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The Bottom Line On The Best Natural Flea Treatment For Cats

Looking for the best natural flea treatment for cats often signals that we are looking for an alternative to traditional methods, which typically use strong chemicals. Adverse reactions to chemical products will send us looking for chemical free options. We live in such a chemical world that sometimes it just seems enough is enough.

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Ingredients To Avoid In Natural flea treatments For cats

Even “natural” ingredients can be problematic. Avoid tea tree oil, garlic and to a lesser extent peppermint oil. Examining the ingredients of a product is the best place to start. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to animals lists these products as being toxic to cats.

Although tea tree oil is used widely in cosmetics and skin wash it is best avoided for use with cats. Also avoid using garlic as flea prevention control.  This is an in depth article regarding pets and garlic toxicity.

Peppermint essential oil is also an ingredient to avoid although it is common to see a very small solution of peppermint oil in cat flea products. There is more information here and also below.

Natural Flea Spray/Mist – Top Tip

The best natural flea treatment for cats must include a spray. A flea spray or mist is a good natural product option. If applying spray is a chore try doing it this way.  Use a pair of cotton gloves, spray the product onto the glove and then rub into kitty.

Natural Care  – Cat & Dog – Flea & Tick Spray
  •  Active Ingredients: Peppermint Oil 0.2%, Eugenol (Clove Extract) 0.46%, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (Plant Derived) 1.78%, Inert Ingredients (Water, Sodium Benzonate)* 97.56%
Vet’s Best Flea & Tick Home Spray
  • Active Ingredients: Peppermint Oil 0.20%, Eugenol (from Clove plants) 0.46%, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (plant-derived)1.78%, Inert Ingredients* 97.56%, Water, Sodium Benzoate (preservative widely used in foods).
Vet’s Best  Cat Flea & Tick Gentle Mist Spray
  •  Active Ingredients: Peppermint Oil 0.20%, Eugenol 0.46%, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate 1.78%.Inactive Ingredients: Water, Sodium Benzoate.
Ark Naturals  Flea Flicker! Tick Kicker!
  •  Geraniol, Eugenol, Peppermint, Water, Isopropyl Alcohol, Glycerine.
Only Natural Pet Flea & Tick Cat Powder
  •  Active Ingredients: Geraniol 0.9%, Peppermint Oil 0.2%.
    Inactive Ingredients: Calcium Carbonate, Isopropyl Myristate, Silica 98.9%.

Natural Flea Treatment For Cats – Spray – Reviews

1. Natural Care – Dog & Cat Flea & Tick Spray

natural care flea and tick spray - Inforrmation for usenatural care flea and tick spray - Inforrmation for use

Lightly spray the entire coat including legs and tail but avoiding the facial area.

There is no need to drench the coat.  Once sprayed massage well into the coat because ideally the product will reach the skin. It is safe to use once per week.

It is best if the cat does not ingest this product and it is left to dry before grooming.  This isn’t always an easy thing to do so if this is problematic for you it needs to be considered.

 Have you seen this on YouTube? Open it on your mobile phone, it is a good distraction for a few minutes and costs nothing.

Use the spray on bedding and furniture and other kitty hangouts.  Do a spot test first, if using on color fabric or fine furniture.

It will need to be reapplied frequently.

One reviewer loved the perfume so much that they used it as a room freshener.

Detailed, instructions, materials needed and cautions are included to make a flea collar for cats using natural products.

2. Vet’s Best Cat Flea & Tick Home Spray For Cats

Flea and Tick Spray for the home

This product is part of the enormously popular Vet’s Best Flea and Tick range of products, however this product is specifically for cats. It kills fleas, flea eggs, and ticks by contact and repels mosquitoes.

It can be used directly on the cat by massaging into the cat’s fur. If your cat is not too keen on the spray, spray the product onto a cloth and then apply to the cat.

Cats need to be 12 weeks and older to use this product. It can be used indoors and outdoors. The non staining formula can be used on carpets, bedding and cat furniture, however always spot test first.

What is so good about the product? It works well and it can be sprayed around the home on bedding, furniture etc and on the cat.

Read the label for information regarding precautions to take, for example not spraying product onto your cat’s face, washing hands after contact with skin, particularly if there is repeated exposure.

The reviews are positive and you can read what people have to say here.

Cat Flea Wipes are practical and easy to have at hand to keep fleas at bay without resorting to chemicals. Another natural option.

3. Vet’s Best Cat Flea & Tick Gentle-Mist Spray

plant based flea spray for cats

This is a question asked by a Chewy customer regarding the safety of using Peppermint Oil in cat flea products and the response.

I was told that Peppermint Oil 0.20% is highly toxic to cats. Has that changed?  

This product has been developed by a veterinarian and is endorsed by veterinarians so this spray should pose no harm to a feline. At 100%, Peppermint Oil and Clove Oil may pose harm to your cat or a human. This formulation is at 0.20% Peppermint Oil and Clove Oil at 0.46% mixed with our other ingredients should not harm your cat even if licked. However, every pet reacts differently to any spray or topical product.

This is  fine misty spray so perfect for those cats who react badly to a sprays. It kills ticks, fleas and flea eggs on contact and also repels mosquitoes. As it is a natural product you will need to reapply for ongoing protection. Wait 2-4 hours before reapplying.

Spray in places your cat likes to hang out such as the cat’s bedding, favorite pieces of furniture plus pillows, blankets, rugs and carpets.

4. Ark Naturals Flea Flicker! Tick Kicker! 

natural flea spray

This spray is not sprayed over the entire cat.  It is sprayed between the shoulder blades where the cat cannot reach to lick the wet product.  It can be used once a week and should be massaged into the skin when applied.

If you at first start to see more fleas after a flea product is applied you may think that the product is not working and that there are more fleas than ever before.  However what that really means is that the flea product is doing its job and the fleas are rising to the top of the coat as the fleas die.  

If you continue to see fleas after application it may be because your cat has picked up more fleas from bedding, other pets, carpet and so on.

5. Only Natural Pet Flea & Tick Cat Powder

no chemical flea treatment for cats

This product is for cats and dogs. It is free from pesticides and toxins.

Only Natural Pet also make cat flea wipes

If you haven’t heard of or tried Neem Oil for fleas on cats it is another natural option.  

Our Recommendation is…

1. Natural Care Cat & Dog Flea & Tick Spray

non toxic cat flea product

This spray kills fleas, flea eggs and ticks on contact but is also free from harsh chemicals.  This is a good solituion when you are looking for a natural option but need something that has some clout to work.

It also does double duty as it can be used around the home and in the yard, on pet bedding and other upholstery and it also repels mosquitoes.

Diatomaceous Earth Is A Natural Flea Treatment

Diatomaceous Earth is considered by many to be the best natural flea treatment for cats. DE can be used by itself as natural flea control or can be used with any of natural products to provide an extra element of defense against fleas.

This is a detailed explanation about diatomaceous earth and how to use it for flea control in your home. Please note, you will need to use Food Grade DE in your home and on your pets.

Holistic Health Care For Pets Using Natural Products

Only Natural Pet

Only Natural Pet prides itself on providing high quality products backed by expert advice from holistic health care pet experts.

Here is what Only Natural Pet say about fighting the flea problem naturally (for cats and dogs).

Vets Best

This well known brand was also begun at a time when natural health care for animals was not commonplace however Dr. Dawn Curie Thomas had success with her specially formulated products and people were prepared to travel a long way for natural alternatives. Vet’s Best has a wide range of natural health care for cats.

get rid of fleas on cats naturally
It’s Green all the way for us these days!
Natural Flea Treatments Cats

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