Easy To Use – Low Cost Pet Insurance

low cost cat insurance

Are you looking for low cost pet insurance? Do you know the difference between low cost pet insurance and a …

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Why Does My Cat Sleep Between My Legs? The Reasons Why

why do cats like to sleep on your legs

Why does my cat sleep between my legs? Firstly, it’s a warm spot. Your body temperature is several degrees higher than …

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Cat Pooping On Floor Randomly? How To Solve This Quickly

Cat pooping randomly but not in the litter box

My cat pooped on the floor for the first time. You might think that pooping on the floor, is only …

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How To Give A Cat Medicine With A Pill Shooter For Cats

cat with medication

What Is A Pill Shooter For Cats? A pill shooter for cats is an aid to assist in dispensing cat …

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How To Have A Happy Cat!

I'm a happy cat

Remember bringing your cat or kitten home for the first time? Everyone is super excited and just want to get …

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Eight Amazing Reasons To Own A Cat

Girl with two kittens

Here are eight reasons to own a cat. 1.Caring For A Cat Is A Nurturing Activity 2.Cats Are Good Company …

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Why Do Cats Drink Dirty Water? What Is Wrong With The Water Bowl?

cat drinking running water

Why do cats drink dirty water? Our cat likes drinking dirty water from the fish pond. Is it because cats …

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Amazing Cat And Birds Harmony – What Is The Secret?

magpies with the cat

Our cat has been trained to not attack the magpies and in turn the magpies take no notice of him. …

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The Cat Night Crazies – The Cat Charges Frantically Around The House!

cat going crazy at night

Is your cat doing the midnight crazies at night, charging around the house in a maniacal fashion? Now that our …

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He’s Not Jealous But…Why Does My Cat Knead Me And Not My Husband?

cat kneading

Why does my cat knead me and not my husband? The cat may be choosing me for his kneading behavior …

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I Have A New Leather Couch And Cats. A Catastrophe Waiting To Happen!

leather couch and cats

A leather couch and cats is not always a good idea. The cat might err… scratch the couch. Recently, we …

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How To Work Out The Best Cat Food For Diabetic Cats

best cat food for diabetic cats

Our cat is diabetic. This is a fairly recent diagnosis. In this article I talk about what the best diet …

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