Why Do Cats Lick Each Other When grooming?

Why do cats lick each other

Cats groom themselves all day long. A cat’s tongue is specially adapted to maintain proper hygiene. The tongue removes all …

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New Kid On The Block – What Is Pretty Litter Made Of?

what is pretty litter made of

PrettyLitter is where Technology meets Kitty Litter. How Does Technology Work For Pretty Litter? What is Pretty Litter made of? …

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Can I Bathe My Cat Every Day Safely? What Is Best?

cat having a bath

Can I bathe my cat every day? In short, no, it is not wise or necessary to bathe a cat …

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Why Does My Cat Scratch Me? It’s A Full On Assault

cat scratches on a hand

Why does my cat scratch me? What turns a normally placid kitty into a sudden pouncer and scratcher. It gives …

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My cat hates car rides – What Can I do?

my cat hates car rides

The cat hates car rides would definitely fall into the stressful category. It can also be very stressful for cat …

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Save Money And Learn How To DIY Cat Litter

DIY Cat Litter

Has DIY cat litter ever been on your radar? Why not make your own cat litter? Sometimes there comes a …

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Why Do Cats Stare At The Wall? Very Interesting Wall Kitty!

cat looking at the wall

Why do cats stare at the wall or stare at literally nothing? I can’t count the number of times I …

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How To Make A Litter Box Non Stick And Easier To Clean

Non stick Litter Box

A non-stick litter box makes life easier because cat litter doesn’t stick to the litter box. I’m pretty sure that …

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Why Do Cats Knock Things Over? It’s not Funny Kitty!

why do cats knock things over

Why do cats knock things over? We watch videos of cats knocking things off tables and other surfaces and it …

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Favorite, Popular And Funny Cat Sayings With Photos

funny cat sayings with pictures

Often I read sayings or quotes about cats and think how particularly clever or funny they are. Some people have …

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Salt Lamps and Cats. Salt Lamp Warning from a worried cat owner

salt lamps and cats

Recently, a 3-year-old boy went missing from an area not too far from where I live. The search efforts were …

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7 Amazing Cat Window Perches

perch in the window for cat

This article showcases cat window perches to suit different types of windows. Is your window ledge narrow or maybe your …

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Best Cat Shelves To Give You Floor Space and Give Your Cat Wall Space

cat sitting on a cat wall shelf

We know that our cats love perching, sitting, or reclining in a high location. Cats Love High Places A high …

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How To Look After A Litter Box To Function At Its Best

cat getting getting out of a litter box

Being hit with ‘parfum de la litter’ when you open the front door of your home, is not a good …

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