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elderly marmalade cat

Ten Easy Ways Of Keeping An Elderly Cat Comfortable and Happy

​Keeping an elderly cat comfortable means in part, being aware of their needs. Cats are independent creatures and generally go about their life on their own terms. ​We mostly tolerate and accept

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best litter for declawed cats

What Is The Best Litter For Declawed Cats in 2019?

​A cat that has been declawed no longer has claws which ​makes it more difficult​ for the cat to dig in the litter. ​The best kitty litter for declawed cats ​is ​litter in which they can still

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cat litter box liners with elastic

Cat Litter Box Liners With Elastic – Why Are They So Popular?

Why Use Cat Litter Box Liners?Cleaning the litter box is one of those chores that has to be done but ​can we make it easier?Using a cat litter box liner solves the problem of the cat's waste being stuck

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Flea Control

Tell Me The Best Flea Tablets For Cats And Are They Effective?

​​Why Use Cat Flea Tablets?​​Flea tablets for cats are effective! ​​A flea tablet or pill is normally a one off treatment​ that effectively treats a flea infestation and works quickly.This

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cat litter attractant

A Comparison Of The Best Vacuums For Cat Litter

The Most Efficient Way To Clean Up Cat LitterOur cat has not yet been tempted ​to use the vacuum.Use a vacuum to deal with cat litter. It's faster, easier and more efficient than sweeping.Even

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cat drinking glasses

Cat Drinking Glasses Are Guaranteed Fun And A Little Bit Crazy

There is no end to cat related products and gifts and cat drinking glasses are amongst them.You can’t help but smile at a kitty glass and it is something that will be uniquely yours, unless someone else

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diatomaceous earth for fleas on cats

Diatomaceous Earth For Fleas On Cats – Is It Really Any Good?

Flea season has arrived!​What is diatomaceous earth and how does it control fleas?  ​​Diatomaceous Earth looks like powderUsing diatomaceous earth is one way to ​​control fleas using a non

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best flea medicine for cats

What Is The Most Effective And Best Flea Medicine For Cats?

It is not a pretty sight watching a cat scratching because of fleas and it can be a shock to realize that the problem is worse than it first seemed. ​Contents What Is The Best Flea Medicine For

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my cat is headbutting me

Why Do Cats Headbutt You When You Get Home?

There is nothing like a nice warm welcome when you ​get home from work or ​when you have been out and about for an hour or two.There is kitty waiting patiently, usually in his favorite spot. Although,

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uncovered or covered litter boxes

What Type Of Litter Box Is Best For Cats – Covered Or Uncovered?

The most basic of litter boxes is a litter box or litter tray that is uncovered, closely followed by much the same thing but with a cover or lid.There are pros and cons for both types of boxes. One size

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