How Long Do Cardboard Cat Scratchers Last? I am Thinking Not Very Long!

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How Long Do Cardboard Cat Scratchers Last? Cardboard cat scratchers are by their very nature not meant to be long lasting. The purpose of a cardboard cat scratcher is to give the cat an opportunity to scratch that they wouldn’t have otherwise. There are also budget options.

Cats are known for their love of scratching, but this behavior isn’t simply a destructive impulse. Scratching is actually essential for feline health.

Cats have sharp claws that can quickly become overgrown. If left unchecked, overgrown claws can cause pain and mobility problems. Regular scratching helps to keep claws trimmed and in good condition.

In addition, scratching provides cats with a form of exercise. The act of stretching and reaching while scratching helps to keep muscles toned and healthy.

cat sitting on top of a cardboard cat scratcher
Is this for me! I think I like it already!

Finally, scratching helps cats to mark their territory. Scent glands in a cat’s paws release pheromones when they scratch, leaving behind a visual and olfactory sign that this is their home.

For all of these reasons, it’s important to provide cats with plenty of opportunities to scratch. A corrugated cardboard cat scratcher or cat scratching post or cat tree is the perfect way to keep your feline friend happy and healthy.

How Long Do Cardboard Cat Scratchers Last?

With so many different cardboard cat scratchers on the market, it can be hard to know which ones will last the longest.

The good news is that these scratchers are designed to withstand a lot of wear and tear and constant scratching. Based on my experience, I would say that they can last for several months, if not longer, although some may start to show signs of wear after a few weeks.

I’ve tried all kinds of cardboard cat scratchers. In the end, I didn’t find that no particular type of cardboard cat scratcher lasted significantly longer than the other.

However, I did notice that my cat seemed to prefer the more expensive name brand scratcher. She would spend more time scratching and lounging on it

Is Corrugated Cardboard A Durable Material For Cat Scratchers?

marmalade cat ripping chunks of cardboard off a cardboard cat scratcher
This is actually tough going. Maybe I should go back to napping!

Corrugated cardboard is often used for cat scratchers because it is durable, lightweight, and cheap. Cats love to scratch, and giving them a durable scratching surface keeps them happy and keeps you happy – no more scratching furniture.

Cardboard is also lightweight, making it easy to move around the house. In addition, cardboard is one of the most affordable materials for cat scratchers.

However, some owners find that corrugated cardboard quickly becomes frayed and worn. As a result, they may need to replace their cat’s scratcher more often than they would if they used another material.

Nonetheless, corrugated cardboard is still a popular choice due to its durability, low cost, and light weight and the variety of products available.

How Does A Corrugated Cardboard Cat Scratcher Affect The Cat’s Nails?

A cat’s nails are delicate and need regular care to stay healthy.

When a cat scratches, it not only helps remove dead skin and fur, but also helps keep their nails clean and sharp.

A corrugated cardboard cat scratcher provides the perfect surface for a cat to scratch. The textured surface helps to remove dirt and debris from their nails, and the scratching motion helps to keep their nails filed down.

In addition, the corrugated cardboard is also sturdy enough to withstand a cat’s claws, making it an ideal material for a cat scratcher.

As a result, a corrugated cardboard cat scratcher is an essential tool for keeping a cat’s nails healthy and strong.

How long do cardboard cat scratchers last
Even little kitties like cardboard cat scratchers!

What Can You Do With Old Corrugated Cardboard Cat Scratchers?

When your cat’s cardboard cat scratcher starts to look like a shredded piece of corrugated cardboard, it’s time to recycle or dispose of it.

But what do you do with an old cat scratcher?

One option is to recycle them. Most cardboard scratchers are eco friendly and are already made from recycled materials. Simply break down the scratcher and put it in your recycle bin with the other recycled materials.

We do the same with shredded paper, using the same black compost bin we have had for years and years. Paper and cardboard are a good way to balance the materials in the compost bin. It’s good for the environment! The cat scratcher ends up in the garden as compost.

