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Cat pooping randomly but not in the litter box

Cat Pooping On Floor Randomly? How To Solve This Quickly

​Why is the cat pooping on the floor randomly when this has not previously been a problem. Some kitty sleuth work may be required.​ ​You might think this is just​ the behavior

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Pet insurance or senior pets

Sadly, Our Beloved Cat Passed Away

A beloved pet passing away is the heartbreaking part of owning a pet that all pet owners have to face at some point. We form such amazing bonds with our cats that even years after they

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Uing a pet pill popper to give the cat a pill

How To Use A Pill Shooter For Cats

Having to give your cat a pill is not up there with fun things to do.  ​Cats generally don't fall for the pill buried in the food routine.This

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I'm a happy cat

How To Have A Happy Cat!

​Remember bringing your cat or kitten home for the first time? ​Everyone is excited, especially if you have kids. ​ Many hours will be frittered away looking after and playing

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scented cat litter

Which Scented Cat Litter Is The Best One To Use?

​In recent years some​ excellent ​scented litters have been developed and these are the ones reviewed in this article.Note: Some of the litters reviewed are scent activated meaning

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odor control litter

What Is The Best Cat Litter For Odor Control?

​The ​best cat litter ​for odor control is one that, not necessarily replaces the odor with a perfume but nevertheless masks the odor of a cat using the litter box.  Our

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best covered litter box

Choose The Best Covered Litter Box

​Covered litter boxes come with a variety of different features. ​To choose the best covered litter box for your cat and your household there are things to consider.​​Four Things To Consider

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Cat Tearing Paper

Why Does My Cat Shred Paper?

Does your cat like tearing paper ?Our cat has always had a penchant for tearing paper.We first noticed this a long time ago, one Christmas Day. It is tradition at our place that all of the Christmas wrapping

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best hypoallergenic cat food diet

What Is The Best Hypoallergenic Cat Food For My Cat?

What is hypoallergenic cat food?  Hypoallergenic cat food has few or minimal artificial ingredients. It is formulated for cats that have

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cat enclosed on porch

What Is The Purpose Of A Secure Senior Cat Porch Enclosure?

Our cat is a senior citizen. We think he looks quite youthful but beauty is in the eye of the beholder and maybe we are seeing and remembering the cat we have had for the last

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senior cat

What Is The Best Litter Box For Elderly Cats?

One day you realize that your kitty cat has become old and it might seem as though it has almost happened overnight.We are so used to our animals being around, that when we realize they are not as sprightly

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Uncovered Litter Box

Is An Uncovered Litter Box Up To The Task?

Why Choose An Uncovered Litter Box?Uncovered boxes are generally recommended because: 1. ​Cats can see if a person or another animal is approaching when they use an uncovered litter box. 2. ​The

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