Do Hairless Cats Have Whiskers? Are Cats Okay With No Whiskers?

a Sphynx cat without any whiskers

Do hairless cats have whiskers? Some hairless cat breeds such as the Sphynx breed, may have no whiskers at all. …

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Best Whisker Fatigue Cat Bowls – Kind To Whiskers

cat food in a shallow bowl

The best whisker fatigue cat bowls are shallower and wider than traditional cat bowls. This is because cats whiskers are …

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Why Are My Cats Whiskers Singed? Poor Kitty! His Whiskers Are Curly!

kitten with charred whiskers

Why are my cats whiskers singed? Table Of Contents When To See The Vet For Singed Cat Whiskers? If the …

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Why Do Cats Like Bags? My Cat’s Eyes Light Up When He Sees A Bag!

Cats like bags because of their love of confined spaces. Bags provide a sense of security and enclosure, mimicking the …

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Why Do Cats Whiskers Change Color? They Are A Strange Mixture Of Black And White!

white cat with white whiskers

Cats whiskers change color because: Table Of Contents Why Do Cats Whiskers Go Black? Why cats whiskers turn black, is …

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Why Does My Cat Have Long Whiskers? They Look Amazing!

why does my cat have long whiskers

Why does my cat have long whiskers? Some cat breeds have a predisposition towards longer whiskers. Genes play an important …

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Why Are My Cat’s Whiskers Bent? Is It Hurting The Cat?

close up of cat's face and bent cat whiskers

Over time, cats whiskers can become bent or broken. This happens when they get caught on something or if the …

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Do Cats Whiskers Grow Back and return to normal when they Are damaged?

cat with long curly whiskers

Do cats whiskers grow back if they have been damaged in some way, and does this affect the life of …

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Why Do Cats Bury Food? Are They Hiding It From Other Cats?

why do cats bury food

One of the most curious behaviors of cats is their tendency to bury food. While it may seem like the …

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How Deep Should Cat litter Be? A Rule Of Thumb For Quick Calculations

how deep should cat litter be

How deep should cat litter be, in the cat litter box? We need to have an amount that is comfortable …

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Why Do Cats Lie On Paper?

two cats sitting on paper and books in a bookcase

Why do cats lie on paper? Place a piece of paper in the middle of the floor and your cat …

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How Long Do Cardboard Cat Scratchers Last? I am Thinking Not Very Long!

cat in cardboard box

How Long Do Cardboard Cat Scratchers Last? Cardboard cat scratchers are by their very nature not meant to be long …

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High Quality Corrugated Cardboard Cat Scratcher

cat lying on high quality cardboard cat scratcher

A high quality corrugated cardboard cat scratcher is a great way to keep your cat entertained and a BIG plus …

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Why Do Cats Eat Cardboard? Is It Bad For Them? What Happens?

why do cats eat cardboard

Why do cats eat cardboard? Cats don’t need to rip and shred their food these days, however they still show …

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Are Cardboard Cat Scratchers Good? Do They Work?

wave cardboard cat scratcher

Cardboard cat scratchers are especially important for inside cats. Are cardboard cat scratchers good? Many cat parents believe that cardboard …

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