litter box attractant for cats

This Is How To Use Litter Box Attractant For Cats

Why Use A Litter Box Attractant?The purpose of using a litter box attractant is to help lure your kitty to the litter box. Litter box avoidance is surprisingly

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An old black cat

If You Own A Cat You Need To Know The Signs Of Cat Aging

Sometimes our lives seem to go on automatic pilot or so it may seem when we look back at a period of time and wonder how it passed so quickly.  This can be the case when we realize

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At what times of the year do cats shed hair

When Do Cats Shed Their Hair? I’ve Had Enough!

There are certain times of the year when you may notice that there is a lot more cat hair “floating” around the house.​Once when out, I accidentally sat in the favorite chair

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Cat grooming glove with cat hair

How To Decide What is The Best Cat Grooming Glove

What is the best cat grooming glove? Cat grooming gloves ​or cat de-shedding gloves have become very popular recently.Using a cat grooming glove is a really nifty way to bond

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flea collars for cats

What Are The Best Flea Collars For Cats?

​A cat's worst nightmare must be ​having ​fleas. It is not a pretty sight to see kitty itching and scratching because of fleas.​Fortunately the problem can quickly be reversed. Flea ​collars

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Petting Your Cat

Be An Expert At Petting Your Cat The Right Way

​The Pos​itives Of Petting Your catPetting your cat or giving your cat a massage can help alleviate stress and stiffness in joints which in turn boosts the overall health and well

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reasons to own a cat

This Is All You Need To Know About The Best Flea Treatment For Kittens

Has Your Kitten Got Fleas?​The flea treatment ​you use will depend on the age of the kitten. ​​If the kitten is less than 6-8 weeks old do not use conventional flea treatments. ​ There are other

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best litter box for large cats

Need to Know The Best Litter Box For Large Cats?

​​As a rule of thumb, cats prefer large litter boxes. ​A cat will be more likely to use the litter box if they are not stepping on their own waste. ​Contents Reviews Of Uncovered Litter Boxes

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Maine Coon Kittens

What Are The Best Large Cat Breeds For You?

​What are the best large cat breeds for you ? In this post, we will describe some of these large breeds with their place of origin, physical characteristics, and their personality.

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best cat bed for older cats

How To Choose The Best Cat Bed For Older Cats

​​Senior Cat In His New Bed​At first glance this bed appears to be too small for ​Mr Kitty. However it has ​one huge bonus and that is the supported and structured but

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