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Why Does My Cat Sleep On My Shoes? Strangely, The Cat Seems To Love It!

why does my cat sleep on my shoes

Why does my cat sleep on my shoes? Cats love shoes. Some cats show shoes a lot of love and …

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Can Cats Sleep With a Cone on? Poor Darlings!

can cats sleep with a cone on

The amazing cat can twist and turn its body in ways that we humans only wish we could. When cats …

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Cats Sleeping On Their Back! They Look Blissful But Is This Okay?

young cat sleeping on its back

Have you ever wondered why cats often sleep on their backs? This unique cat sleeping position is not only adorable …

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Why Cats Should Not Sleep With Young Children! let’s Use Caution!

kittens should not sleep with young children

It is not just cats that should not sleep with young children, the same applies to any household pets. The …

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Why Does My Cat Sleep On My Pillow? I Love it!

why does my cat sleep on my pillow

Cats are known to be creatures of comfort, and they love to sleep in warm and cozy places. So, if …

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Where Do You Stand In The – Cats Are Better Than Dogs Debate?

cats and dogs debate

The cats are better than dogs debate and vice versa is an argument that never ends. In terms of popularity, …

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Where Do Cats Sleep Outside At Night? A Sad And Exposed Life For Some!

cats huddled together outside

Being in cat rescue for over 30 years, wild cats will never cease to amaze me with their survival instincts. …

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Why Do Cats Bring You Toys? It’s A Simple Understanding!

why do cats bring you toys

Why do cats bring you toys? It might seem like a random occurrence and typically for cats, there is not …

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Sleep Apnea in Cats Or Is it A Natural Feline Behavior?

Sleep apnea in cats

Your cat wanders all night and sleeps most of the day and evening.  You are undoubtedly aware that plenty of …

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Cats Under Blankets – Discovering the Hidden World of Feline Comfort

cats under blankets

Cats can be found in some of the strangest places. Some love to perch on high shelves, while others enjoy …

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Toys For Declawed Cats – Keep Your Declawed Cat Stimulated

toys for a declawed cat

Declawed cats have a different experience when it comes to playing with toys. Some people think that declawed cats can’t …

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Why Do Cats Sleep In A Ball? We want to Know!

cat sleeping curled up in a ball

One of the habits of cats, is that they often tend to sleep while curled into a ball of fluffy …

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Why Do Cats Lick Then Bite? Is That Being A Nice Kitty?

why do cats lick then bite

Why do cats lick then bite, is usually related to play behavior. Cats will often engage in rough play with each other, which consists …

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Do Cats Purr When They Sleep? It Seems Super Cute But Is It True?

sleeping cat

Do Cats Purr When They Sleep? Cats purr in their sleep during the lighter stages of their sleep. This is …

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The Best Cat Caves Made In Nepal to Keep your Kitty Cozy

elted wool cat cave made in Nepal

A cat cave, also known as a cocoon, pod, or nest, is an enclosed space for a cat made from …

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