The Process Of Growing Cat Grass Is Easy And Rewarding

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Growing cat grass is a fun thing to do. It is easy to have success and grow a successful crop of cat grass.

It is a great activity for the kids. Growing cat grass makes an excellent Science project. Children of all ages can work at their own level to record the results. For younger children, drawing is an excellent method to record results. Older children can measure and graph the results.

We have always grown cat grass for our cat. Because we grow it ourselves, we know that it has zero chemicals, and apart from giving it water, it gets very little care. You don’t have to have green thumbs to grow cat grass

Different Types Of Pet Grass

Different types of seeds are used to produce cat grass. Popular types include wheat, rye, barley, and oats.

cat grass growing in a pot
Our cat grass is growing very well. The dog likes it too.

The cat grass products below are not intended to be plants that continue to grow forever. Rather, it is a temporary planting option, with the work already done for you.

If you would like a more permanent option, growing the cat grass from seed will give you a longer-lasting product. This method will require more work. Some people have difficulty growing the grass from seed, in which case a kit would be a lot easier.

Cat Grass Growing Kits or Seeds
1. Cat-A’bout Cat Grass Plus Economical
2. Pet Greens Cat Grass Wheat-Grass – Pk 6 Convenient Multi Pack
3. Catit Senses 2.0 Grass Planter Cat With 3 Seed Packs Reusable Container
4. The Cat Ladies – Cat Grass Kit with Wood Planter, Seed and Soil  Good Success Rate
5. SmartCat Kitty’s GardenReusable Container
Looking For Cat Grass Seeds?
Cat Grass Buying Guide and FAQ

Grow Cat Grass At Home

1. Cat-A’bout Cat Grass Plus

Everything you need is included, including the growing medium, the seeds, and the container. The seeds and the growing medium are premixed. Simply add water and place in a sunny or warm location.

Follow the directions as stated to ensure success. Resist any temptation to add more water as this may result in mold. A water-absorbing additive keeps the seeds moist.

It is not necessary to clip the plant, in order to give it to the cat, sprinkled over the food. The cat can nibble straight from the container.


The grass grows fast.

It is very reasonably priced.

Very easy to grow, requires no gardening skills.


Don’t overwater or it will go mouldy. Grows better in warmer weather.

This product has a limited life, lasting around three weeks.


This package is 5.25 oz. The ingredients are: Wheat seed, Vermiculite and Plantagel (potassium, propenoate and propenamide copolymers). Plantagel is a non-toxic water absorption agent.

Instructions below are from the Manufacturer.

“Open the lid. Wet the granules with 2 1/2 cups of lukewarm water evenly. Water only once. Put the container in a warm, light place, avoiding direct sunlight. After three days the grass will begin to germinate. Within eight days the clipping opens up and the grass can grow to its full height. When the grass has reached a height of two to four inches you can serve it to your cat.”

2. Pet Greens Cat Grass Wheat-Grass – Pk 6

The product is already grown and comes with additional instructions. The grass is shipped in a container that seals in the moisture. Pet Greens Cat Grass is 100% certified organic for purity and safety.

The grass is a good source of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes and protein.

Great for indoor cats and stops them away from eyeing off houseplants as a tasty snack. The Multi Pack is a convenient option, particularly if you have more than one cat.

Some cats love cat grass straightaway, others take a few days to warm up to the idea that it could be tasty and others just generally show little interest.


This pet grass at Petco is a very good choice economically, compared to some other suppliers.


Check the bottom of the pot when the grass is purchased for any signs of mold. Return if dissatisfied.


This is a pack of six . Each container measures L13.5 in x H7.8 in and W 6.8in.

3. Catit Senses 2.0 Grass Planter Cat

Catit Senses 2.0 Cat Grass Planter, Interactive Cat Toys

This is a seed container. You do need to grow the seeds. The seeds used to be supplied with the product. This is no longer the case however the seeds can be bought separately. The actual container is an improved version of the original. It now has a deeper bowl and more drainage holes to prevent mold.

