Cat behavior and understanding our cats is somewhat of an elusive thing.  We can base their behavior on predicable patterns and how they have evolved from their ancestral origins. We even have a fair amount of success with that.  We can determine behaviors aligned with different breeds and just when we think we have it sorted the cat will do something totally unexpected.  

Cat behavior and understanding

That is surely part of their charm and why we love them. Plus they are cute and we do love watching cat behavior videos. 

If you are experiencing aggression from your cat, Cornell Feline Health Center has excellent advice to help identify aggression the possible reason for it occurring and  illustrations to help recognize different cat postures and stances when they feel threatened.

Are you going to be caring for someone's cat or maybe your own cat is going to be cared for by a family member or someone else?  A checklist that contains important information about your pet will be helpful for the carer. Having relevant information about the pet will help alleviate stress that may occur with a different routine. There is space to write information concerning medical conditions,  prescription and non prescription medications, feeding regime, pet carer, owner and veterinarian information plus more.  

This is a free checklist from Is That Your Cat. We hope you find it useful.

Here is the the download link.