Why Does My Cat Sleep On My Pillow? I Love it!

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Cats are known to be creatures of comfort, and they love to sleep in warm and cozy places. So, if your cat has started sleeping on your pillow, it is because they find it to be the perfect spot.

The Most usual Reasons a Cat Will Sleep On Or Near Your Pillow

  1. Cats tend to prefer warm places, and cozy beds and your pillow provides them with a warm and comfortable place to rest.
  2. Your cat may also sleep on your pillow because they love you and want to be close to you.
  3. Cats are social animals, and they enjoy spending time with their human parents.
  4. Sleeping on your pillow allows them to be close to you and feel safe and secure.
  5. Cats also have a hierarchy system, and cats sleeping on your pillow may be a way for them to assert their dominance.
  6. They may see a warm place with you, as a part of their territory and want to make sure that other cats or pets do not intrude on their sleeping spot.
  7. If you have more than one cat, they may also be competing for the prime spot on your pillow.
  8. Cats tend to be light sleepers, and they may want to make sure that they get the best spot to sleep soundly.
a group of cats
I know! We are all cute!

Most seasoned veterinarians, cat behavior specialists, cat researchers, and yes, even Crazy Cat Ladies like me, do not have all the answers about cats.

Why Does My Cat Sleep On My Pillow?

Your cat may opt to sleep on your pillow for a few common-sense reasons.

  • They love you and want to spend time with you
  • They feel safe and secure
  • It is a territorial thing
  • Your body temperature offers warmth
  • Your cat continues to bond with you even during sleep
  • Your cat is letting you know that they are the boss in this hacienda.
cat sleeping on a pillow on a bed

Why Do Cats Sleep by Your Head?

While some cats enjoy sleeping on your pillow with their tail resting across your face, others are perfectly content sleeping at the side of your head on your pillow. 

If your cat prefers to sleep by your head, count yourself lucky. At least our Wee Willy chooses to sleep at the side of my hubby’s pillow.

There have been a few instances where Willy has slept directly on hubby’s head. My hubby wakes in the morning or during the middle of the night to find Willy’s butt and tail hanging over his forehead.

Hubby does resemble Davy Crocket with his racoon-skin cap.

I had a friend at one time, who owned a Maine Coon cat.

She had to use caution when putting on her night cream.

Her cat always inched his way closer and closer while she slept, only to wake up in the morning with cat hair stuck in her face cream all over her face!

No matter what action she took, nothing worked and every morning she said she looked like the bearded lady in the circus.

 Count yourself fortunate indeed if all your furry friend wants to stay warm, is one small piece of your pillow.

Cat professionals tend to think that if your cat enjoys sleeping at the foot of your bed or at your side, and suddenly moves to your head, it may be because you are a restless sleeper.

If you are thrashing about in bed and having a restless night, don’t be surprised to find your cat sleeping by your head.

Our Willy knows that there is less action when sleeping from the shoulders up. A seat at the head allows for a more peaceful sleep.  

Some cats prefer to disappear right under the covers.


a white cat sleeping on a pillow
This pillow is just right!

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Is It OK for My Cat to Sleep on My Pillow?

The answer to this question is yes and no.

Letting your cat sleep on your pillow is entirely up to you.

However, truth be known, if your cat loves sleeping on your pillow, it will be hard to break them of this habit.

Cats are persistent little creatures and will find a way to get what they want, including sleeping on your pillow. 

Are There Any problems With A Cat Sleeping On Your Pillow?

If you have certain medical conditions like asthma, it probably is not such a great idea.

If your doctor is treating you for asthma, they will undoubtedly discourage you from even having a cat in your basement while you sleep in the attic. 

It is essential to note that while it may be cute to have your cat sleep on your pillow, it can also be a health hazard. Cats can carry bacteria and viruses that can cause cat scratch disease or other illnesses.

Cats are known for their nocturnal habits and tend to be active during the night.

This can cause disruptions to your sleep, especially if your furry friend sleeps above your head.

If you are a light sleeper you may find it annoying to be woken up by the cat on your pillow..

Having a cat sleep on your pillow can result in a buildup of hair, which can be problematic for those with allergies. Cat hair and litter box debris can accumulate on your pillow, which can cause allergies or respiratory problems.

If your cat spends time outdoors, it may bring in dirt and debris, which can soil your bedding.

It’s important to keep your cat clean and free from fleas, parasites, and insects before letting them near your bed.