If you can’t recycle it and don’t have a compost bin, dispose of it in the trash.

However, if the scratcher is still in good condition and you just want to get a new cardboard cat scratcher, you may want to donate the old one to a local animal shelter or rescue group.

These organizations are always in need of donated items and would be happy to take yours off your hands!

Finally, you could also repurpose the scratcher for another use. For example, you could cut it up and use it as packing material when moving or shipping items.

a roll of corrugated cardboard
Corrugated cardboard! Ah ha! That’s what it is. Cat scratchers won’t look exactly like this. This is an example.

What’s The Best Place For A Cat Scratcher?

Cardboard scratchers come as both vertical and horizontal options.

Sometimes a cat prefers a horizontal scratching surface so a cat scratcher placed on the floor or even a slightly angled ramp cat scratcher would work well.

Coching Cat Scratcher Cardboard Cat Scratch Pad with Premium Scratch Textures Design Durable Cat Scratching Pad Reversible

Sometimes a vertical scratcher is preferred as the cat can really stretch out when scratching. A vertical cat scratcher is placed (as in attached) on the wall. If it is free standing and has a base it may be better pushed up against a wall or up against a piece of furniture.

Way Basics Eco Friendly Cat Scratcher Inclined Cat Scratching Pad with Organic Catnip (Tool-Free Assembly and Uniquely Crafted from Sustainable Non Toxic zBoard Paperboard) White (PET-SCRA-2-WE)

Try both kinds and see which way the cats prefer and use.

When Should I Throw Away Cardboard Scratchers?

Typically, you’ll want to replace cardboard cat scratchers every one to three months. If you have multiple cats, or if your cat is particularly active, you may need to replace them more frequently.

How long do cardboard cat scratchers last? Watch for signs of wear and tear, such as flattening and loosening of carboard and replace the scratcher when necessary.

In addition to replacing worn out scratchers, you can give them a light clean to extend life. Gently vacuum or brush away any debris.

Cardboard Cat Scratcher Versus Other Materials

cat sitting in a bow with some corrugated cardboard
Here I am, in the box with my corrugated cardboard next to my sisal scratching post. Happeeeee!

Cat scratching posts are typically wrapped with sisal and not corrugated cardboard. There is no doubt that sisal is a far stronger material and will last longer.

A sisal scratching post will predictably cost more than a cardboard scratcher.

Typically cardboard scratchers are not in the form of the the traditional scratching post that comes to mind.

The end purposes are the same and that is somewhere for cats to scratch indoors on a textured scratching surface.

This is simply a matter of preference and is another choice that a cat owner has when looking to make the life of cats more comfortable.

It does not have to be one or the other. You may prefer a cat scratching post wrapped in sisal in addition to using disposable cardboard scratchers to use in other locations in the house.

Although scratching posts can be moved around we often tend to leave them in the one place as they can be cumbersome. A cardboard cat scratcher is super lightweight. If the weight of the product is an issue for you, this is an important factor. The weight of the product is always given in specifications.

Do Cardboard Cat Scratchers Make A Mess?

Most cardboard cat scratchers come with a protective covering to help keep them clean. However, if your cat is particularly vigorous when scratching, the cardboard may start to shred and create a mess.

Eventually the cardboard scratcher will break down. When your cat scratches a cardboard scratcher, breaks off small pieces of cardboard. These pieces of cardboard then fall to the ground.

Additionally, when your cats scratch the scratcher, it can also deposit small amounts of dirt and debris on the floor nearby. Over time, this can create a messy area around your cat’s scratcher.

The benefits outweigh the cons of having to clean up. If the cleaning becomes tiresome, you can always put the scratcher away for periods of time for your own sanity and put it back when you are ready. I use a Dyson for quick clean up jobs. Mostly just the handheld unit.

vector - two cats reading in bed
Look one of those automatic vacuums would solve the mess problem. What’s the fuss?

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