Diatomaceous Earth for Fleas on Cats – The Miracle Powder Your Cat Needs

Diatomaceous earth is an effective method of natural flea control. This natural flea pest control method is chemical free. You have control over the dose and the application.

Some background info…

Diatomaceous earth is made up of diatoms. Diatoms are the fossilized remains of a type of algae. DE looks like powder as shown below. DE can have an abrasive feel, similar to pumice powder. Although it looks like powder it is actually a natural form of mineral dust.

diatomaceous earth looks like powder

To kill fleas, the powder like DE, is sprinkled around the home and yard, in places where the cat hangs out.

It is the diatoms in the diatomaceous earth that scratch away at the waxy layer of the insect’s exoskeleton.  The flea dies because moisture from the body of the flea evaporates and the flea then dehydrates and dies

It does take more effort on your part than putting a flea collar on your cat or applying flea drops.

However this is a chemical free option which can also be used to get rid of fleas from around your home. Plus it works just as well for dogs.

The photo below is Sarakiniko Cove on the island of Milos in Greece.  The white mineral dust that looks like beach sand is Diatomaceous Earth.

diatomaceous earth on Milos in greece

Where Do You Buy Diatomaceous Earth?

Purchasing diatomaceous earth online is convenient because the larger bags are pretty heavy.

You can avoid the heavy lifting by having it delivered. Once you have the bag at home the product can be decanted into smaller more manageable containers.

diatomaceous earth in a strong paper bag
DE is purchased in a bag or a plastic container.

Diatomaceous Earth

All of the products featured here are 100% food grade. This is what you must use if you are using it for treating fleas on your cat. 

Diatomaceous earth that is not the food grade version is a very effective insecticide, however as this article is specifically about using diatomaceous earth for fleas on our cats, only 100% food grade items will be featured.

1. Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade Trusted Brand
2. Harris Diatomaceous Earth
3. Easy Go – 100% Natural Food Grade – DE
4. Diatomaceous Earth) by Earthborn Elements
5. Nature’s Wisdom Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth
Should I Apply Diatomaceous Earth Directly On My Cat?
How Is Diatomaceous Earth Used Around The House To Control Fleas?

1.Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade

DiatomaceousEarth, 100% Organic Food Grade

This diatomaceous earth is listed by OMRI and has been reviewed against organic product standards.

It has no additives or contaminants, is packaged using stainless steel machinery and is made from 99.9% pure silica. This gives peace of mind, particularly when using around your family and pets.

To use, sprinkle the diatomaceous earth in infested areas inside the house, for example pet beds and in the yard. Also think sprinkling the powder in the nooks and crannies where the cat likes to hang out. 

If you have toddlers or young children you may have to restrict the use of DE in higher traffic areas to avoid the DE being picked up on feet and hands.

The fleas needs to crawl over the diatomaceous earth for it to work effectively.  This is the reason for sprinkling the powder on cat bedding, carpeted cat trees, hardwood floors and so on is recommended.

While you are sprinkling the powder add a small amount to the kitty litter.  For every pound of litter add approximately 3/4 of a cup of DE and distribute reasonably evenly. It will help absorb moisture and odors.

Diatomaceous earth can be dusty when applying, so as a precautionary measure use a mask if using large quantities of the product.  This applies to any other diatomaceous earth product also. Avoid using on windy days.


Although the diatomaceous earth bag looks like a plain paper bag in the image, it is actually thick and sturdy for repeated opening and closing.


Be aware that there are many health claims for humans made regarding diatomaceous earth. This article is only reviewing diatomaceous earth in relation to controlling adult fleas.

Specifications Of Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade

Food safe diatomaceous earth is safe to use around children and pets. Although it is safe to use, diatomaceous earth is still in powder form, so exercise discretion.

Choose from these sizes, 1.3lbs, 2 lbs, 5 bs, 10 lbs and 25 lbs. The smallest container is a shaker bottle and the other sizes are in bags.

An idea for small projects around the home, is to purchase the shaker bottle and a larger size bag. Then decant into the smaller more manageable shaker bottle. This product is listed by OMRI. It is made from 99% pure silica.

2. Harris Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade Powder Duster Included in The Bag

This is a 4lb bag of diatomaceous earth. It has no additives and as a bonus includes the powder duster which is actually in the bag with the diatomaceous earth.

The duster may settle near the bottom of the bag. The duster is handy when applying diatomaceous earth directly to the cat and also for puffing the dust into small spaces.

Harris donates 10% of its profits to the Etowah Valley Humane Society, a non profit organization that saves thousands of animal lives each year.

This product is OMRI listed which means that it has been reviewed against organic standards. The diatomaceous earth is mined in Nevada and packaged in Georgia.


This diatomaceous earth is 100% ground freshwater DE.

This is a natural solution to control fleas, where you can control the amount of diatomaceous earth, used to suit your situation.


It can be a messy job using diatomaceous earth.

Be aware that diatomaceous earth can be hard on vacuum cleaners, so check the filter periodically.

Specifications Of Harris Diatomaceous Earth

Harris make a small powder duster which is included with some Harris diatomaceous earth purchases. Harris make a larger diatomaceous earth applicator that has a 3 quart capacity. This size would be perfect if you need to flea proof the yard.

3. Diatomaceous Earth – DE Fresh Water – 10.5 Pounds

Diatomaceous Earth - DE Fresh Water -

This is food grade diatomaceous earth. Remember that you need to look for Food Grade to use on pets and in your home and around family.

This diatomaceous earth is mined in Nevada and packaged in California.

