What Cat Furniture Do You Have For Your cats? A Fair Bit!

Someone said to me “What cat furniture do you have for your cats? When I really thought about, we had amassed a small collection over the years.

I have had cat parents say to me, “Cat furniture, you have to be kidding me!” I am not buying cat furniture. If they’re lucky, my cats get a couple of balls to play with. “My cats are not allowed on my furniture, to jump on my bed, or to laze on any counters.” 

I hate to imagine what a prison this would be for any fur baby. How awful!

Cats enjoy cuddling and staying warm and cozy. I toss their blanket on a corner of the couch or chair, and they are happy.

My cats have cat furniture because it makes them happy, and it makes me happy to look after them and maybe spoil them too. 

Cat Furniture For Practical Purposes

Cat furniture also serves a practical purpose, especially for senior or convalescing cats who may need a ramp or some steps to get to couch or bed level.

Is Your Home a Comfortable, Happy Home For Your Cats?

There are human cat parents, and then there are these crazy cat parents like me. I know plenty of other crazy cat parents. 

As my daughter started planning to leave the nest, she adopted a one-year-old white cat that was living in the neighbor’s garden. Since she did not take the cat (Beebe) with her, I adopted this kitty.

This was the beginning of our 30-year journey into cat rescue. I never adopted our rescues to other homes as I felt no one could take as good care of them as I could. 

Beebe had had it rough. If I had my way, her difficult days were coming to an end. Little Beebe would have everything that made her life worth living, including a variety of cat furniture. 

What Cat Furniture Do You Have For Your cats?

My fur babies have always had and will continue to have cat furniture.

My cats always get what I feel they need and more. No, I am not made of money, but I always make sure my cats are happy and content. Cats must have a treasure trove of things.

  • Toys
  • Beds
  • Cushy blankets
  • Pillows
  • Catnip
  • Cat treats
  • Cat furniture
what cat furniture do you have for your cats?
Oh yeah, I’m happy here. Go away!

Christmas For The Cats

We buy one special piece of cat furniture as a Christmas present every year for all six of our kitties. I do have a wish list for my six babies.

This Christmas, I would like to buy a small cat couch. I think they are so cute. This would offer another warm, cozy place for any of the cats to laze in if they so chose. If none of the cats like it, I will sell it to someone and try something else. 

Look at this cute little sofa! I love the modern design. The cat looks pretty happy too.

There’s more cat couches here.

A trick I learned long ago is to sprinkle catnip on a new piece of cat furniture. This entices the kitty to check out the furniture.

One year, we bought short, wide shelves with decorative brackets matching my décor and made a staircase up the wall for the kitties. This was their Christmas present one year. I always see a cat or two on these cat steps. Cats love to sit up high, as I believe they feel more secure. 

Cats do like to check out their surrounding from up high. It gives them the advantage of being able to see what is happening or if someone or something is coming along. Cat wall shelves and cat window hammocks are a terrific pieces of cat furniture and a space saving idea.

My Sophia claimed the top of the refrigerator as her space. She would jump on the table and try to jump back to the top of the refrigerator, but almost fell a few times. I did not want a cat tree in my kitchen. Hubby built shelves on the wall next to the refrigerator so she could jump on them one by one until she reached the chair and floor. She returns the same way. 


Cat Furniture Everywhere and No Place for Me?

What cat furniture do you have for your cat? Sophia and her sister Isabella have an eight-foot cat tree. This cat furniture came from the previous owners of the cats. It is a pretty big piece of furniture, and I would rather not have it.

Isabella is the one who claimed the very top as hers. This is where she likes to sleep securely and look outside. While Sophia used to use it, she now prefers our refrigerator top. None of our other four kitties pay any attention to this tree. It is Isabella’s alone to enjoy. 

It belongs to Isabella, though, and she is content with it. I would not think of moving it out because I did not like it.

No, Isabella is not just a cat; she is my fur baby. If her cat tree makes her happy, she shall always have it. 

I think you could invest in a piece of, cat furniture, and your cat could care less. You can resell it and try again. No harm was done. Not every cat is going to like the same piece of cat furniture. 

I have a recliner. I enjoy sitting on it until Wee Willy, our 17-year-old head honcho, sits on the floor at the foot of my recliner and stares at me while meowing. He wants “his piece of furniture.” Yes, you guessed it! 

I get his special blanket and spread it out in “his” recliner. He jumps up, curls up in a comfortable ball, and sleeps.

Such a precious cat. His life is nearing an end, so in my estimation, he can have most anything he pleases anytime he wants. 

You know what? Life is tough for rescued cats.

We don’t know what they have been through or how life has treated them.

Their tough life stops here at this crazy cat house where I have six different pieces of cool cat furniture that are enjoyed by all the fur babies every day.

And, yes, there is plenty of space for my furniture.

That sounds like a very happy cat home to me! Maybe we can visit?

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