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Cats Under Blankets – Discovering the Hidden World of Feline Comfort

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Cats can be found in some of the strangest places. Some love to perch on high shelves, while others enjoy playing in a cardboard box.

Many cats also like being under blankets. Does your cat sleep in your bed? Do they steal the covers? There are a few common reasons for this adorable and sometimes irritating behavior. 

Do Cats Like Being Under Blankets? 

Yes, many, many cats enjoy being under blankets.

There are some common reasons why cats enjoy going under blankets.

Some cats love to sleep under blankets, while others may go under blankets to play.

If you frequently find cats under blankets, you are bound to wonder why. Do cats like blankets?

Why do we often find the cat in the bedroom, under the covers or under the sheets? 

a black cat peeking out from under the doona
We can see you kitty!

The Main Reason my cat Is under The blankets

A cat’s normal body temperature is 100.5 -102.5 degrees. Because cats’ bodies are naturally warmer than ours, they love warm areas to nap. If you are wondering why your cat sleeps under covers, it’s because they enjoy being warm and cozy.

A small kitten needs temperatures that may feel hot to you.

They can’t completely regulate their body temperature the way an adult cat can. Kittens will seek out areas that are warm for this reason.

Of course, even adult cats prefer warmth. 

Have you ever seen a bed with just a lump in the middle, under the blanket?

Some cats love doing this and it does look mighty funny.

They are not too happy if the blanket is lifted up a little just to check that all is okay under there. Just checking kitty!

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Here are some more reasons why cats under blankets is a common occurrence

The Cat Feels Safe Under The Blankets

Just like humans, cats can experience stress or anxiety. When you are stressed, you probably enjoy cuddling up with a blanket.

Your cat or kitten feels the same way. They often climb under the covers because it makes them feel safe. It is their safe place within the house. 

Anxious cats may also prefer being under the covers because it’s dark and warm. The warmth and darkness makes for a cozy atmosphere, that can help your cat feel comfortable. 

Because You are Under the Covers

Most cats prefer imitating their favorite humans.

Kittens often follow their owners around the house, and will attempt to imitate them.

If you are under the covers, you can expect your cat to snuggle up with you. 



Another common reason cats enjoy being under covers is simple curiousity. Cats love getting themselves in odd areas. They are always exploring or hiding.

You may find them under the bed in your bedroom, in your kitchen cabinets, or under your blanket or even hunched up on your pillow or next to your pillow

Hide and Seek

Some cats seem to enjoy playing hide and seek.  It’s not the most common reason to find felines hiding under the covers.

Many cat owners don’t realize that their cat actually enjoys hiding. Forget about the – Seek – part, it is just the hiding that cat loves.

A New Pet In The Household

If you have a new pet, it can lead your other cats to hang out under the blankets.

Cats can take a little time to get used to each other.

You may find a young kitten under the covers, or an older cat curling up under the blanket. 

Cats Love To Play

No matter if you have one cat or other cats in the house, all cats love to play. One way they play is by climbing under the covers.

One cat or the cat’s owner will remain on top of the blanket, while another cat is under the covers.

When a cat gets under the blankets, it’s a way to initiate playtime. 



You may see your cat sleep under the covers because they are relaxed. It’s natural for your kitty to nap when they are in a cozy bed. The pressure of the blanket may help your cat relax. 

Science says that blankets provide weight, which puts a slight pressure on your cat’s body. This has a calming effect. Well, this works for humans. Weighted blankets are now a popular thing.

Cats under blankets are actually having a lovely time under there and would like to put up a “Do Not Disturb” sign.

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Can Cats Get Enough Air Under the Covers? 

Many cat owners are concerned that their kitty may suffocate under the blanket. Can they get enough air to breathe?

The scientific answer is, when cats sleep, they go into a state similar to hibernation. Cats breathe slower when they sleep.

Their body slows, reducing their need for oxygen. This makes oxygen deprivation very unlikely when they sleep under a blanket. 

As long as the blanket allows for some type of air flow, you don’t have to worry about your cat suffocating. Felines also self regulate. When they are sleeping, they will wake up if they need more oxygen. Then, they climb out from under the cover to get the oxygen they need. 

Don’t cover your cat with blankets. Some cats will not like it. This is something your cat needs to do of its own accord.

Which Type Of Cat Do You Have?

There are three types of cats, the tree dwellers, the open ground dwellers and the ambush ground dwellers.

The tree dwellers love being up high. In the wild, they are often found in the trees. In the house, they love climbing on top of the fridge, shelves, and bookcases. 

Next are the open ground dwellers. These cats keep their feet on the ground. They enjoy open areas. You’ll find them hanging out in the middle of your floor or your bed. 

Lastly, you have the ambush ground dwellers. These are the cats that can’t resist blankets. They prefer areas where they aren’t easily seen. They can be found in the tall grass or in a burrow in the wild. In the house, you’ll find them behind your furniture and under your favorite blanket. 

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Do Cats Enjoy Burrowing? 

Cats don’t have a burrowing instinct in the way some other animals do. You won’t find cat burrows in the ground. However, cats like getting into tight enclosed spaces.

In the wild, a cat may occasionally sleep in a hole created by another animal. Because they enjoy small spaces, they will burrow under blankets.

You may find them sitting under the covers, or they may even fall asleep.  

an old cat under the blanket on a bed
You look cozy and warm under there kitty. We will tiptoe away!

Should I Get a Cat Bed? 

Does your cat need a cat bed that can be heated? Cats can fall asleep just about anywhere, but it is helpful to have a cat bed. A heated cat bed is a bonus for the cat.

If you don’t want your cat under your covers or on your bed, providing them with their own bed, gives them a safe place to sleep. 

Of course, you can make your cat bed even more warm and cozy by adding a blanket.

Then, they can burrow underneath their blanket for extra warmth or security, without disturbing your sleep. 

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Final Thoughts 

Does your cat like to sit on your bed, or do you find them under your blanket sleeping? If your cat likes sleeping in your bed, it’s likely because it’s cozy underneath your blanket. 

Wherever your cat sleeps, it shouldn’t interfere with your ability to get rest as well. If your cat is keeping you awake, consider getting a cat bed. 

Sleeping is an important activity for your cat. They are crepuscular, which means they are most active at dawn and dusk.

While you can find your cat sleeping at night, they may spend part of the night or early morning awake as well. 

Some cat owners find it best to keep their kitty out of their bedroom. Others don’t mind their cat sleeping with them, and happily share their blanket. 

Cats under blankets are normal in this house

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