Uncovered Litter Box – Is It Okay To Use?

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An uncovered litter box is recommended as being the best litter box for the cat. This is because the cat can see exactly what is happening around him, when he is sitting in an uncovered box.

The cat can see if there are people, other cats or pets approaching an uncovered litter box. Plus, the cat can make a quick exit from an uncovered litter box, if he feels under threat or anxious.

Uncovered Litter Boxes

These uncovered litter boxes are all on the larger side, taking the advice of a study which ​concluded that larger litter boxes are better for all cats.

Some of the litter boxes have size options, meaning you can choose the uncovered litter box that suits the size of your cat or the space you have to place the litter box.

10 Compelling Reasons To Choosing An Uncovered Litter Box
1. IRIS Open Top Cat Litter Box
2. Catit Cat Litter Pan
3. ​​IRIS Ellipse Cat Litter Box
5. ​Petmate ​Hi-Back Open Cat Litter Pan
6. PetFusion Cat Litter Box (The Better Box)
More Uncovered Cat Litter Boxes
Uncovered for me. I need to see what is happening around me!

1. IRIS Open Top Cat Litter Box

 Open Top Cat Litter Box with Shield and Cat Litter Scoop

The removable litter shield to stop litter being kicked from the litter box, is a popular and practical feature of this uncovered cat litter box.

An uncovered litter box makes it easier to reach into the box to scoop. An uncovered litter box is also easier to empty and replace the litter compared to a covered litter box.

When using a covered litter box, the cover needs to be removed for changing the litter. ​

The polished interior of this uncovered litter box, ​makes using the cat litter scoop easier and the molded feet, ensures that the litter box sits securely on a flat surface.

Is this uncovered litter box okay for a 6 week old kitten? The front opening is 5’’ to 6’’ high so it should be okay for kittens, however if you find that the front opening is a little high, a step could be placed in front of the box, until the kitten ​grows a little bigger. This same principle would apply to elderly cats.

Many people ask about the suitability of the box and the size of their cat. Some people say cats up to 22 lbs can use the box, whereas others find the box too small for their cat.

The best way to judge the size suitability for your own cat would be to look at the dimensions of the box the cat is currently using and whether that is satisfactory.

Then you can make some decisions based on measurements of the litter box, your cat is currently using. If you think the current litter box the cat is using, is too small go for a larger litter box.


The removable litter shield that comes as a pert of this uncovered litter box, makes cleaning and scooping the litter box easier. 

The polished interior surface of the litter box, means easier scooping.

The high sides to help prevent litter scattering.


Some cat owners find this uncovered litter box too small. Always check measurements of the box and your cat. 

The shield and the bottom part of the litter box, do not always snap together securely.


These dimensions are for the outside of this uncovered litter box – 19.00L x 15.00W x 11.75H inches.

These exact measurements of the outside of the litter box, are useful if you want to fit the box into some cat cabinet furniture, or have a specific space and must have exact measurements.

2. Catit Cat Litter Pan ​

cat climbing from an uncovered litter box

This uncovered cat litter box has a clever design feature. ​

The cat litter box has a rim all the way around and a lip that is on the inside edge, so that when cat is digging and flicking, the litter won’t just fly up and over the edge of the box.

The cat litter will stay mostly in the litter box as it will hit the rim first and then the litter will fall back into the box. The rim and li, clip on edge measures about 2’’. As the rim clips on, so can’t be knocked off.

The uncovered cat litter box is flat on the bottom with no ridges. meaning it can be scooped smoothly​ with a litter scoop. There is nothing more annoying than hitting ridges or bumps when scooping the litter box.

This is a big cat litter box and is suitable for big cats. The lowest measurement from the floor to the front entry of the litter box, is approximately 6.1/2.”

The image shows that there is a lower dip at the front of the litter box, making it easier for cats to enter and exit the box.

The litter box is large enough to use a disposable litter tray to make for an easier clean up, if desired.

Jumbo litter liners can be fitted by pulling the rim off, fitting the liners and then reattaching the rim. This will ensure that the litter liners stay firmly in place, in the litter box.


The rim is a like a shield to help prevent litter from being kicked out of the box. The rim also helps to keep litter liners in place.

This box has high sides for an uncovered litter box.

This is a durable uncovered cat litter box.


Some of these uncovered cat litter boxes have arrived with parts missing or cracked.


The measurements of this uncovered cat litter box are 22.2L x 16.3H x 11.3W inches. The color of the box is Gray.

3. ​​IRIS Ellipse Cat Litter Box

 Large Uncovered Shielded Litter Pan

This uncovered litter pan is oval in shape.

This litter pan is very cool and sleek looking and would definitely not look out of place, wherever it was placed. ​

The reason for the shield is to help contain litter to the litter box and for those cats that are high pee-ers. Perhaps not the best label for your cat but is is an accurate description.​ You can see in the image how the back of the litter box is higher. High pee-ers be warned.

There is also an option without the shield.

​The oval shape of this uncovered cat litter box, means that there are no pesky corners to get into with the litter scoop.

The litter box has a matching scoop and to make scooping easier, the inside of the box has a polished surface.


The front opening height of this uncovered cat litter box, is good for senior cats who have more trouble getting in and out of litterboxes as they age.


