cat wine glasses

Have You Ever Seen Cat Wine Glasses? They Are Real!

A cat wine glass may sound a bit weird unless of course you are a cat lover and then it will seem entirely normal and in fact desirable.

A cat wine glass makes a great gift for those of us who love our furballs. Actually they also make a great gift for that special person who looks after your cats when you are away.

As a cat owner I just like them anyway. I don't need a reason to buy one.

Stemless Cat Wine Glasses

Stemless wine glasses are terrific for stability, particularly when using outside and on surfaces that may not be exactly level.

The etching is permanent and it is dishwasher safe.

The glass is good quality.

This is a quirky fun gift. It is made in the USA and yes there are doggie glasses too.​

Let's not discriminate here. 

Some of the wording on the following glasses is either repeated or very similar.  

They are all included because there is always some difference in either the style of writing, placement of text or the use of slightly different kitty images.

This just means that there are more choices, even if there are some similarities.

It's Not Drinking Alone if the Cat is Home Funny Stemless Wine Glass, 1 Pack, 15 Ounce18 oz Stemless Wine Glass: Not Drinking AloneCat LOVE stemless wine glass, 15 oz.Cats & wine make life better stemless glassBest Cat Mom Ever Funny Wine Glass 15oz - Unique Christmas Gift Idea for Cat Lovers - Perfect Birthday Gifts for Women - Rude Sarcastic Cat Meme Cup - Evening MugWine Glass Goblet Funny Cat Meow Wine Please (17 oz Stemless)Cats Meow Stemless Wine Glass17 oz Stemless Wine Glass Funny Cats and Wine Make Life BetterEverything's Fine with Kittens and Wine Gold Kitten Quality Wine Stopper and Glass SetIt’s Not Really Drinking Alone If The Cat Is Home Wine Glass - Stemless - Large Pour (15 oz.) Funny Gift Idea for Cat LoversFunny Wine Glass for Cat Lovers - I Work Hard So My Cat Can Live a Better Life - Stemless - Large Pour (15 oz.) Gift IdeaCat Meow Set of 2 Stemless Wine Glasses Etched Engraved Monogrammed hand MadeCrazy Cat Lady Set of 2 Stemless Wine Glasses Etched Engraved Monogrammed Hand MadeIt's Not Really Drinking Alone if the Cat is Home Stemless Wine GlassThey Call Me Crazy Funny Cat Gift Laser Etched Engraved Wine Glass - 15 oz17 oz Stemless Wine Glass Funny I just want to drink wine and hang out with my catNot Drinking Alone Cat 17oz Stemless Wine Glass (one) 4+ Styles w/ your Custom TextChloe and MadisonDrinking Wine and Feline Fine Unique Dishwasher Safe Stemless 15 oz Funny Wine Glasses Set of 2It's Not Drinking Alone if the Cat is Home Tritan Unbreakable Acrylic Plastic Unique Stemless 15 ounce Funny Wine Glasses Set of 2 by Monkeyshine Wine (2 Cat PL) (2)Wine Glass Goblet Funny Drinkin Wine and Feeline Fine Cat (17 oz Stemless)Wine Glass Goblet Funny Dog Cat Animal Lover Sit Stay Drink Paw Prints (17 oz Stemless)Stemless - It's Not Drinking Alone If The Cat Is Home - Cats Gifts - Cat Wine Glass - Gifts for Cat lover - Cat Mom - Crazy Cat Lady - Housewarming -Single - FriendCrazy Cat Lady Stemless Wine GlassFour Legged Friends Stemless Wine Glasses, Set of TwoCrazy Cat Set of 2 Stemless Wine Glasses Etched Engraved Monogrammed Hand MadeChloe and MadisonChloe and MadisonCat Yin Yang Set of 2 Stemless Wine Glasses Etched Engraved Monogrammed Hand MadeI'm Getting Meowied Funny Wine Glass 15oz - Unique Wedding Gift Idea for Fiancee, Bride, Bridal Shower Gifts - Engagement Party or Christmas Gift for Her - Evening MugPersonalized Cat Breed Stemless Wine Glasses (Set of Four) - Siamese CatNamaste Home With My Cat Engraved 15-ounce Stemless Wine GlassCat Face Set of 2 Stemless Wine GlassesCat Stemless Wine GlassCat Stemless Wine Glass

Personalized Cat Wine Glass

This wine glass is personalized for different cat breeds and comes in a set of four.

The image shown is a Siamese cat.

The other breeds available are Maine Coon Cats, Shorthair Cats and Persian Cats.

Cat Wine Glasses

These glasses all have a stem. While stemless glasses are great for stability they are not necessarily so good for people who have arthritis in their hands.  

Stemless glasses can be difficult to hold so a wineglass with a stem is a better choice and easier to grip for arthritic hands.​

Black Cat Wine Glasses

Black cat themed wine glasses are very popular for Halloween.​
I must admit they are cute.

Cat Charms For Wine Glasses

Wine glass charms are fun and can be a great ice breaker at a party or function but what they are really helpful for is keeping track of your wine glass.

I don’t know about you but I can relate to times when I have put down my wine glass ​ unthinkingly and then can’t find it as it is not distinguishable at all from all the other wine glasses.

Plus, when you ask someone if they may have your wine (picked up by accident), people get very protective and hang tightly onto their wine glass.

You know this also applies to beverage that is not wine.

Often we put down the glass because something else happens, like you need to get your glasses out to look at a photo on a phone or you gotta go and check on something.​

Having a wine glass charm makes it easy to keep track of your glass and there is no excuse for suggesting (I didn't say accusing) someone you think may have your glass.

So in fact wine glass charms stop this anti social behavior (tongue in cheek). We just happen to like wine glass charms that are cat themed.

Alert:Really Good Party Idea 

Have you got a party, celebration or gathering coming up?

Go to a thrift store and pick up a bunch of different glasses (with stems).

Mix up the sizes and shape so the glasses are already have individual identifying characteristics.

At the party, your guests choose a glass and add a cat wine glass charm.

Some of the charms on this page stick onto the glass so great for stemless glasses of any kind. It's fun choosing and is a talking point plus your guests will think you are so clever.

This then identifies the glass as belonging to that person and then your guest and their glass will be united if they should become separated.

The added bonus is that if a glass gets broken, at least it's not your heirloom glasses and you can wash and donate them back to the thrift store.

cat wine glasses