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Do Cats Purr When They Sleep? It Seems Super Cute But Is It True?

sleeping cat

Do Cats Purr When They Sleep? Cats purr in their sleep during the lighter stages of their sleep. This is …

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The Best Cat Caves Made In Nepal to Keep your Kitty Cozy

elted wool cat cave made in Nepal

A cat cave, also known as a cocoon, pod, or nest, is an enclosed space for a cat made from …

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15 Sociable Family Friendly Cat Breeds For My Young Family

boy playing with a kitten

If you’re thinking about welcoming a cat into your family, knowing key differences between cat breeds can help you make …

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What is Taurine For Cats – Why Do They Need It In Their Diet?

Why do cats need Taurine

What Is Taurine For Cats? In a nutshell – Taurine is a naturally occurring amino acid that is important for …

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How Do Different Breeds Of Cat Cope With Cold Weather? Tough Cats!

how do different cat breeds cope with cold weather

Do different breeds of cat have a higher tolerance for cold temperatures? Some breeds are better at coping with a …

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Do Cats Get Cold Easily? How Do You Know If Your Cat Is Feeling Cold?

Cat In The Snow

How Can I Tell If My Cat Is Feeling Cold? Do cats get cold easily? Cats tend to hide their …

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what to do if your cat pees on your bed? 15 ways to find a solution

cat lying on the bed

Does this sound familiar? Every night, we have to get up to put the cat on the floor, because she …

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10 Ways To Keep your Cat Cool In Hot Weather!

cat keeping cool leaning out a window

Cats are typically more comfortable in the summer heat than in the winter cold because of their body temperature. Cats …

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Here are Some Strange Reasons Why Cats Are So Afraid of Cucumbers

why are cats so afraid of cucumbers

Cats and cucumbers! Really? OK, I will be sceptical straightaway! On social media, we stumble across many viral video pranks, like …

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Learn How To Keep Cats Off Cars And Successfully Keep Them Away

how to keep cats off cars

How to keep cats off cars and put a stop to dusty or dirty footprints or worse, scratches in the …

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The results are in! Can cats catch colds from humans? True or False?

can cats catch colds from humans

Can cats catch colds from humans?  Dr Ali Raza, a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine says – No, cats can not …

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I Want Workable Ideas- How To Keep My Cats In My Yard

how to keep my cat in my backyard

The only way I know how to keep my cats in my yard that works, is to provide a physical …

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Solve The Problem – How To Keep Cats Away From Plants

how to keep cats away from plants

This article is about how to keep cats away from plants. It is so disappointing to come home and find …

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Do Cats have Eyelashes? An Interesting Question

Do Cats Have Eyelashes

Do cats have eyelashes? Technically, yes, cats have eyelashes. It may look as though cats’ eyes don’t have eyelashes, as …

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Why Do Cats Lick Each Other When grooming?

Why do cats lick each other

Cats groom themselves all day long. A cat’s tongue is specially adapted to maintain proper hygiene. The tongue removes all …

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