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The Best Flea Powder For Cats

The best flea powder for cats will deliver on the spot results. Flea powder can be used as a standalone treatment if the flea problem is not severe or it can be used in conjunction with other treatments to have the best possible ongoing results.

The Best Thing About Flea Powder

Why use flea powder? Well, it works fast, so that’s a very good thing when you are looking for a fix, right here, right now!

If you are looking for information about using diatomaceous earth (powder) for flea control this article will answer all your questions plus read the reviews DE products. There is a specific type of DE that you need to use for cats.

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Cat Flea Powder Reviews

1. Zodiac Flea & Tick Powder

Zodiac Flea and Tick Powder for Dogs, Puppies, Cats, and Kittens 6oz (3 Pack)

This lightweight powder controls fleas, ticks and lice and works quickly.The shaker top makes it easy to shake and apply to the cat’s fur. It has no strong odors and has a citrus scent.

Hint: Add some powder to the vacuum bag to help kill the fleas left in the bag after vacuuming.

A light dusting of the powder is all that is needed.There is no expiration date and the powder will remain effective if stored as directed.

It is suitable for kittens.

If your cat doesn’t like being dusted with powder, try using a powder puff to apply to the fur and then rub in gently. That sounds like spoiling the kitty to me but a good practical solution.

2. Hartz UltraGuard

UltraGuard Plus Flea And Tick Treatment Powder - Pack of 3

Use on cats 12 weeks and older. It fights fleas, ticks and lice.

It starts working quickly and results can sometimes be seen in ten minutes.

Dust the whole cat and work the powder right down to the skin.  Treat the cat’s bedding also.

It is water resistant. As with any chemical product, watch for adverse reactions and take precautions such as washing hands, keeping powder out of eyes, including the cat.

Around the head area, dab the powder on with a puff or piece of cloth to avoid getting powder in the cat’s eyes.

The Best Flea Powder For Cats Is…

Zodiac Flea & Tick Powder for Cats & Kittens

This is a 100% natural product and is made in the USA.

It’s a lightweight powder which controls fleas, ticks and lice, plus it works quickly.

You will notice more fleas initially as they rise to the top.  It may take 30 days to kill the flea cycle.

The shaker top makes it very easy to shake and apply to the cat’s fur.

FAQ – Why Use Cat Flea Powder?

1 It is quick and easy to apply.

2 It works quickly, so fast relief for the cat.

3 It is useful to have in the cupboard for a flea emergency because you know it will work quickly.

4 It is a perfect complementary treatment to other products that can also be used as a standalone product.

5 Sprinkle the powder around cat bedding, on carpet and other places your cat likes to hang out, for example, the scratching post. Also sprinkle around the most comfy places in your home because kitty is sure to have visited there.

Getting Wet Alert!

Be aware that with flea powder will need to be reapplied if the cat gets wet.

The plus side, is that it is a fairly easy to apply option. Did you know that licking frantically is also a sign of fleas? We usually thinking of excessive scratching as being an obvious sign of fleas and it is but excessive licking can also indicate fleas.

What Is Flea Dirt?

Check the coat for fine looking black specs, which are almost powder like.  On kitty’s tummy is where the specs can be seen easily. These specks are flea droppings also often referred to as flea dirt.  Try rubbing between your fingertips. If it shows a darkish red color,  that is digested blood.

Yuk! Not nice!  Goodbye fleas!

Have you ever thought of giving your cat a flea bath using cat flea shampoo?  It’s not as scary as it might sound.

How To Apply Flea Powder to Cats

Sprinkle the powder onto the fur, rubbing against the fur to ensure thorough distribution and then smooth the coat down. Apply to belly area also and try to cover as much of the body as possible.

Alternatively comb the powder through the fur using a flea comb. It’s all about what your kitty responds to (actually meaning what your cat will let you do).

Flea powder works quickly but will only last as long as it remains on the animal. For this reason it is often regarded as being a complementary treatment. Once you see kitty scratching, you will really want to treat the fleas straightaway.  For that reason alone, having some flea powder on standby is a good idea.

flea powder treatment

Diatomaceous Earth Is Used As Flea Powder

Diatomaceous earth can be used as a flea powder however, it works differently to the flea powders described here.

Diatomaceous earth can be sprinkled on the cat, around cats bedding and on carpets. Before applying diatomaceous earth, give the house a really good vacuum, sprinkle the product on the cat and the affected areas and then vacuum 24 hours later. Be mindful of the fact that this material is dense and may clog domestic vacuum cleaners quickly so check the filter on the vacuum cleaner to ensure that it is not getting clogged.

There is far more detailed information about diatomaceous earth here and how it is used to control fleas and how to apply the powder to your cat.

There are alternatives. Click here to read more information about the different types of flea treatments for your cat. Be armed with the knowledge because if your cat does not respond to a product or treatment you will need to find another method.

Here are some natural flea treatment options for cats.

More Reasons To Use Flea Powder

Once the fleas are under control it is not a case of set and forget as much as we would like that to happen. One adult flea is capable of laying 50 eggs a day so it can be an uphill battle to keep fleas at bay. A powder is useful because it works straight away and can be used not only on your cat but also on carpets, bedding and other places that your kitty likes to reside in comfort.

Have you thought of giving your cat a de flea shampoo? There are also plenty of options if you are looking non chemical flea control methods.

Look, I am happy with the powder. just keep it out of my eyes!

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