Three sets of vermiculite and wheat and grain seed are included in this kit. The seeds take approximately one week to grow.

This cat grass container is stable. Quite often the lighter containers tend to knocked over onto the side by the cat, so that cat can reach the grass. This is not a problem with this cat grass planter.

The grate can tend to lift once the grass really takes off so a gentle regular push back into place will solve this.  If you have trouble working out how to plant the seeds follow the advice set out in the FAQ section.

Love the appearance of this planter and that it can be reused to plant more grass.


This is the improved version. Read the notes above to see what has changed.

It is easy for the cat to access the grass in this stable planter.

This cat grass planter can be reused.

No more knocking over the cat grass planter and making a mess.


Some have a problem with the green grate rising as the seeds start to grow. Keep an eye on this and if it happens push it back gently into place as necessary.


This is the new and improved planter only. The seeds with vermiculite are also sold separately when you are ready to grow more cat grass. Each seed kit has 3 packets of seeds and vermiculite.

4. Cat Grass Kit with Wood Planter, Seed and Soil 

Cat Grass Kit (Organic) Complete with Rustic Wood Planter, Seed and Soil. Easy to Grow - Great for Indoor or Outdoor Cat, Dogs and Other Pets. Prevent Hairballs and Aid Digestion…

This kit has everything you need, rustic wooden planter, soil discs and the seeds. The soil discs are convenient and less messy than alternatives.

The image below shows the simple steps to cat grass growing success!

Cat Grass Kit (Organic) Complete with Rustic Wood Planter, Seed and Soil. Easy to Grow - Great for Indoor or Outdoor Cat, Dogs and Other Pets. Prevent Hairballs and Aid Digestion…

The seeds do not require full sunlight to grow. Don’t allow it to become too damp or wet. Use the plastic liner provided. The box does not require a drainage hole because the amount of water being used is minimal, just enough to keep the seeds moist.

The amount of soil used may seem to be not enough however not much is needed to grow the seeds. The whole packet of seeds does not need to be used at once. It depends on how thick you would like the grass.

Some people have used a grow lamp. If you have one, that could be a possibility.

How long does it take the grass to grow? That will depend on the growing conditions at your location, approximately a week but may be sooner.


Easy to grow.

The cats love it (most of them)

The grass growing in this container looks attractive so that it can sit anywhere in your home and not look out of place.(Unless you live in the Palace of Versailles)


Don’t overwater or it may go moldy. Use a spray bottle to water. The box does not have or require a drainage hole.


The grass in this kit includes wheat grass, oat, barley, and rye. The kit contains a natural wood planter (10” x 5” x 4”), 3 soil disks (number may vary), seeds for planting edible grass plus simple instructions.

5. SmartCat Kitty’s Garden

oats, wheat, rye, barley cat grass

How to use:

Place the pellets into each of the four sections. Pour 3 ounces of warm water into each section. Allow 10 minutes for the pellets to absorb the water.

Now remove 1 teaspoon of soil from each section and set it to one side. Open the seed pack and sprinkle the seeds on to the soil.

OR Do all of the above in one big bowl and when competed divide into the four smaller sections.

Use the soil that has been put to one side to cover the seeds. Lightly mix until the seeds are covered. Spray with water if necessary. Drain any excess water from the bottom tray. Keep the seed mixture damp. Keep in a location that is between 65-70 degrees F.

When seeds are 3 to 4 inches high kitty can can enjoy his private garden.

Note: All of the seeds do not need to be used at once.


Safe for all age cats.

Easy to follow instructions.

Grows fast.

Planter box can be reused.


Mold and yellowing can be a problem if there is not enough sunlight .


The cat grass consists of 100% organic oats, rye, wheat, and barley. The planter box measures approximately 5 3/8 inches square by 3 1/4 inches high. The bottom base is 3/8 inch wider than the rest.

