Oil in controlled doses.

Still looking for chemical free flea methods for cats? There are choices that are safe for the cat.

best non toxic flea wipes for cats
The non licking period is something I am working on dear. It takes patience.

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