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7 Amazing Cat Window Perches

Cat Window Perches to suit all windows.

What if your window ledge is narrow or if your window doesn’t have a ledge?

Are there options for a cat window perch? Of course there are options. Your cat does not have to be deprived of window perch sitting opportunities. There are cat window perches to suit windows with no sills or narrow sills.

We have described all of the options and reviewed the best cat window perches so that you have the information you need, to know what will work best in your home.

Our Top Choices Are:

Best Cat Window Perches

1. K&H Kitty Sill Cat Window Perch

This fleecy cover and orthopaedic foam says comfy, comfy, comfy.  The soft fleece cover is removable and can be machine washed. The thick orthopaedic foam adds an extra layer of comfort.  

No tools are necessary for installation as can be seen in the image however there is also an option to use screws if that is your choice. Using the screws definitely gives us that extra bit of security knowing that the perch will not collapse under the weight of the cat however not needing any screws is also perfect for those in rental accommodation or somewhere where using screws is not an option.

The perch takes a weight of up to 40 lbs. The average cat weighs around 10 lbs and large cats like Maine Coons can weigh around 25 lbs. The brackets are adjustable and will fit any window sill.

This perch will hold a weight of up to 40 lbs.

Excellent all rounder. It does require a window sill to be a minimum of 2 inches deep for installation.

2. K&H Kitty Sill Thermo Cat Window Perch

The only difference between this cat perch and the one featured above is that this perch includes a dual thermostat heating unit. It is buried within the super soft orthopaedic foam cushion that sits atop the perch. The heating unit can be removed  when the weather warms up or if it is no longer needed.

The heater is pre‐set to keep the sleeping surface 12 to 15 degrees above ambient air temperature and warms to your kitties natural body temperature when they actually lie on it. This is a common method of heating used for heated cat beds in the K&H range of heated beds.  

The addition of the thermostat is reflected in the price as it costs a few dollars more than the model with no heating unit.  Keeping in mind that it can be cold by a window even in temperate climates, the thermostat is definitely worth considering.

3. Oster Sunny Seat Cat Window Perch

This perch is mounted using strong suction cups and can be easily moved to different windows at different times of the year to take advantage of sunny spots or to move to a more protected location. No window sill is required which is great if you are renting and it is so easy to set up.  No screws are needed.  

Follow a few simple assembly instructions and the perch is ready for the cat to use. It supports up to 50 lbs. 

The cover is polyester and machine washable. Cold weather does not affect the suction capability but follow all instructions for setting up. One reviewer did suggest popping the suction cups into some hot water for a couple of minutes to make them pliable.

4. K&H EZ Mount  Cat Window Perch Pod

This is a very popular half pod window perch for cats.  The suction cups are strong and can hold up to 60 lbs of kitty weight.  

For the suction cups to stick as intended the window must be thoroughly cleaned before attaching the suction caps. Detailed instructions are given for washing the window and how to apply the suction cups for the best results. The suction cups either work perfectly or take a little bit of extra coaxing to work perfectly.  Soaking them in hot water helps.  The cups also have an extra tightening control knob to help with adding that extra bit of  suction. Once the window has been cleaned, installation takes seconds so it is ready to go very quickly. Suitable for no window sill.

The outer shell of the pod is made from Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) foam. 

This half pod is a comfy place for the cat to observe what is going on or to have a snooze. A pad is included for kitty comfort. Many people take this a step further and wrap a towel or old t-shirt around the pad for extra comfort. 

Sometimes it is impossible to know if the cat will take to a product.  Just because we think it is the ants pants doesn't mean the cat has the same opinion.  This pod has many positive reviews.  Cost wise, it is affordable without being expensive. Check the price and read the reviews here.

5. NOYAL Cat Window Perch

The images provided show two cats snuggled up on the perch happily together. The stated weight capacity of this perch is 30 lbs.

A bonus point is that an extra two suction cups are included.The perch is easy to assemble and has photos clearly showing the steps required to assemble the cat window perch. The hard wearing Oxford Cloth cover is easy to clean.

Cats do sometimes like to have a chomp at the guy wires. Of course they would. These wires are steel inside a pvc rope so the cat will not be able to chew through the wires. No window sill required.

6.K&H Cat Deluxe Kitty Sill Cat Window Perch

We love this window perch because the bolster gives some extra protection around the back and to a lesser extent the sides of the perch. This gives extra protection for your cat and a good consideration if your cat is getting older. The bolster is soft and cushioned so comfy to lean against. The bolster can also be zipped off and totally removed if desired.

This perch can support up to 40 lbs. The cover can be removed and machine washed. No tools are needed for assembly however the perch does come with screws if a more permanent structure is desired.  This perch requires a 2 inch window sill for installation.

7.K&H EZ Mount Cat Window Perch

This is a sturdy perch, the suction cups can hold over 100lbs. That does seem over engineered but appeals to my - better to be on the safe side. They also have the push and turn feature to tighten the suction cups. The suction cups are turned clockwise to tighten and anti clockwise to loosen.  The suction cups work in hot and cold weather.