Cat Grass Seeds

growing cat grass in a cat planter
Who knew greens could taste so good!

How To Grow Cat Grass From Seed

Growing cat grass is basically the same as growing anything from seed.  Most of the kits that can be bought online come packaged with everything you will need, including the soil or growing medium, the seeds, and the container. The growing medium often contains vermiculite, which is very light in weight. All you need to do is follow the instructions given.

How to grow cat grass from seed. Use these directions if you have seeds but no instructions.

1. Choose a container with drainage.  

2.Place a saucer underneath the container to protect surfaces.

3. Fill with a good-quality potting mix. We always have a compost pile going, so adding a small amount of compost is something I almost always do when doing any planting. It does not matter if you do not have compost.

4.Dampen the mix but do not saturate. Sprinkle some seeds across the surface. Cover with a light sprinkling of soil. Give a light water.  Using a spray bottle will help to avoid over watering the seeds.

5.Keep the soil moist and within days you should see the shoots appear.

6. Once the shoots are a reasonable height, kitty will be knocking you over to get to the grass.

Cat Grass Buying Guide and FAQ

Why Do Cats Like Cat Grass?

Some people believe the cat will expel hairballs or vomit after eating cat grass which contains fiber. This may or may not be coincidence. That being said, if cat grass aids in digestion, that is a good thing.

Cats certainly love it. We all know that eating our greens is good for us in the form of vitamins, minerals and fiber so these are also positive benefits for the cat.

Note: Cat grass is not the same as lawn or what we commonly call grass.

There are some foods that cats definitely should not eat. Some are quite surprising.  It is worth finding out to prevent any problems from occurring in the first place.

Do All Cats Like Cat Grass?

Not all cats like cat grass but then cats do change their minds. Even if you had a cat grass refuser in the past it doesn’t mean that is forever.

A good idea is to have a couple of pots of cat grass on the go so that when one is more or less finished, you have the ‘one you prepared earlier’ and the cat will be impressed.

You can grow the seeds indoors or outdoors. It will depend on the climate where you live.  For the seeds to sprout, some warmth or a sunny spot is needed.  Just follow the procedure for growing seeds of any type in your area.

Do Dogs Like Pet Grass?

A regular doggie visitor to our house liked the cat grass just as much as the cat. 

We did not ever have to offer it to the dog or encourage him to eat it, he just seems to know it was okay for him to eat.

Neither the cat or the dog ate other household plants (well not while we were watching anyway) The cat didn’t ever eat too much. Just a few nibbles and he would be on his way.

If your cat has allergies this presents extra challenges. This article reviews cat food for cats that are hypoallergenic….And there is more here.

How Safe Is Cat Grass?

Cat grass is safe to give to your cat.  If you have grown it you know exactly what has gone into the preparation. However as with anything else, always observe your cat for any unusual symptoms after eating anything that varies from the usual diet, and this includes cat grass. Visit a vet if you have any doubts.

Where Can I Get A Cat Grass Kit?

Due to increased popularity, seeds, containers, and sprouting kits are readily available online and at pet stores.

a cat nibbling cat grass
Yep! I like it!

Problems With Growing Cat Grass

Mold can be an indication that the pot is too wet.

The pot may need to be moved to an area that has more ventilation or moved outside if the weather is warm. As with any gardening and growing, a certain amount of experimentation may need to happen if you don’t have success the first time. 

Don’t give up. Have another go.  It will make you happy and your cat happy, guaranteed!

Where Can I buy Cat Grass?

I initially bought our pet grass from a pet stall at a fair.  BTW, this is a really good little money earner for fetes/fairs as the grass can be planted out in containers several weeks before the date required, so that it is nice and healthy by the time the fair/fete comes around.  

If you have a pet it is impossible to not buy a pot of pet grass to take home for the cat.

two cats talking about cat grass
Have you seen the cat grass dear?  It has really taken off. Do you think they would notice if I had a little entree?

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