If you want to prevent stress and reduce stress in your cat, it is best to provide them with their own bed. This way, they can have a warm and comfortable place to sleep, and you can ensure that your pillow stays clean.

You can use a heating pad to provide warmth for your cat’s bed and help them stay asleep.

If you have certain medical conditions like asthma, it probably is not such a great idea. If your doctor is treating you for asthma, they will undoubtedly discourage you from even having a cat in your basement while you sleep in the attic. 

I Have Asthma – Now What?

This Crazy Cat Lady has asthma and sleeps with little Mia the cat. I take my asthma medication as directed, and none of our cats (we have six) bother my breathing.

It would break Mia’s heart if I barred her from her sleeping place.

a ginger cat fast asleep on a cushion
A cushion is nearly as good as a pillow!

would rather go to sleep in the recliner than upset her. Recliners are good! A cat’s life is tough enough. Although I have tried the recliner a time or two, Mia followed me there.

So there you go. I love having Mia by me, and we both work around our sleeping patterns. 

If you have a kitten who insists on sleeping with you, it is wise to remember that this little kitten will get bigger. Mia weighs nearly 15 pounds, and I have no problem with her.

Every cat is different, the same as every human. All are unique to their own set of qualities.

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Why Does My Cat Sleep Exactly Where I Sleep?

When your cat sleeps exactly where you sleep, it means your cat sleeps on you. 

If where you are sleeping seems comfortable to your kitty, your kitty will sleep precisely where you are.

They are wise enough to know they want some of that comfort. 

Warmth is another reason why your cat loves to sleep precisely where you sleep.

I have awakened during the night to see first cat Mia lying on my shoulder, front paws crossed, staring at me with her big green eyes. 

Bonding and companionship with your cat continues day and night.

Cats have a sixth sense when things in their hacienda are not right.

Cats sense when you fall asleep or do not feel well and may change their sleep pattern and come to you to keep a watchful eye.

However, no one seems to know precisely the reasons why your cat or cats do what they do.

Veterinarians and cat owners give the following reasons why your sleeping cat may sleep precisely where you sleep.

  • This offers extra comfort and warmth for them.
  • Your scent brings them security and comfort.
  • They are embracing your love for them and they for you.
  • They claim you as their personal property, and no other pet dare intrude on their territory. 

Why Does My Cat Sleep On My Pillow During the Day?

From the Perspectives of a Devoted Cat Parent

Did you speak with your cat about the type of pillow they prefer; soft, medium, or firm? Perhaps a feather pillow would suit their needs well.

I do not think that cats care about the type of pillow they sleep on, but they do enjoy soft, warm, cushy things. 

When a cat sleeps on a pillow, it keeps your cat warm and cozy.

Cats love to curl up, put a paw over their face and cuddle on a pillow about as much as humans.

Sleeping on your pillow provides them with added security.

Because cats have enhanced hearing, vision, taste, and smell, they can detect your heartbeat and your scent, which may lull them to deep sleep too.

a black cat on a bed leaning up against a pillow
Can you see me? I’m just warming up the pillow!

From the Perspectives of Some Cat Specialists

Do not get hot under the collar when your cat wants to cuddle and snuggle next to you.

Cats are creatures born with a vast emotional bond with their human parents. Cats love to remain close and cozy.

Cats are not totally selfish creatures when they try to take over your pillow as they will leave you a corner.

They also embrace warmth and comfort from your body heat and being close to you.

When cats sleep on your pillow or bed, they yearn for warm comfort, your presence, and your love.

When cats sleep with you, it means that your cat trusts you and knows that you will protect and secure its surroundings. 

Always appreciate the efforts of your cat to show their love and affection.

Since a cat cannot make a trip to the dollar store to buy another cat or its best friend a gift, they do the next best thing and try to stay close to you day or night.

At times, this lovely creature may even drop a dead mouse or bird at your feet to show you their appreciation for you sharing your bed and pillow with them.

In conclusion, cats love to sleep on warm pillows, and they do it because they feel safe and secure. While it is cute to have your cat sleep on your pillow, it is essential to ensure that you and your cat are healthy and safe.

Providing your cat with their own bed and own sleeping place can prevent health hazards and reduce stress for both you and your feline friend.

At times, this lovely creature may even drop a dead mouse or bird at your feet to show you their appreciation for you sharing your bed and pillow with them.

two cats reading the paper - a vector
It’s obvious isn’t it dear? We can see what is going on when we are sleeping on the pillow.

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