This litter box may not suit a large or very large cat.


The measurements of this uncovered cat litter box are 19.68L x 15.51W x 10.63H inches.

Why is a top entry litter box a popular choice? Have a look at some top entry boxes .

4. ​Petmate ​Hi-Back Open Cat Litter Pan

 Hi-Back Open Litter Cat Pan

This uncovered cat litter box litter box has a high back molded all in one, so no leakage for high pee-ers.

Sometimes, if there is a join in the box for example, a lower half with an additional guard placed on top, high pee-ers can pee where there might be a join. This can make cleaning difficult. If you don’t have a high pee-er this is not a concern for you.

The front entrance is between 6 and a half and 7 inches tall, which would be fine for most cats, however senior cats or cats with arthritis or medical problems may find this a little high.

If this is the preferred box, a step can always be placed in front of the box.

We find, with our elderly cat that steps are becoming a necessity to help him access the places he has always been able to get to, but has ​now has difficulty reaching. That is of course when one of us is not picking him up to put him where he wants to go.

This box has two size choices, a Large size and a Jumbo size. The Jumbo size is shown.
​This product is made in the USA.


This uncovered cat litter box is made from non stick plastic.

The high rear wall will take care of high pee-ers.

This litter box is made in the US.


Some cats will use the low end and pee and poop over the front edge. The behavior your cat shows in his current litter box, would be a good guide to show whether or not he will enter the box and then turn around.

May not be high enough for extra high, high pee-ers. 😐


The measurements for the Jumbo size uncovered cat litter box are 23.08L x 18.77W x 12.1H inches. The colors you have to choose from are Blue Steel and Sky Blue.

What do you need to look out for in covered litter box? Learn more here.

5. PetFusion Cat Litter Box (The Better Box)

 Non-Stick Large Open Litter Box.

This is a non stick uncovered cat litter box which makes scooping an easy task, made even easier using a non stick cat litter scoop.

The non stick aspect is very popular. Some people have had issues with the non stick not being effective, however overwhelmingly this is a positive aspect of this litter box.

This uncovered litter box is a very sturdy and well made box. The sides are 8″ so maybe not suitable for a high pee-er, however a suitable height for most cats.

The front opening is five inches from the ground, so still suitable for older cats however if your cat has arthritis or other mobility issues you may want to look at a litter box specifically made for senior cats.

The box has an easy grip lip, going the whole way around the box, to make the box easier to pick up when needed.


This uncovered litter box has a non stick coating.

The litter box is made from strong ABS plastic.

It works well for older cats because of the fairly low front opening of the litter box.


The non stick aspect of the litter box will wear off if the box is subject to frequent scrubbing.

Ensure that enough litter is in the litter box if you find litter sticking.


This litter box is a decent size at 22.6 Lx 18.1Wwide and 8.1H inches. This litter box is also available in a 2 pack, which works out to be economical if you need two litter boxes. The color is Slate Gray.

Do you have a large cat? A traditional cat litter box may not be big enough. Read about litter boxes for large cats.

​We highly recommend the Iris Cat Litter Box​ because it ​includes all the ​practical design functions cat owners are looking for.

It has high sides​, a removable litter guard, ​a low entry for older cats or kittens and it includes a scoop.

​It is also an unbeatable budget option for all the features included.

Which litter box is the best? Uncovered or Covered? Read the pros and cons for a covered or uncovered litter box.

10 Reasons ​​To Use An Uncovered Litter Box

1. Cats using an uncovered litter box can see if a person or another animal is approaching​.

​2. The interior of a covered box can be cramped and difficult to turn around. Cats are more easily able to turn around in an uncovered litter box.

3. Odors can be trapped inside a covered litter box. While there will still be odors with an uncovered cat litter box, the odor will dissipate ​easily​​.

4. Litter dries faster in an uncovered cat litter box.

​5. Is your cat a litter finger? Choose an uncovered litter box with high sides like this one, if your cat likes to dig and fling.

​​6. Does your kitty like to leap from the box and take off in a hurry? An uncovered litter box, is a good option for the kitty in a hurry.

​7. An uncovered litter box may feel less cramped for a cat.

8. ​A recent study did conclude that cats used the entire litter box space and that size should perhaps be a recommendation when designing litter boxes.

So for the sake of the cat and if you have the space, choose a cat litter box on the larger side.

9. Another advantage with an uncovered cat litter box, is that it is easy to see when the box needs scooping. ​

An uncovered cat litter box is likely to be cleaned more often. There is no doubt that having easy access to the litter is an advantage, so scooping will be a quick job.

10.​ If you choose a box with higher sides ​and you have a senior cat or kitten, make sure that the cat can still access the litter box easily.

This will mean that the cat litter box will need to be a lower height at the front, to allow easy access​.

vector - two cats reading
I’ve always preferred uncovered dear. As long as I have some privacy I’m fine.
Cat Litter Box, Open Top

IRIS USA Cat Litter Box, Open Top Kitty Litter Box with Shield and Cat Litter Scoop

Different colors to choose from depending on where you purchase.

The dimensions are 19 x 15 x 11.75 inches.

Plenty of room and quick accessibility.

More Uncovered Cat Litter Boxes

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