Diatomaceous earth is a dusty product. Wear a mask and use gloves, particularly when applying diatomaceous earth for the first time and the behavior of the product is unknown. A good suggestion when loading diatomaceous earth into a powder duster is to use a funnel.


This diatomaceous earth is OMRI certified, 100% organic food grade product.


Some bags have had a problem with the zipper closure making it difficult to reseal. Note: This may be solved now.

4. Diatomaceous Earth – by Earthborn Elements

Diatomaceous Earth  Resealable Bucket,


The bucket of diatomaceous earth has a tight seal to avoid spillage and contamination. A bucket opener may be needed.


The fact that the bucket has a tight lid is good but not if it can’t be opened. Either purchase a bucket opener or use, (carefully), a screwdriver to prise it open. Other plastic containers have similar lids so it is nothing too unusual but best to be forewarned.

Specifications Of Diatomaceous Earth – by Earthborn Elements

This diatomaceous earth is in a bucket which is very handy for carrying around without having to decant first. It is made in the USA and sourced in Utah. The bucket is BPA-Free and Food Safe.
Earthborn Elements’ diatomaceous earth is a fine powder with a median particle size of 10 microns.

5. Nature’s Wisdom Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

 Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth.

Nature’s Wisdom report that this diatomaceous earth which is mined in Nevada, is sourced from a food grade deposit that has pure water. It is 100% diatomaceous earth and is food grade.

The diatoms (that make up diatomaceous earth) form a harder shell (good thing) when the water supply is pure, in comparison to diatomaceous earth, where the water supply is salt water.

Diatomaceous Earth treats many other pests and types of troublesome bugs, plus bed bugs in addition to fleas.

As mentioned earlier, this is like a fine powder so be sure to empty the filter of the vacuum cleaner regularly when using as diatomaceous earth may clog the filter.


There are no additives or fillers in this diatomaceous earth.

The diatomaceous earth is packaged using stainless steel machinery.


The diatomaceous earth will need to be decanted into airtight containers.

Specifications Of Nature’s Wisdom Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

This DE is packaged in a 5lb plastic bag. It can be decanted into any any container that is airtight. Remember the DE does need to be kept dry.

Pinterest image - diatomaceous earth for fleas on cats

This DE Applicator Is Good For Small Spaces

 Diatomaceous Earth Powder Duster

How to use the diatomaceous earth applicator – Apply gentle pressure when squeezing and the diatomaceous earth will puff out. The long nozzle, means that you can get into all those tricky spots that are difficult to reach. The diatomaceous earth will go where you want it to go when you use the applicator.

If the diatomaceous earth starts to clump, just turn the applicator upside down and give a little shake.

The amount of pressure you give when squeezing will affect the amount of powder puffing out. Experiment with different pressures to get it just right for your needs.

An applicator scoop is more practical for treating larger areas like the yard.

There is something to be said for a flea control and prevention collar that lasts 8 months. The active ingredients in this cat flea control collar are released slowly and over time hence the 8 month time frame for repelling and killing fleas and ticks.

Should I Apply Diatomaceous Earth Directly On My Cat?

It is okay to apply diatomaceous earth to the cat in small doses. Use a squeeze bottle. This ensures only small amounts are puffed out as needed. This means less wastage and you and the cat will not be covered in or inhaling dust.

Another way to apply diatomaceous earth to the cat is shown in the video below.

It is a delightful video and well worth watching.

Watch it to the end. Let’s face it, we probably like any cat videos.

Does Diatomaceous Earth Work For Killing Fleas?

Diatomaceous earth does work for killing fleas, but bear in mind that you will need to be vigilant about treating areas around the home indoors and outdoors (if your cat goes outdoors).

You will also need to reapply the diatomaceous earth, if the cat gets wet or if it rains and you have treated the yard with diatomaceous earth

Cats that spend time outdoors should be treated weekly with diatomaceous earth and indoors cats, monthly. It is not a quick fix.

Is diatomaceous earth safe? Consult with your veterinarian if you are concerned about the ramifications of pet health, from licking the DE when grooming.

Flea powder for cats. This flea powder is specially formulated for cats. It is a handy addition to have tucked away in the cupboard for flea emergencies.

How Is Diatomaceous Earth Used Around The House To Control Fleas?

In addition to using diatomaceous earth for fleas actually on your cat, you can also use diatomaceous earth in your home to get rid of a major infestation of fleas and other insects.

When applying diatomaceous earth to tight spacesuse an applicator

Using a diatomaceous earth applicator, will ensure you don’t sprinkle more diatomaceous earth than you need. With an applicator you can aim directly where you want the the DE powder to go rather than sprinkling in the general direction and covering everything in the vicinity with DE.

Don’t forget to treat the scratching post with diatomaceous earth, because as this is covered in carpet it will be a lovely home for fleas. Work the DE into the carpet with a brush.

Vacuum the diatomaceous earth approximately 12-24 hours later and reapply as necessary.

Diatomaceous earth can be hard on a domestic vacuum cleaner so be sure to check the filter and vacuum small areas at a time.

Diatomaceous earth is non toxic to humans (food grade diatomaceous earth) however it is still a dust and it is advisable to take a normal amount of care to ensure that you are not breathing in volumes of dust.

Wear a mask when spreading diatomaceous earth in the house and yard. Avoid windy days and keep the kids out of the way. Note: I am just super careful!

Using diatomaceous earth for fleas on cats is an effective way to control fleas using a non chemical method of flea control for your cat.

You may choose to use diatomaceous earth in conjunction with other natural methods of flea control. Good idea!

vector of two cats talking
There is DE on the Greek Island of Milos. You know dear, Venus de Milos – the Goddess Of Love.

More Diatomaceous Earth

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