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Easy To Use – Low Cost Pet Insurance

The obvious reason to have low cost insurance pet insurance for your cat is to help take care of the cost veterinary bills.

Pet insurance, like any insurance is a safety net which helps protect us, the pet owners against unexpected costs that arise as a result of our pets needing veterinarian care. The right type of cover will help pay many of the expenses incurred at the vet.

This article examines the reasons for needing pet insurance for your cat and how Pet Assure makes it easy to get a discount each time you visit the vet - without tedious form filling.

It's check up time!

how will you benefit from having cat insurance?

You may think your cat will never need to go to the vet, however even if  you are just going to the vet for vaccinations and checkups, the right plan will hugely assist financially and lessen the financial burden.

Plus, sometimes a checkup can reveal a condition that needs further investigation and therefore often more cost. How often have you heard a work colleague or friend bemoan the expense of a visit to the vet for an unforeseen procedure or operation?

Below are some of the most important benefits of pet insurance that may convince you to think twice about insuring your pet.

Being Prepared

We love our pets, they become part of the family. Often they are the only family a person will have. We will pay what it takes when needed but it isn’t always easy to meet veterinarian costs and this can be a true financial burden.

Consider how you would deal with an emergency bill. For instance, your pet may be a senior and with some policies older pets may cost more to insure. More alarming is the fact that often cats are too old to insure at all and it is at that stage of life when visits to the vet and vet bills start to mount up. Senior pets are the category of pets most likely to need medical treatment at any given time. 

Our dear old cat, recently passed away. There is no doubt that in his old age he did require more medical help and thus more cost for us. He had diabetes which required regular visits to the veterinarian clinic to check insulin levels plus the cost of the twice daily insulin injections. He also took a form of Prozac so more cost.  There were also countless other checkups and minor ailments  that all required a trip to the vet. 

Pet insurance for older pets

I might need to go to the vet more often as I'm a bit older now

It’s curious that as a society we are comfortable spending tons of money on the right foods, right bedding, and all the toys your pet can keep count of, so why are we slow or even reluctant to embrace the idea of pet insurance.

Restrictions with pet insurance

Restrictions with pet insurance are mainly concerning pre existing conditions.  

A pre existing condition is a condition that the cat already has even though you may never have been to the vet regarding the condition. If the cat is diagnosed before the waiting period is up, the pre existing condition will not be covered.  

It is important to read any information about pre existing conditions with each individual insurance company. As with other types of insurance, home, life, medical and so on the benefits vary between different companies 

Pet insurance helps with vet costs

I didn't feel a thing! Do I get my treat now?

Introducing Pet assure

When it comes to pet insurance, Pet Assure is one of the most convenient destinations for traditional pet insurance, offering simple and affordable access to high veterinary care. 

However, compared to ordinary pet insurance, Pet Assure has no deductibles and annual limits. A deductible is the amount that you have to pay before ordinary pet insurance kicks in.

You have your own Pet Assure ID card.  It is that easy!

There is an instant 25% discount on in house medical services at participating veterinarians. All pets are eligible regardless of age, type or health.

Pet Assure has been serving satisfied pet owners for over 20 years and grows its fan base on a daily basis by offering discount plans that help everyone save on their pet care.

How Pet Assure works

By paying a minimal annual fee, anyone can easily access pet care on their budget especially if you are looking to get cover for multiple pets.

With a Pet Assure membership, you also get lost pet recovery program for free.

Although Pet Assure sounds like an insurance plan, it actually offers discounts to pet owners when they visit any of the veterinarians within its huge network, discounts on grooming, pet supplies, training and other services.

It is always important that you schedule a vet's appointment for your cat or any other pet to get the necessary shots that will prevent disease in the future. With Pet Assure the instant discount is given when visiting the vet, so straight away the financial burden pressure is taken away.

The discount is applied at the veterinarian clinic so there are no forms to fill in submit. For everyone who dislikes filling in forms (like me) this is a big plus.

Every Pet Assure plan offers pet owners a 25% discount on veterinary care from a long list of veterinarians in its extensive network, and pet owners get a 5-35% discount on pet supplies and services ordered from various online merchants and providers of pet related merchandise.

Signing up to the Pet Assure plan is the easy part. All you have to do is visit the website, select the plan you need and proceed with the plan’s monthly or annual fee.

In all cases, you get instant coverage as soon as you sign up and you can save some money when you pay the annual fee as it not only saves you the processing fee, but also gives you a two-month free access to one of the most popular pet insurance providers in the market!

and Finally...

I don’t know about you, but the pets in my house are very much a part of my family, which means I take care of their health just as seriously as I do everyone else. If this is the case for you as well, then you might want to consider adding pet insurance to your pet’s budget as well.