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From Aloof to Affectionate – Understanding An Older Cat Suddenly Clingy

senior cats can become clingy

Have you noticed your older cat acting suddenly clingy? This change in behavior can be alarming, but understanding the reasons …

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Cat Peeing On Dog Bed – Why Oh Why Kitty? Sorry To All Dogs

Cat pees on dog bed

One of the more mystifying things that cats can do, is pee in all the wrong places. The reasons are …

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Good, Practical Advice You’ll Need For Arthritis In Senior Cats – From A Vet

arthritis is senior cats

This article about arthritis in senior cats is written by Dr Ali Raza a Doctor of Medicine (MD), Veterinary Sciences. …

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The Best Cat Furniture For Senior Cats

cat furniture for senior cats

The best cat furniture for senior cats is a set of cat steps or a low level cat tree.The lower …

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Ten Easy Ways Of Keeping An Elderly Cat Comfortable And Happy

Old Male Orange Cat

Cats go about their life on their own terms. We can try and exert control but it doesn’t usually work. …

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12 Telltale Signs Of A Cat Aging That Are not Always Obvious

an aging black cat

The telltale signs of a cat’s aging are sometimes not noticed right away. Our lives can seem to go on …

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How To Choose The Best Cat Bed For Older Cats

cat bed for senior cats

Senior Cat In His New Bed The best cat bed for older cats provides comfort, support and easy access. At …

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What Is The Best Diet For An Old Cat? Tips for Choosing the Right Diet

old cat eating a wet food diet

The best diet for any cat, and that includes old cats, should consist of mainly animal protein. Cats need animal …

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Sadly, Our 17 Year Old Cat Passed Away

best bed for senior cats

A beloved pet passing away is the heartbreaking part of owning a pet that all pet owners have to face …

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What Is The Purpose Of A Secure Senior Cat Porch Enclosure?

cat enclosed on porch

Our cat is a senior citizen. We needed a secure senior cat porch enclosure where we knew he would be …

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What Is The Best Litter Box For Elderly Cats?

best litter boxes for older cats

The best litter box for elderly cats is an uncovered litter box with a low entry point. An uncovered box …

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What Is The Best Cat Food For Older Cats With Bad Teeth?

vet checking teeth of old cat

Smaller chunks of food are the best cat food for older cats with bad teeth. Why? Cats, unlike humans, do …

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What Is The Best Thing About Using Raised Cat Bowls?

cat bowls raised for easier access for cats

Why would you want a raised cat bowl for your cat? Maybe you just hadn’t thought of it before now. …

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Amazing Cat And Birds Video – What Is The Secret To Harmony?

magpies with the cat

The cat and birds video shown below could have been taken on any day of the week, time of the …

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How To Work Out The Best Cat Food For Diabetic Cats

best cat food for diabetic cats

Our cat is diabetic. This is a fairly recent diagnosis. In this article I talk about what the best diet …

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