A hugely positive point is that the perch can be folded up at night in order to draw curtains or blinds. I must say that we drew the curtains around the perch but the folding idea would certainly make for a neater look.

The removable cover is machine washable. 

The minimum window size required for this product is 24-inches wide by 19-inches high.

If the suction caps slide after some use, they can be removed and cleaned and re-positioned. If the cups start sliding, the manufacturer recommends cleaning the window and the suction cups with alcohol to remove any grime that would stop the suction cups from adhering securely.

More Cat Window Perches

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Why Do Cats Perch?

Cats like to survey what is happening around them preferably from a height.  

This is a hark back to ancestral times when cats would have been alert for any danger coming their way.  Our domesticated cats still display this trait. Even when a cat appears to be asleep there is always that extra layer of built in safety, so if there is a threat they are ready to take off.

A Buying Guide To Help You Choose The Best Cat Window Perch

Who Should Buy a Cat Window Perch?

Cat window perches are excellent for indoor cats and outdoor cats.  Our cat was an outdoor cat in his younger years but still loved to sit in his perch in the window. 

This is where he could be found when the family was returning home from an outing. Cats can and do get bored.  Giving them an outlet to observe what is going on outside will help alleviate that boredom.

The beauty of a cat window perch is that you will be able to find one that suits the window even if you have narrow window sills or no window sills.  A cat window perch solves this problem.

How Are Cat Window Perches Attached?

Some perches are attached with suction cups and some give an option of suction cups plus screws.  

You may be like me and have a general mistrust of suction cups (sorry suction cups) however I have to say that K&H seemed to have overcome this general mistrust and most of their perches will take up to 60 lbs or more using suction cups as the method of attachment.

The suction caps must be applied to a squeaky clean window and there are specific instructions for achieving this. From reading hundreds of reviews the suction cups are not necessarily problem free but overall they get positive comments.  The secret is in the application of each suction cup. Occasionally there may be a faulty suction cup in which case chose a product that has an easy returns policy.

Other perches may have Velcro like attachments with the option of also using screws.

The great thing about the suction caps is that if you are renting it is an easy matter to move the window perch.  

You may even decide to move it within your own home to take advantage of the weather, for example to capture that little bit of winter sun or move away from a hot window in summer.

Cat Window Perches For Large Cats

There are three things to consider and check when buying a window perch for a large cat.  

First of all the dimensions of the perch. Yes you need to measure the length of your cat, approximately.

Secondly, consider the weight of your cat and  thirdly, the suggested weight capacity of the perch.  To give yourself peace of mind, a cat window perch that is attached with screws and suction caps is probably going to be the best option.  

What Are The Different Styles Of Cat Window Perches?

Some perches need no window sill and uses suction caps for attachment. Mostly the suction caps are placed above the perch however this model has the suction cups under the perch.

Other perches can be attached to the sill even if the sill is narrow like the K&H window sill perches.

There are two storey perches for multiple cats and even a heated cat window perch for chilly weather.

Window Dimensions For Cat Window Perch

Make sure that the placement of the suction cups on the window, will actually fit into the size dimensions of your window.  If the suction cups are placed at a wider angle this is going to make the overall width of the perch wider than the actual perch.

The dimensions of the cat window perch.  Many households have more than one cat and it is not unusual to see two cats on one perch.  If you think this will be the case in your household make sure the weight requirements are sufficient to take the weight of both cats.

What Is The Material/Fabric Of The Perch?

The covering on cat window perches does vary. Most covers are removable and machine washable. An oxford Cloth cover will be easier to spot clean than a fleece cover however a fleece cover has the comfort factor.  

Consider whether you are more likely to spot clean a cover than remove it for washing.  A fabric that is breathable may be more suited to warmer climates.

Of course many people choose to use their own cover or towel, folded blanket and so on on the perch for comfort. We used a folded blanket on our cat window perch.  Another cute alternative is a kitty window perch nap pad.

Let's face it cats do shed hair so the simplicity of being able to pick up the rug, give it a good shake and put it back again was a simple process. Using a lint roller will also take care of excess cat hair without necessarily removing a cover.

What Is The Weight Limit?

Weight limits do vary so it will be necessary to read the manufacturer description of the product.  

Once you have installed the product you can always just give it a weight test yourself by placing an object an equivalent weight of the cat onto the perch.

Most of the time owners nervous anticipation of the cat window perch falling are not realized however sometimes they do fail so a quick test will put your mind at rest if you are concerned about this.

If you are not sure about the window perch just yet, wait until you see the cat wall shelves. There is so much we can provide for our cats that is not at ground level.  Cats love being at a height. Living in confined spaces sometimes means being creative with our choices for keeping our pets entertained.

cats reading the paper in bed

I wonder if there is a double perch dear? Otherwise we will have to take turns.

cat window perch

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