My Cat Acts Like A Dog – Was That A Woof I Heard?

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Why do some cats act like dogs?

Cats that act like dogs are most likely to be found (but not always) in a dog household, where the cat is treated pretty much like the dog and picks up dog like behaviors.

You may know someone who says “My cat acts like a dog, because the cat is around dogs all the time.”

Can Your Cat Actually Behave Like A Dog?

Pet dogs are more likely to be “obedient” than cats.

However, despite the idea that dogs are more trainable than cats, there have been several studies suggesting that our feline friends can be just as intelligent.

Cats that act like dogs may benefit from training.

Keep in mind that your cat may have his own reasons for being obedient, he may want to play or he might want food.

a dog and a cat rubbing faces

Which Cat Breeds Act Most Like Dogs?

There is no “most dog like cat breed”, but it’s important to keep in mind that some cat breeds tend to be independent and it is these breeds that display more dog like behavior.

In general, the most independent cat breeds include those from the Egyptian Mau, Ocicat, Oriental Shorthair, Siamese and Sphynx breeds. Other cat breeds often described as wanna-be dogs are the Abyssinian , Manx, Ragdoll, Siamese, and Burmese.

The Manx cat breed is known to channel its inner dog at times. They display the ability of coming when called or whistled by their owner and jumping around obstacles with no fear and even burying toys in the manner of a dog.

a Manx Cat
This is a Manx Cat

Do Cats That Act Like Dogs Need Obedience Training?

Cats are different from dogs and simply because your kitty isn’t as obedient or because he doesn’t seem to want to learn tricks, this does not mean that you cannot properly train him.

cat that has been trained to walk using a harness
I’m okay with this. I get to go to lots of places!

Cats will respond well to positive reinforcement training methods which can be used to teach them simple behaviors such as “sit.”

These types of actions can help you bond with your pet while also keeping him active and engaged!

Our Cat Was Successfully Trained To Respond To A Command

Our cat, Tom showed that cats can be trained.

He was the sort of cat that didn’t want to sit on a lap, he was a rat catcher, an independent cat.

The reason for the training in the first place was because we fed the birds that turned up at house daily.

Cats and birds, not a good mix, so train the cat was the answer.

The cat was trained to sit, by giving him a small portion of the food the birds were getting – ground meat or minced meat.

The cat learnt pretty quickly that he had to remain by the side of the person with the food, to get his treat and he had to sit.

Fast forward some fifteen years later and the cat’s behavior was automatic. He wandered about amongst the birds and although the birds were almost certainly different birds over this period of time, they took no notice of each other. The cat still got his treats and the birds theirs.

If you’re interested in exploring clicker training check out these articles. It’s a great resource for any pet owner looking to incorporate clicker training into their daily lives!

Do Cats Who Act Like Dogs Like To Play Fetch?

While it is true that dogs are more likely than cats to enjoy playing fetch, the concept of “fetch” varies greatly among different breeds.

Some dog breeds will play fetch for hours while others would rather walk away and do their own thing!

For example, if you have a cat who acts like a dog then he may love to chase after his favorite toy or ball.

Will the cat bring back the toy?

Maybe! Maine Coon cats have a natural curiosity, which leads them towards games that require plenty of chasing and fetching – such as balls and toys.

If your cat loves chasing after things, you can also help her burn off energy by using an interactive cat toy like the one below.

This one turns itself on and off, a handy future.

Interactive Cat Feather Toy

Most Dogs Like Water! Do All Cats Hate Water?

Some cat breeds love water. In fact, the Turkish Van and the Turkish Angora from Turkey are cat breeds famous for their love of aquatic activities!

These cats love to swim and spend time at the beach. It is not unheard of for Turkish Vans to go boating with their owners!

white and ginger cat

Do Cats Who Act Like Dogs Get Along With Dogs?

Many people incorrectly believe that dogs and cats cannot live together peacefully.

You know the saying – They fight like cats and dogs.

Do all cats hate dogs?

Cats who act like dogs may initially feel intimidated by big dogs (or small ones!) because dogs tend to be larger than cats.

If your cat acts like a dog, it’s important to have him properly introduce himself to your other pets.

For example, if your cat is very friendly you can let him say “hello” by walking on a leash.

Would Cats Who Act Like Dogs Make Good Therapy Animals?

Could cats who behave so much like dogs become therapy animals?

Research shows that emotional support animals can provide a number of benefits, including relaxation, reduced anxiety, and even healing. And there’s no reason why cats can’t provide these same benefits.

In fact, given their independent nature, some people might even find that cats make better emotional support animals than dogs.

After all, they don’t need to be taken for walks or given regular baths.

There is more information here about cats as emotional support animals.

vector - man in a wheelchair holding a cat
A cat can be an emotional support companion!

A cat can’t be a service animal like a dog can but can be considered as an emotional support and responsive companion.

Do Cats Who Act Like Dogs Need Toys?

All cats love toys.

For example, some cats will bat things around (especially if you use a wand toy), whereas other cats might prefer interactive play where they hear the sounds of a device.

The best way to keep your pet entertained is by offering a variety of both stationary and motion activated cat toys as well as interactive play sessions with you!

 cat and dog best friends

Is It Okay To Let Dogs And Cats Stay Together If They Act Like Mates?

Many households have happy cat and dog families although on closer inspection it may be that one animal comes off second best.

As a pet owner it is wise to be aware of this relationship. Much depends on the temperament of the animals involved.

It’s never a good idea to house your pets together without supervision, even if they’re friends!

If the animals cannot be supervised then it’s best to separate them until you have a better understanding of their relationship dynamic.

Watch for any signs of discontent.

If your cat is avoiding using the litter box, it may be that he has to cross the path of the dog to reach the litter box. This could cause undue stress on the cat and the cat may decide it is too scary to use the litter box.

This leads to other problems like urinating and pooping in places other than the litter box. You will need to be sensitive to such matters in your home if you have a dog and a cat.

Although dogs who tolerate cats can be gentle around their feline friends, they may not be aware of how strong they are, especially if the dog has never lived with a cat before!

It’s important to monitor your pets carefully when they’re together so that you can step in when necessary.

Over time, however, some dogs may learn how to behave around cats, so long as you take proper precautions such as making sure that the animals are always separated when unsupervised.

In addition, keep in mind that dogs who act like mates with felines may revert to their instincts when in an unfamiliar environment.

cats and dogs eating together
We can get along!

Can You Train A Cat To Act Like A Dog?

It may be possible to train your cat or kitten if he acts like a dog, especially if the cat’s behavior reflects that of the canine companion you want the cat to mimic.

Many pets will mimic each other’s behavior when they live in close quarters, this is one way in which cats and dogs learn how to coexist!

However, not every kitty is capable of mimicking his or her pet counterparts so don’t be discouraged if your pet doesn’t immediately display the behaviors he or she has seen in another animal if housed together.

With patience and positive reinforcement, it is possible to teach a cat many of the same behaviors that you would train a dog. For example, you can lead a cat on a leash, teach it to come when called, and even get it to obey basic commands such as sit and stay.

Of course, cats will never be able to match the level of obedience of a well trained dog.

For those looking for a companion that is a little less work than a dog, a trained cat may be the perfect pet.

vector - two cats reading
Do they seriously think we are being trained? Whatever!

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